Sarah Mary Gilborne

Birth: 9 Jan 1782, St. Catherine, Jamaica
Christen: 2 Mar 1782, St. Catherine, Jamaica
Death: ca 1829, Jamaica
Burial: Not known
Occupation: Not known
Father: Not known
Mother: Not known

Sarah Mary Gilborne, described as 'mulatto' was christened in 1782, the daughter of Elizabeth Selvin, a free negro. No father's name is given, but he had to be white skinned for his daughter to be mulatto, and with her surname Gilborne one assumes this was her father's surname. See her mother's page for speculation as to who her father might have been.
Sarah Mary Gilborne baptism record

Nothing is known of her life until she appears in the register of slave owners in Kingston in June 1817, owning five slaves:

    Names colour age    african or creole Remarks
  Latteria Richards   negro 40 Creole  
  Betsey Tucker negro 26 african  
  Jane Lodge Sambo 8 creole Betsey Tucker's daughter
  Sophia Henry Negro 5 Creole Betsey Tucker's daughter
  Louisa negro 2 Creole Betsey Tucker's daughter

These slaves do not appear to be recorded in further returns until 1829, when Sarah Elizabeth Gilborne has died and Betsy Tucker and her daughters are in the possession of Richard Gilborne 'as Administrator of the Estate of Sarah Mary Gilborne.' There is no record of Latteria Richards, and it is not known what became of her.

But who is Richard Gilborne? The only known Richard at this time was himself a slave, aged 44 in the possession of Sarah Buckmaster's attorney, John Oldham in 1832.

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