Gilbourne in Yorkshire, London and Kent

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 8bGILBORNEThomas & Joone ?81st known child before 1566.
 8cGILBOURNEJohn & (1) Ann COKER (2) Anne CLARK7m. London 1570
 8dGILBOURNEThomas & Martha LEAKE9m. 1623, Southwark, London
 8fGILBORNEWilliam & Ann LAKINGES 14m. York, 1600
 8gGILBURNEMatthew & Ann HARKER6m.1677 York
 8hGILLBURNMatthew & Joannah ?4First child 1719. York
 8jGILBURNJohn & Dorothy LITTLE4m. Full Sutton, Yorks. 1721
 8kGILBURNERichard & Isabell WETWINE 10m. Haxby, Yorks, 1602. 8 children in Huntington.
 8lGILBURNEJohn & Joan ?61st child Uxbridge, Middx., 1597

Betham's Extension of The visitation of Kent, 1619, to Ireland.

Sir William Betham (1779 -1853) held the office of Ulster King of Arms from 1820 until his death, being the heraldic authority for the Kingdom of Ireland. His Genealogical Abstracts and Draft family trees are held in the National Library of Ireland,

He recognised the error In the 7th generation shown by the Visitation of Kent 1619, where Thomas Gilborne, the son of Nicholas Gilborne and Joanna Fludd, has a wife Elizabeth described as 'wife of William Muschamp of Barmor in County Northumberland.' and his tree correctly records Elizabeth as Thomas' sister. He shows no wife for Thomas, but does show his three children, and shows a considerable tentative descendancy of Thomas's third son, also Thomas. His chart has been transcribed as:

It has been possible to verify very little from this tree. Betham has in his Genealogical Abstracts a burial of Judith Gilburn at Ballingarry 23 January 1709/10. This was apparently copied from the parish records, and is presumably the wife of Thomas Gilburn of Ballingarry. [This date conflicts with his hand drawn tree where he noted she was buried 23 January 1703.]
There are three marriages recorded in the ten years between 1703 and 1713:
The first is likely to be the marriage of Thomas and Judith's daughter.
Betham shows Anne Williams marrying Nicholas Purdon after the decease of her first husband, but this is incorrect. A Cloyne marriage licence issued in 1731 was for the marriage of Nicholas Purdon and Elizabeth Gilburne, and hence was the former Elizabeth Williams.
This leaves us with a number of unanswered questions:
There is currently no parish or townland of Dollow in County Limerick. The website shows three adjacent townlands that lie either side the road from Ballingarry to Croom that are possibly Dollow:
Dollas, Kilfinny Civil Parish, Barony of Connello Upper;
Dollas Lower, Croom Civil Parish, Barony of Coshma;
Dollas Upper, Croom Civil Parish, Barony of Coshma,
[This is not a one off error in the registry deed, the book 'Cromwellian Settlement of Limerick' by James Grene Barry , pub. 1900, refers to townlands of Dollagh and Dollow in Croom parish in the possession of Arthur and Sir Edward Ormsby. Neither of these townlands exist today.]
Further work is clearly necessary to resolve these issues.

Betham shows a dotted link from Thomas and Judith to Robert Gilborne of Gortnacreeley [probably modern Upper and Lower Gortnacreha], Ballingarry. The significance of the dotted line is unclear, but is assumed to mean that Betham was unsure of the relationship. Nothing has been found to either confirm or refute the link, but several registry deeds referring to the lease of the townland of Craigacurra [Graigacurragh] confirm that Robert's wife and daughter were both named Martha. The earliest of the deeds No 5220, dated 9 May 1713, refers back to a lease dated 25 March 1706 '... for the term of three lives viz. The life of the said Robert and Martha his wife and Martha their daughter and the longest lived of them..' Thus the marriage and the birth of their daughter were both before March 1706. A later deed, No. 77356, dated 2 June 1743 refers to 'Robt Gilbourn & Moyle Gilbourn his son both of Knockbrack near Rathkeale in the County of Limerick' and 'Robert Gilbourne and Martha Carrigg otherwise Gilbourn his daughter.' Martha's marriage has not been traced but in her book "Selections from Old Kerry Records" published in 1872, Mary Agnes Hickson writes (p.79) in a chapter entitled 'The Blennerhassett Pedigree 1580-1736' Alice, ...

Moyle Gilborne's marriage has not been traced, but Moyle and Elizabeth Gilburn baptised three children at Rathkeale: Robert Guilburne, 25 April 1770; Joannah Gilburne, 2 August 1771; and Issabella Gilburne, 26 November 1776. The religious census of 1776 records 'Moyles Gilbourn, Protestant, of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick.' Could Moyle's daughter be the Joanna Gilbourne who married James Lyons in Dublin 12 January 1799 (currently Tree 6p)

Betham records an unknown Beck as the wife of John Golborne's son, Thomas, the marriage having taken place in Southampton, Hampshire, in England. No record of this marriage has been found. A marriage has been found between Thomas Gilbert and Mary Beck at St. Mary's church, Portsea, Hampshire, 9 January 1763, but the name entered by the vicar and Thomas's signature are quite clearly Gilbert, not Gilborn(e).
Thomas Gilborne, a soldier from Croagh, Co. Limerick, married Elizabeth Hulett 22 September 1721, at Wantage, Berkshire. Is he one of the Thomases on Betham's tree?

It is only with the next generation that we can verify some of Betham's tree. Thomas's daughter, Anne Gilborne, married Daniel Deale 7 February 1784 at St. Saviour, Southwark, in Surrey. Non-conformist baptisms have been found for six children: Anne, 12 December 1784 at St. Botolph, Aldersgate, in London; Charles, 12 June 1789 at Christ Church, London; Elizabeth 10 January 1791, also at Christ Church; Charlotte, 21 July 1793, at Christ Church; Daniel Gilborne Deale, born 15 March 1795 at Faversham, Kent, but baptised at Christ Church. London; and Louisa 14 August 1801 at Christ Church. We can be sure this is the right Anne Gilbourne, because when their eldest child, Anne, died in 1854, the newspaper announcement of her death read:
"At Bailbrook, near Bath, on the 4th inst., much beloved and respected for the innate tenderness of her heart, Anne, the eldest daughter of Daniel Deale, Esq., of Faversham, Kent, deceased, and granddaughter of Thomas Gilborne, Esq., of Dollow and Ballingarry, in the county of Limerick."
Charlotte Deale married John Pickersgill 26 September at Christchurch Greyfriars, Newgate, London 26 September 1818. They had six children in London, before emigrating to New York in 1834.

It is clear that much, if not all, of tree 9 will descend from this tree, but there is still much to be found before the exact links can be made. It is also possible , indeed likely, that tree six will descend from tree 8, either from those in Limerick or others descended from the Gilbournes who were in London and Kent.