Skewen & District - A History

   4 Modern painting by Dilys Thomas - St. John's Church & Village
   4 Modern painting by Dilys Thomas - Horeb Chapel, New Rd., Skewen
   5 Central Buildings. 1964
   9 Neath Abbey Church of St. Mary
 10 [Early] view of Neath Abbey from 'Specimens of Inlaid Tiles from Neath Abbey'
 11 Last occupier of the monastery
 11 View of Ebenezer Chapel and the Abbey. Post 1850
 12 Neath Abbey, Internal view with Mynydd Drummau in the background.
 13 Skewen sketch map. From Estate map for Sir John Herbert. 1601
 16 [Drawing of] Inhabitant of ruins near Neath. 1797
 18 Sketch Map of Skewen. 1770
 19 Neath Abbey. The West columns of the church. [undated]
 20 Abbey Ruins by William Weston Young. 1835
 21 Neath Abbey. The Gatehouse
 22 The Woollen Mill [undated]
 22 Neath Abbey's most illustrious son - Joseph Tregelles Price. Drawing by Raymond Thomas.
 23 Neath Borough Council Offices [Modern - former South Wales bus garages]
 24 Poster advertising the unveiling of memorial tablet for Tregelles Price. 1936
 24 Cwt Herbert Mansion [undated]
 25 The Monk's Stone [Abbot's Stone] c1907
 25 The Neath Abbey Station of the Vale of Neath Railway. [undated]
 26 Stock Car racing at Neath Abbey. 1960s
 26 Poster advertising Speedway racing at Neath Abbey. [1962]
 27 Two views of Neath Abbey Road [undated]
 28 Neath Abbey Rd. seen from the bottom of Longford Rd. [undated]
 28 View including Ty Mawr, home of Joseph Tregelles Price. [undated]
 29 Two views of Mrs. Beasley's cottage, Monastery Rd., Neath Abbey.
 30 Cwm Clydach, below the Woollen mill [undated]
 30 Ironworks cottages at Cwm Clydach [undated]
 31 Neath Abbey at the bottom of Taillwyd Rd. [undated]
 31 Bottom of Taillwyd Rd. towards Court Herbert. Original Smiths Arms. [undated]
 32 Row of houses opposite today's car park of the Hope & Anchor.
 32 Cromwell Terrace, Neath Abbey. Ebenezer Chapel. [undated]
 33 Remains of the Cheadle Copper Works. [undated]
 33 Relics from stock car racing.
 34 Histon Overalls [formerly the Woollen mill] at Cwm Clydach.
 34 Houses at Taillwyd. [undated]
 35 Dylan Rees with his motorcycle and his father in the stable yard.
 35 Cwrt Herbert colliery [undated]
 36 The beach at Jersey Marine
 36 Chapman's Tea Rooms at Jersey Marine beach
 37 The old Skewen Co-operative Store c.1930
 38 The Terminus with a Neath Tram.
 39 The White Gates Skewen.  The railway crossing gates that gave the spot its name.
 40 View down the New Rd. including Gorphwysfa Chapel.
 40 Skewen Press. The original Bible Christian Chapel building.
 41 The original Skewen Post Office.
 41 View up Skewen hill.
 42 Cottages on the site of the present library.[Evelyn Rd.]
 42 New Road shops.
 43 Huddersfield House and Joseph Henry Kreischer, proprietor.
 44 New Rd., Skewen, incl. Colliers Hotel.
 44 Cyprus Terrace
 45 Two views along New Rd.
 46 Another view along New Rd.
 46 Jenkins Sweets, Winifred Rd.
 47 The Cosey Cafe opposite the Traveller's Well. incl. Beatrice Amyes.
 47 Siding Terrace..
 48 Pont Lladron. The boundary between Skewen and Llansamlet.
 49 The White Gates A train from the Main Collieries heads to the wharves.
 49 Penlan Farm on the top of Drummau Mountain.
 50 Hill Rd., Skewen
 50 Old Rd., Skewen
 51 Two views of New Rd.
 52 Past and Present view of New Rd.
 53 Mr. Hussey. Pavilion Cinema in the background.
 53 New Rd c1900
 54 New Rd. Junction with Christopher Rd.
 54 New Rd. Harp Hotel and Pwlldwr Houses
 55 Francis St. 1954
 55 Mrs Gwladys Bray, Francis St.
 55 New Rd. incl. Horeb Chapel.
 56 Two views of Wern Rd.
 57 Two views of Stanley Rd.
 58 Tabernacl Street.
 58 Railway Terrace
 59 Christopher Rd.
 59 Station Rd. The Ritz Cinema
 60 The Carnegie Library, Evelyn Rd.
 60 Evelyn Beasley, Francis St. Skewen.
 61 The First Board School, later called Coedffranc Girls School
 61 Butler's Garage showing bomb damage.
 62 Houses at Pentreffynnon
 62 Collecting water at the pistyll at Pentreffynon
 63 The 'New' (now old) road bridge across the River Neath at Coed-yr-Iarll [Earlswood, Briton Ferry]
 64 Two views of the second railway station at Skewen
 65 View over the Highlands, showing Main Colliery Co Railway.
 65 Cwmdu Brickworks
 67 St. John's Church, Skewen
 68 All Saints' Church, Skewen
 69 St.Mary's Church, Skewen
 71 Ebenezer Chapel, Neath Abbey
 73 Sion Chapel, Old Rd., Skewen
 74 Gorphwysfa, New Rd., Skewen
 75 Salem, Railway Terrace, Skewen
 76 Hermon Chapel, Winifred Rd., Skewen
 77 Moriah, Taillwyd Rd., Neath Abbey
 78 Tabernacl, Tabernacle St., Skewen
 80 Bethania Chapel, Evelyn Rd., Skewen
 81 Horeb, New Rd., Skewen
 83 Calfaria, Stanley Rd., Skewen
 85 Wesley, New Rd., Neath Abbey
 87 Methodist Chapel, New Rd., Skewen
 88 Free Mission, DynevorRd., Skewen
 90 Mount Pleasant Chapel, Christopher Rd., Skewen
 91 The Salvation Army Old Hall, Bethlehem Rd., Skewen
 92 Y Capel, Old Rd., Skewen
 93 Lonlas Gospel Mission, Lonlas Avenue, Skewen
 96 Mrs. Mary Jane Bailey, who provided the Bible Christians with a meeting place in her home on New Rd.
 96 Mrs Christiana Clements, a leading figure in the Free Mission.
 96 Mrs Clements opening the Free Mission Hall, July 1914 incl. Marjorie Clements aged 4.
 97 & 98 Cast of an operetta by Tabernacl Chapel
 99 & 100 Production of The Mystic Mirror by St. Mary's members
101 The Saint Players, from All Saints' Church. 1944
102 The Saint Players, 1938 and 1965
103 All Saints Badminton Youth Club with Rev. J.H.Cox
103 All Saints Mother's Union
104 St. John's Choir c1940
104 St. John's Choir c.1955 incl. John Bailey, David Gilbert, John Morris, Ronnie Pearson, _ Lodwick, Brian _, Ken Bailey, _ Huxtable, Brian Williams, Ossie Prout, Brian Lodwick, _ Williams, Peter Martin, Malcolm Adams, Ivor Bailey, Gareth Williams, Lewis Adams, Penny Davies, Valerie Hobday, Ann Gilbert, Beryl Bailey, Gwen Baggridge, Gwen Prout, Anna Cook, _ Huxtable, Jennifer Bryan, Arthur Evans, Reg Baggridge, J.R.Richards (Vicar), Ernie Roberts, Raymond Thomas, Ivor Jenkins, Peter Morgans, Ronnie Williams, _ Bryan
105 Cast of operetta by St. John's members
105 A St. John's Mothers' Union outing
106 A performance of "Peggy and the Pixies" by Tabernacl Sunday School, 1935
106 Tabernacl Sunday School Class, 1915
107 Ebenezer Chapel Choir [undated]
107 Ebenezer Chapel Sunday School Class, about 1915. Maggie John, _ Pickerell, Gwladys Lewis, _ Harris, _ Beesley, Bronwen Bowen (teacher), Ada Evans, Gertie Widlake
108 Salem, Pentreffynon Sunday School [undated]
108 New Rd. Methodist Church Choir, 1939
109 Opening of St. Mary's Church Hall c.1930 incl. Vicar and Mrs. Morris, Rev. and Mrs Tawe Jones, Martin and Trevor Thomas, Mrs. Evans, Joan Gill
109 Members of Y Capel Sunday School, 2 July 1950
110 Wesley Chapel Sisterhood. [undated]
110 Skewen Wesleyan Girls choir. 1906
111 Calfaria Baptist Chapel Deacons [undated]
111 Calfaria Sunday School [undated]
112 Horeb Sunday School Class c.1910 Dan Thomas, John Morgan, Ivor Thomas, Daniel Davy, Tom Ball, Will Morgans, Bryn Bowen (Butcher), Dick Jones, Will George, D.Eynon Gibbs, Fred Williams, Dai Gough, Willy Thomas, Tom Beesley
112 Horeb Deacons
113 St. John's Church Fete in the vicarage gardens. [undated]
114 United Methodist Sisterhood, 1980
114 Moriah Sunday School [undated[
115 Salvation Army Company Guards, 1909.  W.Bailey, H.Roberts, E.Worth, F.Cossey, T.Philips, O.Roberts, J.Worth, Mrs. W.Bailey, M.Jones, E.Roberts, Capt. C.Day, A.Norris, E.Bailey, Mrs. C.Loring
115 Hermon Sunday School Teachers c1898 incl. Sam Owen, David Arthur Owen, Mrs. Notzing, Cassie Richards, Nurse Gilbert, Blod Richards.
116 Calfaria Chapel group [undated]
116 Male pensioners outing to Aberystwyth. 1948
117 Site of the first public house in Skewen - The Red Lion
118 The Collier's Arms
118 The Pelican, Bethlehem Rd., From an old and faint photograph (drawing by Dilys Thomas)
119 The Victoria [undated]
119 Stone beer bottles from Thos. H. Hewitt Botanical Brewery, Skewn 1917 and Neath Abbey 1926
120 The Royal Queen [public house]
120 The Rock and Fountain
121 The Terminus, Originally the Nag's Head.  Two pictures, one showing horse drawn tram, the other dated 1996
122 The Harp, in the middle of Pwlldwr Houses
122 The Cross Keys
123 The Travellers Well
124 The Farmer's Arms
124 The Crown
125 The Miners Arms - and under it's later name, The Bear on the Hill
126 The Smith's Arms, Neath Abbey
126 The Hope and Anchor, Neath Abbey
132 Coedffranc Infants Classes 1a & 1b, 1929
133 Coedffranc Girls School [undated] incl. Millie Evans, Hilda Davies, Phebe Davies, _ Parker, Blodwen Bevan, _ Curtis, Lizzie Edwards, _ Curtis, Lena Howells, Beattie Rees, Sally Jones, Gladys Jones, _ Rogers, Daisy Love, Stella Taylor, Katie Evans, Elfrida Morgan, _ Evans, May Gammon, Gladys David
133 Coedffranc Girls, 1922
134 Another Coedffranc Girls, 1922
134 Coedffranc Girls 1929
135 Coedffranc Girls. [undated]
135 Coedffranc Girls Cookery Class, June 11 1920
136 Coedffranc Girls, Standard 3, 1929
136 Coedffranc Girls 1961 incl. Caroline Davies, Susan Bevan, Julieene Evans, Christine Munro, Carol Leeke, Lydia Phillips, Delyth Gough, Yvonne Joseph, Carol Goldup, Jacqueline Thomas, Jane watkins, Linda Johnson, Diane Richards, Linda Hughes, Pauline Lewis, Vivienne Roberts, Ann Hughes, Paula Davies, Yvonne Schuttz, Pat Davies, Sheridan Groves, Isobel Jenkins, Sian Hughes, Janet Llewellyn, Denise Evans
137 Coedffranc Girls 1965 and 1968
138 [Old] Coedffranc [Boys] School Class [undated]
138 Coedffranc School Orchestra. c.1930  incl. Mr.George Taylor
139 Coedffranc CL school, 1922
139 Coedffranc Boys c1928  Tommy Morgans, Sydney Davies, Elwyn Hoskins, Harold Ware, John Roderick, Howell Roberts, Ivor Willough, Fred Rowlands, Lew Briale, Walter Long, Eric Curtis, K.Jones, Peter Clements, Freddie Rowlands, Hedley Jones, Trevor Davies, Cliff Hughes, Sydney Thomas, Ivor Phillips, Oswald Widlake, Dewi Evans, John Hardwick, _Slee, Donald Gardner, Ninian Evans, Ron Jones, Glyn Owen, John Robertson, Lance davies, Harold Richards, Phil Richards, _ Davies, Sid Johnston, _ Cattle, Owen Rice, Gwyn Moule, _ Griffiths, Doug Smart, Willie Bell, Ken Swaffield, Hedley Lewis, Eddie Jones, Douglas Raybould, W.Thomas (Teacher), John Evans (Headmaster)
140 Coedffranc Boys c.1929 and 1931
141 Coedffranc Boys Classes 4a and 5a 1931.  incl. Ainsley Rees, Bryn Roberts, Ben Thomas, Vernon Baker, Howard Mead, George Dixon, Aeron Davies, Graham Uncles, Haydn Jeffries, George Roderick, Walter Jones, Cyril thomas, Ron Jones, Dennis Thomas, Will Ferguson, _ Thomas, Ernie Lewis, Edwin Bennett, George Hay, John Nichols, John W. Jones, Raymond Rosser, Graham Rees, Will Howells, Harold Lewis, Doug Francis, William Poole, Ken Shaw, Joe Lloyd, William Kirby, Huw John, Ben Davies, Mel Richards, Douglas Griffiths, Tom Evans, Graham Willis, Graham Thorne, Omri Jones, David Evans, Trevor Bevan, Derek Dunn, Richard Stacey, Vincent Darney, Tom Parker, John Richards, Glyn Williams, Gwyn Pike, Vivian Hearn, Eric Fletcher, George Williams, Ned Williams (Teacher) John Evans (Headmaster)
142 Coedffranc Boys 1939 & 1944
143 Coedffranc Boys 1944
143 Coedffranc Boys Staff c1943  incl. Mr. Lewis (caretaker) Granville Davies, Haydn Thomas, Wyndham Evans, Gwyn Davies, [another] Gwyn Davies, Rees Davies, W.J.Williams, W.Jenkins, W.Thomas, Ned Williams
144 - 147 Seven Pictures of Rhydhir Secondary Modern, all undated.
147 Rhydhir Secondary Modern 1953 Peter Richards, David Lewis, Peter Southall, Phillip Darney, Dallas Couch, Kingston Bailey, Johnny Spiller, Paul Summerville, Hugh Michael, Glyn Richards, Helen Parsons, Marion Jones, June Smith, Karen Stout, Carol Davies, Edwina Vibert, Daphne Fletcher, Robert Jenkins, Lynne Evans, Margaret Giddings, Josie Herrits, Lynda Howells, Miss Stone, Pat Jones. Gillian Griffiths, Mair Jones, Cynthia Berry
148 Rhydhir Secondary Modern [undated]
148 Rhydhir Secondary Modern Competitors at the County Youth Sports [undated]
149 Rhydhir Secondary Modern. Competitors at the County Youth Sports. [undated]
149 Skewen Lower [Mynachlog Nedd junior] Teachers [c1960 incl. Mr Trevor Jones, Mr. Bramble, Mr. Bowen, Mr. Davies, Mr. Griffiths (headmaster), Mr. Thomas]
150 Skewen Lower [Mynachlog Nedd Junior] [c1958]
150 Ysgol Cymraeg Mynachlog Nedd c1968
151 Neath Abbey Infants [Wrongly captioned in book] 1962
151 Mynachlog Nedd Junior School. [undated]
152 Ysgol Gymraeg Mynachlog Nedd c1966
152 Skewen Lower [Mynachlog Nedd] [undated] incl. Mr. Bramble
153 Mynachlog Nedd Junior [undated] incl. Mr. Davies
153 Skewen Lower [Mynachlog Nedd] [undated]
154 Mynachlog Nedd Junior [undated] incl. Mr Davies, Mr. Thomas
154 Rhydhir Staff [undated]
155 Coedffranc Girls Staff [undated] Lilian Thomas, Betty Probert, Nancy Evans, Mary Thomas, Evelyn Morgan, Mary Lewis, Ethel Podmore, L.M. Thomas, Hannah Morgan
155 Skewen Lower Boys 1923
156 Skewen Home Guard [undated]
156 1945 Squadron (Skewen) Air Training Corps 1941/42  Edsil Martin, Herbert Williams, Ron Williams, Wyndham Roberts, Roy Nicholas, Mansel Thomas, Wyndham Rowlands, Billy Dawkins, Norman Caswell, Roy Thomas, Alan Cooper, Roy Burston, Ken Priday, Jerry Walters, Brian Williams, Hughie Price, Hedley Lever, Peter Walters, Picton Davies, Harold Thomas, Cyril Davies, John North, John Harries, Colin Pettit, Roy Prout, Vernon Stevens, Ken Bevan, John Botcher, Joe Farrage, Howard Chapman, Maldwyn Kreischer, Pat Darney, John Palmer, Gwilym Noot, M.Gully, Sid Edwards, John Davies, Denny Rogers, David Thomas
157 Neath Abbey Home Guard 1941  John Jones, Elvet Evans, Dennis Jones, Dai Williams, Viv Evans, Dai John, Bryn Jenkins, Tom Hopkins, Walter Kirk, Gilbert Andrews, Horace Smith, Dick Cox, Ernie Barrow, Gwyn Bowen, Herbert Kirk, Jacky Lewis, Gwynfor Hickman, Hubert John, George Sparks, Bill Leaker, Harry Evans, Sgt. Bill Thomas, Lt. Davies, Capt. W.M.Thomas, Capt. Stan Young, Sgt Dai Griffiths, Corp. Don Hopkins, Bill Richards
158 St. John's Ambulance, Skewen 1939-45  Gwyn Lewis, Cyril Pugh, Howard Kreischer, Norman James, _ Gardiner, Trevor Davies, Eleazar Rees, Arthur Richards.
158 Staff of the Cape Copper Works Laboratory c1917
159 Labouring Staff of the Cape Copper Works [undated]
159-160 Three unknown groups [undated]
161 Blacksmith at Neath Abbey [undated]
161 Outing of Penyard residents 1927
162 Salvation Army Sunday School outing to Barry Island 1937
162 Siding Terrace outing to Barry Island, 1947
163 Co-op staff trip to Weston Super Mare. 1948
163 Skewen Old Age Pensioners trip to Moselle, Germany, 1994
164 Cardonnel Works Band [undated]
164 Ysgol Coedffranc [Coedffranc School] at Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, Castell Nedd, [Neath] 1934. Mary Jones, Lilian Jones, Elizabeth Roberts, Hetty Price, Enid Thomas, Myra lovering, Joan Gilbert, Dilys Pugh, Dorothy Rees, Amy _, Vera Power, Dorothy Beck, Kath Godfrey, Dolly Hadley, Kathleen Davies, Helen Charles, Myra Griffiths, Margaret Roberts, Peggy Davies, Doreen Davies, Cedwen Harries, Betty Morgan, Rita Lewis.
165 Skewen Lower at Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, Castell Nedd, [Neath] 1934  Audrey Rees, Blodwen Morgan, Peggy Edwards, Beryl Phillips, Gwyneth Griffiths, Alma Slocombe, Peggy Davies, Hefina Davies, Myra Gibson, Marigold Bailey, Jean Perry, Muriel Miller, Glenys Waldron, Edwina Griffiths, Ruby Richards, Dilys Wathan, Elva Davies, Mary Gulley, Mair Jones, Marjory Oliver, Elsa Brooks, Audrey Meredith, Norma Thomas, Mona Price
165 Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, Aberdare Boys Choir 1958.  incl. Chris Thomas, David Jones, Peter Edwards, Colin Thomas, Jeffrey James, John Williams, Michael Ellis, Nicky Davies.
166 Social Services Dinner 1946
166 National Oil Refinery Staff [undated]
167 Skewen Scouts. Feb 1964
167 Coedffranc School Class c1960
168 Graham Terrace V.E. Day, May 1945
168 Skewen Co-op Staff 1951
169 B.P. [NOR] Male Voice Choir, 1950
169 Madame Annie Davies' Skewen pensioners choir, Eisteddfod Cup Winners [undated]
170 Skewen Coop Women's Guild [undated]
170 St. John Ambulance [members] [undated]
171 Tabernacl Male Voice Choir [undated]
171 Brian Loosmore, Brian Harvey, Teddy Davy, 1939
172 Trevor Thomas, Ernald Jones, Denzil Evans, V.J.Day, August 1995
172 Bonnie Tyler
173 Armistice Day Service [at Coedffranc War Memorial] c1955
173 Names on [Coedffranc] War Memorial
174 Cardonnel Tinplate workers. 1930s
174 Investiture Committee, Prince of Wales, 1962
175 Bethania Chapel Group[in Welsh National Dress] [undated] Hilda Beynon, Aeronwy Bevan, Miss Elfrida Morgan, Gwladys George, Marjorie Jeffries, Miss Edith Davies, Edna Hopkins, Bessie Lewis, Ceridwen Owen, Beattie John, Nan Walters, J.Evans
175 Skewen District Girl Guides, Valkenburg, Holland. 1975
178 The ferry from Coed-yr-Iarll to Briton Ferry [undated]
178 Horse drawn barge on the Tennat Canal [undated]
179 The Swingbridge [undated]
179 The Main Colliery wharf [undated]
180 [Horse and cart from] Longford Dairies [undated]
180 Milk cart from Alexandra dairy with Edith _ and Jenny James [undated]
181 June Price [of Longford Farm] [undated]
181 Howell and Cyril Price at Longford Farm
182 Alexandra Dairy [and workers] Winifred Rd. 1920s
182 Ieuan Morgan, Queen's Rd.
182 [Boy on tricycle] At the crown, Skewen. 1914
183 [Old car] Outside the Llandarcy Institute. 1922
183 An early private car
184 Dan Perry and Horace James. 1935
184 B.Featherstone effect repairs while Trevor Thomas observes. c1922
185 Harold fenn and cousin Norman on motorbike [undated]
185 The Neath Gas Tram [undated]
186 Frank Trott's Charabanc. Driver Tom Williams [undated]
186 Arthur Trott's bus c.1925
187 William John Bailey's bus outside the Victoria c1923
187 [William John Bailey's bus?] at the crown, Skewen [undated]
188 Richmond bus at the Traveller's Well
188 Bluebird bus. Conductor Harry Tristham. Driver unknown.
188, 189 An Abbey Bus
189 Abbey Bus staff c.1939
190 Abbey Bus staff at Neath Abbey c.1950
190 A selection of old bus tickets
191 Main Colliery Locomotive. Driver Rees Lewis hold daughter Gwladys. c1904
191 Gas Locomotives at the B.P. Refinery [undated]
192 [Inside] Skewen signal box (by the Traveller's Well). Mr Batchelor. [undated]
192 The last steam train service crossing the arches at Drymmau Rd.
193 Bater's steam lorry at Park Drive [undated]
193 Bater's stream lorry c1922
194 Loading heavy fuel oil at Queen's Dock, 1960. Ray Thomas
194 B.P. oil tanker at Trostre Works. c1960 Ray Thomas
195 BP Tanker [undated] Mel Richards
195 Shell Mex old depot at Llandarcy 1950s Ray Thomas, E.Clement, Jim _, Tom Jones, Albert Davies, David Girdlestone, Ron _
196 B.P.  Demolition of old lube oil bench, with Rewbridge lorries, Neath Abbey. 1950s
196 The Ritz fish and chip salon. 1960s
199 A letter of reference and two phhotographs of the analytical laboratory: the balance bench and fume extraction cupboard.
200 Mrs. Beynon's shop, Dynevor Rd. 1905
200 Seldon's Milliners, Old Rd. c1925
201 Thomas' Drapers [undated]
201 Mrs. Balkwill with her daughters Olga and Lorna at her sweet shop on Deer's terrace. 1936
201 Central Building. 1918
202 Carter's Boot and Shoe Repaorer. c1920
202 Harry Talor, High Class Grocer [undated]
202 Thomas Bazaar. Mrs Thomas and her daughter Mrs. Knoyle. [undated]
203 Three shotsof Clements House Furnishers c1940
203 Mrs Ware's shop [undated]
204 New Rd. Skewen. The Cooperative store and D.J.Thomas store. Undated and 1932
210 St. John's Ambulance Brigade. Skewen Division and presidents. [undated] W.S.Bowen, C.Pugh, C.Pope, H.Chapman, R.Kopke, T.Thomas, A.Cresci, G.Maddox, D.Thomas, Dr. B.Scott, D.Fulford, W.David, I.Davies, T.Thomas, H.Kreischer, E.Rees, E.Evans, D.Fletcher, T.Jenkins, L.Chapman, B.Thomas, M.Morgan, P.Linnard, M.Hawkins, P.Coombes, B.Pope
211 Skewen Coop Cricket Club c.1938
211 Ebenezer Cricket Club [undated]
212 Moriah Cricket Club, Neath Abbey, 1914.  T.Jones, T.Fowler, R.Davies, J.Meyrick, W.Griffiths, T.Griffiths, Rev. E.R.Phillips, W.Davies, C.Hopkins, T.W.Duncan, G.Newbridge, A.Griffiths, W.Griffiths, D.W.Prosser, T.Heavens, D.Abraham, E.Jones, J.E.Jones, W.J.rees, T.G.Meyrick
212 Coop Cricket at Cwrt y Bettws. [undated]  Mervyn Miles, Gwyn Thomas, Leas Reason, Bernard Griffiths, Emyr Gough, Mrs. Meyrick, Betty Long, Melita Farrage, Bryn Bowen, Phylis Reason, Barbara Rowlands, Peggy Richards, Buddug Davies
213 Penrhyn Cricket Club [undated]
213 BP Llandarcy Cricket XI [undated]
214 Skewen Cricket Club 1937. G.Owen, T.Beynon, C.Thomas, G.Rees, V.Ware, T.Rosser, H.J.Davies, W.David, K.Jones, G.Davies, A.Alwyn, H.Owen, H.Jones, W.Tucker, J.Hughes, L.Jones, I.Davies, G.Thomas, E.Thomas
214 Skewen Gradient Cricket Club. 1926  J.Davies, W.Lloyd, D.Evans, C.Jones, G.Bevan, G.Florance, W.Jennings, J.Oakley, D.Jones, D.Rees, I.Davies, H.Morgans, I.Maddock, G.Davies, D.Price
215 N.O.R. 1st Cricket Team  [undated] G.Hayward, W.David, F.Hayward, L.Roberts, J.Dovey, M.Harris, W.Williams, O.Saunders, W.Freeman, A.M.O'Brian, A.G.Holmes, J.Sharples, L.Venables
215 N.O.R. Cricket XI 1950
216 Skewen Corries AFC 1925-6
216 Skewen football supporters trip to Blackpool c1951
217 Skewen AFC 1914-15
217 Skewen schoolboys 1933.  Stuart Golding, Terry Doyle, Emrys Lewis, Rees Davies (Teacher), Mr.Prosser, Mr Dan Thomas, E.Harry (referee), Jim Robertson, George Fair, Bill Ferguson, Mr. D.J.Thomas, Mr Evan Thomas (teacher), Glyn Thomas, Ernie Bater, Bryn Evans, Malcolm Davies, Ken Shaw, Charles Bell, Mr. Williams (Head Teacher)
218 Lonlas Youth Club Juniors 1993
218 Skewen Exelsiors AFC 1921-22  G.Jones, A.G.Priday, J.Baxter, W.I.Trott, A.Cryer, Ll.James, G.Millard, H.Richardson, T.P.Williams, C.Lewis, T.Taylor, F.Newall, A.Priday, B.Richardson, J.Rees, R.Carr, T.Beck, G.Richardson
219 Coedffranc School Football Team 1949-50.  G.Tanner, D.Rowlands, R.Davies, T.Hanford, D.Evans, M.Price (Headmaster), L.Pugh, Mr. G.H.Davies, J.Rees, D.Lloyd, K.Butt, B.Hughes, V.John
219 Coedffranc School Rugby Team 1949-50  R.Davies, M.Jenkins, R.Lemon, K.Griffiths, D.Evans, D.Lloyd, B.Parsons, T.Pope, L.Pugh, G.John, Mr. P.Stone, J.Res, R.Price, G.Cook, D.Rowlands, H.Rees, R.Evans.
220 Skewen Bowls c1950 incl. Mr.Axtell, Sid Davies, Mr. Matthews, M.Wilcox, Jack richards, Mr. Watkins, Albert Francis, Ben Davies, David Thomas
220 Skewen Bowls outing [undated]
221 Two undated pictures of Skewen Bowls Club
222 Skewen Bowls [undated] W.Parker, Ivor Thomas, William Morgan, D.W.Morgan, E.O.Davies, T.M.Thomas, F.Cannon, Ll. Howells, J.Miller, S.Jones, John Slee, T.E.Davies, L.Jones, George Owen, W.Richards, David Taylor, D.J.Jones, H.Williams, J.e.Williams, D.J.Davies, T.Davies, L.Richards, W.C.Slee, R.D.Roberts, W.J.Rosser, Griff Owen, J.Wesley Evans, Reg Slee, W.P.Jenkins, William Davies, B.R.Griffiths, Jos Evans, Tom Lloyd, T.R.Evans, L.Griffiths, George Hughes, A.E.Francis, L.G.Rees, J.Badham, T.Edward Davies
222 Neath Abbey RFC 1904-5
223 Skewen Rugby Winners of cup final v Briton Ferry 27 Jan 1951
223 N.O.R. Rugby Team 1952
224 N.O.R. Rugby Team [undated]
224 Coedffranc Rugby Team. League Chhampions 1920s
225 Skewen Rugby outside "Tom Stagg's" [T.P.Williams - Confectioner & Tobacconist] 1919
225 & 226 Skewen Pigeon Club
226 St. John's Tennis Club. c1923 _ Jewell, May Linnard, Harold Bailey, Alice Drake, Rosie Evans, _ David, Cyril Judd, Gwladys Lewis, Mr. Tench, _ Bodycombe, Connie Jones, Cecil Davies, Vi Wells, Baden-Powell Richards
227 Tabernacl Tennis Club 1922
227 Skewen Air Rifle Club c1920
228 Skewen Angling Club [undated]
228 & 229 Skewen Rangers Cycling Club. 1899
229 Crown Darts Team [undated]  W.John, Bill Alvis, E.Thomas, _ Gibbs, Glyn George, Haydn Thomas, Fred Laytham, Molly Laytham, Wyndham Evans, Dai Thomas, George Oakley, Ivor Mears
233 Remains of St. Margaret's Chapel, Jersey Marine
233 The Tower Hotel, Jersey MArine. An early painting
234 The railway crossing at Jersey MArine [undated]
234 Building of the Jersey Marine school [undated]
235 The Tower Hotel [Jersey Marine] [undated]
235 Horse drawn barge on the Tennant canal [undated]
237 Britannic House, N.O.R., Llandarcy
237 Llandarcy Village [undated]
238 Two views of Llandarcy Village [undated]
239 The start of demolition of the BP cooling towers
239 The entrance to the BP refinery at Llandarcy
240 Sir Samuel Thomas Evans
241 Sir Samuel Thomas Evans' grave in St. John's churchyard
244 William Howell's grave at St. John's churchyard
245 Cresci's cafe - current and old premises [undated]
246 John Jenkins [and his] first coach [undated]
247 A Merlyn's luxury coach and Mrs. June John and Mr. Andrew Pearce [undated]