Memorial Deed 472573

To the reg'r app. By act of Parliament for Reg's deeds wills lease mem'ls et cetera
A memorial of an indented deed of Rent Charge bears date the 6th day of
April 1815 and made between John Gilbourne of Ballycarroll in the
Q's Coy farmer of the one part and James Gilbourne of Ballylusk in the
Q's Coy farmer of the o'r pt whereby the s John Gilbourne in cons'n of the
sum of £55 sterl'g & of 5s sterl'g the rec't whereof he did thereby acknowledge
and charge & make chargeable all that and those that lot of the lands of
Ballycarroll as then in the poss'on of the s. John Gilbourne his undertenants
& assigns which s'd lands and premises are sit. in the Bo'y Of Maryborough
East and Qu's Coy with the paym't of one annuity yearly rent charge or
sum of £12 16 3 Sterl'g to the s'd James Gilbourne his Ex'ors admon & assigns
from the first day of Nov'r then last for & dur'g and untill such time as
sd sum of £55 sterl'g tog'r with the int then due or thereafter to grow due
sh'd be fully ?? off and discharged payable half yearly on every 1st day of
May and 1st day of Nov. in every year the first payment thereof to be
made on the 1st day of May then next ensuing & in which s'd deed is contained
a cov't of distress in case of the non-payment of s'd ann'y and for further
assurance and which sd deed is witnessed by Richard Thompson of Palish in
The Q's Coy Gent and Wm White of the City of Dublin Attorney at Law

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