How to Import a Notts FHS Database into MS Access 2000

Because MS Access writes temporary files to the database,
you cannot run the file from the CD, but need to copy it to your hard disk first.

With Access and the Notts CD's you do not need to create a new database, just Import from the CD in its existing .DBF format.

 So open any Access database you have...or if you do not have one

then create one. (To create .. click on Blank Access database as below and follow instructions .. it will ask you to give it a name )


When open …you should see a window like the one below.


Click on File...(At the top left hand corner of the page)

A drop down menu will now appear…


Move cursor down to … Get External Data ... and drag mouse along to Import ..

A ‘Pop up’ box will now show as follows......


Where it says ‘Look in’ at the top of the Box,
Click on the arrow until your find your CD drive letter...
AT the bottom where it says ‘Files of Type’
Click on the little arrow until you find dBase5(*.dbf)

In the middle of the ‘Pop Up’ box you should see the file you are wanting to import.

Click on it…(In this example it is the notts.DBF i.e Baptisms)
Click on Import at the bottom of the box.
When complete it will show the following box…


Click on OK and close the Import box.

You should now be looking at the following box in Access


You will see that the word screenshot in the Objects column is depressed..

This means we are looking at the ‘Tables’ in this Database.

In the middle you will also see that you now have a file .
the 4th one down in this example is called ‘notts’

The ‘Import’ has automatically create a Table in Access for you...
with all the correct columns..... because the CD came as a .DBF file format.

As you repeat this with the other CD’s, they will all add on to this file.

If you wish you can put them all together in one Database file. The choice is yours.

If you double click on this ‘notts’ Table it will bring up all the DATA

see example box here.

NEC 13/06/1848 29/04/1848 Edward L Disney Henry Austin Renee Theresa TURNER   Chatham St Capt Royal Artillery
NEC 02/07/1848   Ann Eliza Thomas James Ann BAKER     Steam Mill Miller
NEC 24/07/1848   Fredrick Joseph Mary CUCKSON   Farndon Row Labourer
NEC 13/08/1848   William George Sarah BROWN   Parliament St Labourer
NEC 25/09/1848   Jane Richard Sarah LYNN   Chatham St Grocer
NEC 18/08/1850   Thomas Chappell   Anna   WRIGHT Mill Gate  

That is OK….. but you now need to know how to search the DATABASE TABLE.

See the following page for Creating a Query in Access.