Gilborn from Norway

Several sources indicate a Gilborn family originating in Norway:

It seemed likely that Nels and Lars were two brothers but it is not known whether Ole is also related. With such an uncommon surname however, it is almost certain that he is. The name Gilborn is an unlikely one for Norway, which uses the patronymic naming system, where a son of Lars XXXXX is called Aaaaa Larssen, while a daughter is Bbbbbb Larsdatter. The U.S. Social Security Death Index gives Lars Gilborn's date of birth as 21 March 1884 and, fortunately, the church records for Voss at this time are online on the National Archives of Norway Digital Archive site, which equally fortunately has an English translation. This made it easy to confirm that Nels Gilborn was born 31 August 1880 to Ammund Jorgensen Gilbaarene (born 1837) and Ingerid Olsdatter (born 1845) and he was baptised 17 October the same year. The same register confirms the birth of Lars Gilborn on 21 March 1884, to the same parents, and his baptism on Jun 2nd.
Searching through the same birth register revealed a number of other children born to the parents:
Jörgen (Entry No. 160) in 1874, surname Gjelbaarne;
Ole (No.118) in 1876;
Britha (No. 36) in 1878;
Ingerid (No. 26) in 1883, died 5 days later;
Ammund (No. 23) in 1887;
and (in the subsequent register) Ivar (No. 2) in 1890.
Searching marriage registers found the found the wedding on 7 July 1874 (No. 15) of Amund Jorgensen Gilbaarene and Ingerid Olsdatter in Vang, Oppdal County.

The Digital Archive site also has transcriptions of some of the Norwegian censuses, and the 1875 census shows Ammund Gjorgenson with his wife (transcribed as Ingerid Olavsdatter) and first son living in a house or farm called Gilbaarene in Voss. The 1900 census shows Amund Gilbaarne with wife Ingerid Olsdatter and children Lars, born 1884; Amund, born 1886; and Ivar, born 1890, who were living in Voss, still at Gilbaarene. It would appear that this is the source of their surname, (and hence they will not link to any of the other Gilborn families on these pages.) There is a detailed discussion of this family and its wider links on the Amundson/Amundsen forum at, and identifies Ole Amundson of Williams, North Dakota, who had been born in Voss, Norway in 1877, as the Ole born to Amund Jorgensen and Ingerid Olsdatter. This is NOT the Ole Gilborn who served in the Minnesota Volunteers, who was considerably older - in fact closer to the age of Amund Jorgenson.

Amund Jorgenson's death was recorded as Oddmund Jörgersen Gilbarn on 6 February 1928. The cause of death was given as old age, and he was buried 14 February in Voss. Ingrid is believed to have died in 1938.

The Gilbaarene property - today known as Gilborne - still exists in Voss, and pictures can be seen on, e.g. here and here.

Some of the children of Amund and Ingerid kept their patronymic surname, Amundsen (or Amundson), while others kept the surname gained from their home:

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