Baptisms at the Castle Gate Independent Meeting House, Nottingham


28/01/1793 Christopher Edward Mary SWANN     bapt. about the middle of  Feb following

18/01/1794 Samuel Henry Edward Mary SWANN     bapt. about a month later
22/02/1795 14/11/1794 Francis Francis Sarah BESTON      
22/02/1795 27/11/1794 John Joseph Mary MORLEY      
19/02/1795 07/08/1794 Catherine Bailey John Mary WHITE      
20/05/1792 12/04/1792 James John Alice BATES      
06/02/1793   Elizabeth Robert Ann CARTER      
11/01/1792   Samuel Edward Sarah PYNEGAR     This date appears out of sequence.
21/02/1793   Ann William Elizabeth ARMSTRONG      
28/02/1793   John John ANN WARREN      
11/03/1793 16/01/1793 William John Rowena WALKER     by Revd. Mr.Gill of Market Harborough
04/05/1793 21/04/1793 James Joseph Ann (K?)IRKMAN      
22/05/1793 05/05/1793 William John Mary DOVE   parish of St.Mary  
14/07/1793   Sarah Robert Martha NEWBERY     by Rev.Jonth Scott of Market Drayton, Shropshire
30 Jan following 11/11/1787 Mary Ann John Ann DODSON     by Rev.Matthew Wilkes, London
02/11/1789 26/06/1789 Henry John Ann DODSON     by Rev.Matthew Wilkes, London
04/11/1791 29/04/1791 Catherine John Ann DODSON     by Rev.Matthew Wilkes, London
15/09/1793 10/03/1793 Ann John Ann DODSON      
17/10/1793 27/09/1793 Reuben Reuben Sarah (G?)ANNY      
29th same month
Crispinias James Sarah BOAM     by Rev. ? Of Stone, Staffs.
01/12/1793   Jane Samuel Jane PAGE      
01/10/1794 10/09/1794 James Archibald Elizabeth MATHER      
10/12/1793 20/11/1793 Anna Maria Samuel Sarah BIRD      
04/06/1793 12/05/1793 John Anthony Sukey GERMAN     by Mr.Bullock of Ashby,Northants
27/02/1794 07/02/1794 Henry Anthony Sukey GERMAN     Mr(Bunce?),Wakefield Yorkshire
06/04/1794 28/03/1794 Mary Robert Mary BEEBY      
(25?)/04/1794   Benjamin William Mary DORKER      
11/05/1794   Alice Thomas Mary EARNSHAW      
22/06/1794   John Robert Hannah PORTER      
20/09/1792   Sarah John Sarah BADFORD      
20/06/1792   George John Sarah BADFORD      

Data transcribed from microfilm RG4/3664 at the Public Record Office, Kew.