Memorial Deed 45186

To the Reg'r etc.
A memorial of Articles of marriage dated the sixth day of
February one thousand seven hundred and thirteen made between John Gibborne [sic] Jun.
of Dollow in the County of Limerick Gent. of the one part and Charles Love of the city of Corke
Gent and Thomas Holmes Pomeroy of Pallas in the County of Corke Gent of the other part
as also of a Bond subscribed under the said articles bearing date the day above mentioned
perfected by the said John Gilborne [sic] unto the said Charles Love and Thomas Holmes
Pomeroy the said articles reciting that a marriage is intended to be forthwith solem-
nized between the said John Gibborne and Eliz'th Love sister to the said Charles Love and
that the said John Gibborne shall have and receive two hundred pounds as her marr'ge
portion that in consideration of the said two hundred pounds doth oblige himself to
pay and satisfie unto said Eliz'th Love upon the day of his decease for her own proper
use four hundred pounds ster. if he shall dye without issue by said Eliz'th at the time
of his decease or leaving her at that time with child, that if the said John hath any child
or children by the said Eliz'th at the time of his decease he shall be obliged to leave her no more
than three hundred pounds ster. that if said Eliz'th shall happen to dye before s'd John
and leave issue behind her the said John shall pay and satisfie and give unto the issue
If one child son or daughter two hundred pounds if two children three hundred pounds
at the age of twenty one years or time of marriage if said Eliz'th shall leave three or
more children the sum of four hundred pounds to be equally divided between them
provided they mar[r]y with the consent of the said Gibborne and the said bond reciting
that the said John Gibborne is bound and stands justly indebted unto thesaid Charles
Love and Thomas Holmes Pomeroy or either of them in the sum of eight hundred
pounds on condition that he his heirs execs or admons shall consent and pay unto s'd
Eliz'th his intended wife and her children the afores'd sums of money as expressed in the
above mention articles after the decease of the said John Gibborne if the s'd Eliz'th
shall happen to survive and outlive him and doth not demand any dower or thirds
Witnesses to the execution of the said articles and bond by the said John Gilborne [sic] to said
Charles Love and Thomas Holmes Pomeroy are John Allin of the City of Corke Esq're Sampson
Towgood of the same Gent and Edward Hort late of the same chandler dec'd and the
Witnesses for this memorial are the said Sampson Towgood and Wm Sullivan of the City of
Corke Gent. In witness whereof the said Thomas Holmes Pomeroy hath to them
Present mem'll put his hand and seal this third day of September 1730 .......

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