Memorial Deed 86642

A memorial of an indented deed of Mortgage
To be registered pursuant to severall acts of parliament for regist'g
Deeds and so forth.
The said deed bears date the twenty second day of September one thous'd
seven hundred and forty seven and made between Rich'd Gilborne son of Edward Gilborne
of Coolnagower in the Queens Co. Gent of the one part & Wm. Despard of Coolroan in the s'd
Co. Esq. of the other part reciting that whereas by an Indenture Tripartite bearing
date the fifteenth day of Oct'r one thous'd seven hun'd and thirty nine and made
between the said Edw. Gilborne & Rich'd Gilborne his son of the first part Edw'd [sic]
Potter of Ballygadday and Catherine Potter his eldest daughter spinster of
the second part Wm. Baldwin of Kicoak in the Queens Co. & Edw'd Harman of
Athy in the Co. of Kildare of the third part in Consid'n of a marriage then intended
and since had and solemnized between the said Rich'd Gilborne & Catherine Potter of
a marriage portion of three hun'd p'ds p'd by the s'd Edm'd Potter to the said Edw'd &
Rich'd Gilborne with the said Catherine his daughter and for assuring unto
the said Catherine the sum of three hun'd p'ds in recompence of dower and thirds
In case she survived the said Rich'd . He the said Edw'd Gilborne granted
bargained sold assigned and sett over unto the said Wm. Baldwin & Edw'd
Harman their heirs ex'rs and adm's all his the said Edw'd Gilbornes right title
and interest whatsoever in and to the said lands of Coolnagower in the B'o of
Ossory in Queens Co. which he held by virtue of a demise from Rich'd Despard
Esq. for three lives as also to the lands of Gurtna pisha in the Queens County
held by lease for three lives from the Earl of M'trath and also all his the said
Edw's Gilborns [sic] right to the Glebe lands under the Rev. Rich'd Ally to have and
to hold the afores'd lands tenem'ts & prem'es unto the said Wm. Baldwin & Edw'd
Harman their heirs & ass's during the continuance of the said respective
leases in Trust that the s'd Edw'd Gilborne may have and enjoy the s'd lands
and prem'es of Coolnagower during his natural life he paying the reserved rents due and payable thereunto
and from and after the decease of the s'd Edw'd Gilborn to permit the said Rich'd Gilborn
to enjoy the same during his natural life subject to an annuity of eight pounds
a year payable to Frances Gilborne wife of the said Edw'd Gilborne and also to
p'mitt and suffer the said Rich'd Gilborne to have and enjoy during his
life the said lands of Gurtnapisha to his own use and upon
this further trust that in case the said Catherine shall survive her said intended
husband that then and in such case the said Wm. Baldwin & Edw'd Harman shall
by sale of the prem'es or otherwise raise the sum of three hun'd pounds ster.
in lieu of said Catherine's thirds or dower and for her maintenance as by
the said deed containing sev'l other cov'ts and agreem'ts relation being
thereunto had may more at large appear then the said ind're setts forth that
the said Rich'd Gilborne in consideration of the sum of fifty pounds to him
in hand paid by the said Wm. Despard granted bargained sold assigned
and sett over unto the said Wm. Despard all his the said Rich'd Gilborne's
right and title to the said lands of Coolnagower Gurtnapisha & the Glebe
to hold to the said Wm. Despard during the life of the said Rich'd Gilborne
provided the said sev'l leases should last so long but subject to a condition
of redemption therein men'd as by the said deed may more at large appear
w'ch said deed was duly executed by the said Rich'd Gilborne and Wm. Despard

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