Memorial Deed 471474

A mem'l of an indented deed of release bearing date the 23 day of Aug't
1813 & made between the Honble Wm. W Pole of Ballyfin in the
Queens Co. in Ireland one of his Maj's most honble Privy Council
of the one part & Jas. Gilbourne of Ballylusk in the same Co. farmer
of the other part whereby the sd. Wm. Wellesley Pole did demise grant lease
sett to farm & let unto the sd Jas. Gilbourne his heirs ex'ors & adms, all
that & those part & parcel of the lands of Ballylusk formerly in the occ'n
of Wm. Gilbourne cont'g by a survey lately made there of 40 a or thereab'ts
be the same more or less in his actual poss'on then being by value of a
certain Ind're Of bargain & sale therein recited w'h sd prem's are set lying
& being the parish of Clonenagh in the Bo. Of Maryboro West in
the Queens Co to hold unto the sd Jas Gilbourne his heirs ex'ors
& admon for the natural lives & life of the sd Jas Gilbourne the lessee & of Henry
Gilbourne & Chas Gilbourne the first & 2 sons of sd Jas Gilbourne the
lessee subject to the yearly rent of ₤15 - 19- 6 p'ble as therein ment'd
w'ch sd lease cont's the usu'l clauses & cov's between landlord & tenant
& is wit'd by Jas Cathrew of the City of Dublin esq. & the exon of this
mem'l by the above named Jas Gilbourne is wit'd by the sd Jas Cathrew
& Walter Melverton of the same city Gent Jas Gilbourne (seal)
Signed & sealed in presence of Jas Cathrew Walter Melverton. The above
named Jas Cathrew maketh oath ...

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