Old Neath And District  In Pictures - Vol 3.

      0  The Royal Oak, Orchard St., Neath

  1. Cover of 1918 Eisteddfod Programme
  2. Cover of 1934 Eisteddfod Programme
  3. Proclamation Ceremony for the 1918 National Eisteddfod, Victoria Gardens, Neath (1917)
  4. Prime Minister Lloyd George talking to landgirls at the Neath Eisteddfod, August 1918
  5. Mrs. Lloyd George talking to a nurse outside the Gnoll Infants School, Woodland Rd. (1918)
  6. Neath National Eisteddfod Proclamation (1934) Capt. Geoffrey Crawshay, Wesleyan Methodist Church.
  7. Neath Eisteddfod Proclamation. Procession along London Rd. (1933)
  8. Crowned Bards in procession along London Rd. (1933?)
  9. Chaired bard at the 1934 Neath Eisteddfod.  Gwallter Dyfi, Archdruid Gwili, William Morris, Maurice Jones, Elfed Gwylfa.
  10. Winifred Coombe-Tennant with Archdruid Gwili and Elfed and other druids.
  11. Winifred Coombe-Tennant (Mam-o-Nedd) at the 1934 National Eisteddfod
  12. Gorsedd Banner in procession in London Rd. during the Proclamation Festival, 1933
  13. Plan of Eisteddfod sites - Neath, 1918
  14. Letters of Royal Patronage.  1918 Eisteddfod - King George V.
  15. Letters of Royal Patronage.  1918 - Queen Mary
  16. Letters of Royal Patronage.  1918 - Edward, Prince of Wales
  17. Letters of Royal Patronage   1934 - Secretary of State.
  18. Letters of Royal Patronage   1934 - H.M. King George
  19. Letters of Royal Patronage   1934 - Queen Mary
  20. Letters of Royal Patronage   1934 - H.R.H. Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII)
  21. Letters of Royal Patronage   1934 - H.R.H.'s Duke and Duchess of York (later George VI and Queen Elizabeth)
  22. Local artist Will Roberts and his entry for the poster competition for the 1934 Eisteddfod
  23. Mr. Roberts' poster, which was runner-up in the competition.
  24. Pentreclwyda in the Vale of Neath - Site of the 1934 Eisteddfod.
  25. Rev. Eirug Davies of Llanbedr-pont-Steffan, the crowned bard at the 1934 Neath Eisteddfod.
  26. The 1934 Eisteddfod Pavilion at Dyfed Road, Neath.
  27. New Street, Neath in 1902.
  28. Close-up of the previous picture.
  29. New Street, Neath, c1906
  30. Cimla. Cae Rhys Ddu Farmhouse at the turn of the [19th] century. Now The Tudor Inn
  31. Windsor Road, Neath, from Holloway's Corner, c1900
  32. D.W.Davies, Neath's largest drapers shop, The Square. Now Burton's
  33. D.W.Davies, closed down in 1936.
  34. The Square, c1910
  35. The Parade, 1906. Eviction of photographer and pamphleteer C.R.Trueman from his shop and home.
  36. Cimla Common c.1905.  Crynallt House.
  37. Gnoll Avenue, Neath, c1905
  38. The Town Hall when used as a Fire Station.
  39. Neath Castle c1900
  40. Alford Rd. (Bottler's Alley). Now disappeared.
  41. Neath Castle gateway c1900
  42. Mackworth Lane 1957. Now demolished.
  43. Zoar Row in 1958
  44. The Ropewalk - long before The Windsor Cinema.
  45. Victoria Gardens, constructed in 1897 .....overlooked by the Gnoll House
  46. General view of Neath from the Gnoll grounds before the building of Dyfed Rd and one side of Gnoll Rd. Early 1900s
  47. Melin - Eaglesbush Hotel and Bush Row, October 1957
  48. Alexander St., Neath c1939, Doble's coal yard. (Now Allister St.)
  49. Looking down Green St. towards the Square in the early 1930s
  50. Stockham's Corner showing the roundabout.
  51. Former main Road from Aberdulais to Tonna. 1930s
  52. Lower Cimla Road, Neath c1920
  53. The end house in James St., now disappeared.
  54. Wind St prior to demolition, 1936.
  55. Llantwit Road 1920, showing Llantwit Cottage.
  56. Ray Thomas' pet shop, Florence St., under demolition.
  57. Minetti's Cafe, Orchard St, 1930.
  58. Neath Cattle Market.
  59. The Cattle Market. Demolished 1958-9.
  60. Orchard St from the Square, c1947.  The Royal Oak, Shufflebotham's.
  61. National Provincial Bank, built in the late 1920s.
  62. Thomas's Welsh Produce, Green St.
  63. Emmet's Clock on tour [at Victoria Gardens] c1947
  64. Emmett's clock, advertising Guinness
  65. The Gwyn Hall, showing spire and statue that were later removed.
  66. Wind St. 1977.  Allin's Grocers shop,
  67. Green St. c1960.
  68. Union St., Penydre in 1967.  The Star Inn
  69. Bridge St, Neath, May 1951
  70. Gasworks Road in the floods of 1963
  71. Gasworks Road and coalyard in the floods of 1963
  72. Savours Court, The Green.
  73. Neath Cattle Market.
  74. Dyfed Road Bowling Green showing allotments and pre-fabs.
  75. Neath Abbey from the bottom of Taillwyd Rd.  The Neath Abbey Ironworks office buildings, shell of the old village school and ruins of the Ironworks stables, a row of cottages.
  76. Neath Abbey - Cwm Clydach cottages in the 1930s - now demolished
  77. Dyffryn House.  Mr. Lennox, the gardener, with horse drawn mower.
  78. Glyn Clydach Pond and overspill dam c1905
  79. Main Rd., Bryncoch, c1915. Saron Congregational chapel
  80. Bryncoch. The Cottage Homes in 1958.
  81. Efail Fach, 1958.
  82. Penywern Rd. before widening
  83. Tyn-yr-Heol Farm, Tonna, c1920
  84. Dan-y-Lan farm, Tonna, showing the Ivy Tower.
  85. Jersey Marine - Ashleigh Terrace
  86. Jersey Marine - again with Ashleigh Terrace under construction
  87. Jersey Marine showing the bridge over the Vale of Neath Railway.
  88. Jersey Marine with the Camera Obscura Tower on the left.
  89. Jersey Marine - with the Jersey Marine Hotel (The Tap), now the Tower Hotel.
  90. Llandarcy. The model village built for the National Oil Refinery workers.
  91. New Road, Skewen c1910.  incl. The United Methodist Church
  92. New Road, Skewen c1910.
  93. Upper Skewen (Moortown) from Drummau Rd. c1920. incl. All Saints Church
  94. Penscynor, Aberdulais 1930s
  95. Main Road, Cadoxton [undated]
  96. Cadoxton Place. 1970s.
  97. Cadoxton Lodge.  The back of the house.
  98. Preswylfa House, home of Thomas Stephens.
  99. Resolven Bridge, late 1940s
  100. The Lodge to Rheola House [undated]
  101. General view of Glynneath. Mid 1930s
  102. Gould Farm, Crynant. 1930s
  103. Crynant - The main Road from the Square up the valley.
  104. General view of Crynant showing the Neath and Brecon Railway track.
  105. Crynant - the view from the railway.
  106. Pontwalby, Glynneath.  Dinas Brick Works.
  107. Wernddu Road to Bryncoch showing (now demolished) viaduct carrying railway from Bryncoch Colliery to River Neath wharves.
  108. The Gnoll in its glorious prime. c1905
  109. Lower Gnoll Lodge probably 1860s-1870s
  110. Lower Gnoll Lodge, probably 1895-1900
  111. The hunt meet at Gnoll House
  112. Gnoll House showing conservatory.  1906.
  113. Gnoll grounds.  The lower pond. 1906
  114. Gnoll grounds. The Fish Pond (known as the Second Pond)
  115. Gnoll grounds.  The second pond and the Ivy Tower. 1968
  116. Gnoll Estate Gates (War Memorial)
  117. Lower Gnoll Pond [in use as a swimming pool]. Late 1920s
  118. Lower Gnoll Pond. 1946
  119. Neath Abbey [ruins]. c1910
  120. Aberpergwm Church.
  121. Interior of St.Thomas' church, Neath. 1906
  122. Interior of St. David's Church, Neath 1906
  123. St. David's church and the bus station. 1935
  124. St. Illtyd's Church, Llantwit. Early 1920s
  125. Cimla Sunday School. Silver Jubilee [1900]
  126. Cimla Sunday School showing extension and caretaker.
  127. The Abbot's Grave, Cwrt Herbert. c.1910
  128. St. Matthew's Church, Dyffryn c1900
  129. Choir of St. Matthew's Church, Dyffryn. Sept. 1921.  Golden Jubilee. Rev. A.R.Davies (Curate), Rev. J.C.Thomas (Vicar), Mr. David Lewis (Choirmaster), Mr. J.Thomas (Organist)
  130. St. Matthew's Church Dyffryn. 1923
  131. Interior of Wesley Chapel, Skewen. Decorated for Harvest Festival. 1910
  132. English Presbyterian Church, London Rd.  c1900
  133. Salvation Army Church, Wind St., Neath.  1935.  Formerly the Congregational Church (1846-86)
  134. Gnoll Road Congregational Church, Neath. 1936. [Now demolished]
  135. Sunday School Officers of Gnoll Road Congregational Church. 1936.
  136. Interior of Gnoll Road Congregational Church. 1936
  137. Gnoll Road Congregational Church.  Wedding of Peter Ware and Anne Anthony August 1962.
  138. Castle Street, Neath, showing the original Wesley Chapel (Later the Catholic Church, now the Moose Hall)
  139. Zoar Chapel, Neath. Now a Garden Centre.
  140. Neath Abbey Centenary Celebration (1130-1930). Procession passing Cwrt Herbert Lodge.
  141. High Mass in Cwrt Herbert grounds.
  142. Easter Bonnets. Ladies of Bethania Chapel, Neath, c1910
  143. The English Baptist Church, Orchard Place, Neath
  144. Stanley Road, Skewen. 1920s. Calfaria Chapel
  145. Bethlehem Green Methodist Chapel, James St. [undated]
  146. Carmel Chapel, James St. [undated]
  147. Stockham's Corner. Neath Methodist Church.
  148. Mrs. Tonner's Preswylfa School, Rugby Avenue, c1914. incl. Vera Hamilton, Freda Thomson, Phyllis Llewellyn, Dorothy Williams, Benny Evans, Bryn Rees, Charlie Griffiths, Tidaril Bowden, Mary Davies, Mrs. Tonner, Miss Grey, Leo Dupont, Ada Beddoe, Freddie Palmer, Doris Flyn, Maggie Thomas, Doris Evans, Eva Jones, Margaret Williams, Ceridwen Jones, Walter Taylor, Douglas Rees, Graham Jeffreys, Llewellyn Griffiths, Carrie Morgan.
  149. Coedffranc Infants School Class - c.1900
  150. Melincryddan School Class - 1911
  151. Brynhyfryd School Class - 1915
  152. Gnoll Junior Boys School, Form 1A. 1920
  153. Cwrt Sart School, Standard III. 1925
  154. Gnoll Boys School, Form 1B. 1935
  155. Girls Grammar School buildings.
  156. Neath County School for Girls visit to London 17th June 1938.  On the Terraces of the House of Commons with Sir William Jenkins, M.P.
  157. Neath County School for Girls. Miss Goskar's Class. 1940
  158. Staff of Neath Boys' Grammar School. 1938
  159. Governors of Grammar and Technical Schools celebrating the completion of 21 years as Chairman of the Board of Governors by County Alderman the Rev. W. Degwel Thomas. July 1954.
  160. Catherine Thomas, Head Girl, receiving a silver bowl on behalf of Neath Girls Grammar School from the Rev. Degwel Thomas, Chairman of the Governors, 22 Oct. 1954.
  161. Steam train on Neath River Bridge [undated]
  162. The Taylor family of Briton Ferry in their car. Early 1900s
  163. Rev. John Charles Thomas, first vicar of St. Matthew's Church, Dyffryn, at the wheel of his car. 1915.
  164. Mock up studio car used by photographer Harry Jones. c.1910
  165. The first car belonging to Mr. Davies of Tonmawr, founder of Cream Line buses.
  166. Neath River. Navvies working on construction of the swing bridge. 1894
  167. Gas Tram conductresses.  Edith Bevan, Irene Davies, Dorothy Jenkins. [Undated]
  168. Mrs. D.Harris in her Neath Gas Tram Company conductress' uniform.
  169. Elwyn Adams, Thos. Hunkin, butcher, errand boy. 1920
  170. Neath and Brecon maintenance crew [undated]
  171. Staff of Abbey Bus Co., Neath Abbey. 1920s. Harry Dawkins, son Dennis, Phil Jenkins, Bill Rees, Bob Jones, Syd Morgan, Viv Curtis, Harry Bowers, Cyril Davies, Lou Dawkins.
  172. Waiting for the Colliers' Train at Crynant station.
  173. Horse and funeral carriages outside Evans undertakers. Alfred St., Neath c1906
  174. H.Granfield's lorry. 1920s
  175. Irish potato boat at Granfield's wharf, River Neath. [undated]
  176. [Bus of] Nelson's Motor Services, Glynneath [undated]
  177. Cadoxton. Victoria Laundry delivery van, late 1920s
  178. W. Heard, yeast merchant, delivery service. [undated]
  179. Horse drawn carriage in Neath Railway Station Yard. [undated]
  180. Neath Railway staff on Neath General Station. 1955
  181. GWR employees on Neath Station [undated]
  182. Neath Railway station forecourt. 1961
  183. Incline at Ynysmaerdy. Servants quarters from Ynysmaerdy Mansion.
  184. Neath East Signal Box. 1930s
  185. Briton Ferry. The Iron Bridge c1905.
  186. Neath and District Auto Co. Ltd. Alfred St, Neath. 1930s
  187. BP tanker at Briton Ferry Depot 1910. Bert Jones, Robert Isherwood.
  188. Longford Road. Loading bridge for the Neath Abbey Ironworks Furnaces.  Early lorry with solid tyres.
  189. Pontrhydyfen Viaduct on the Port Talbot railway [undated]
  190. Horse and Cart outside D.J.Griffiths Ironmongers Shop, Melin [undated]
  191. John Thomas of Glyn Clydach Farm with his milk cart. 1920
  192. E.A.Greek, travelling salesman of rabbits for meat and skinning. Alexander St., Neath. 1936
  193. St. David's St., Neath, showing garage, Alderman Davies school and St David's Church.
  194. Evan Davies chauffeur to General Manager, NOR Llandarcy. c1950
  195. Prout's taxis waiting outside St. David's Church, Neath, 1920s
  196. Llew Evans' garage, previously the Gas Tram Depot. Late 1950s
  197. Bridge over the Neath Canal at Giant's Grave. [undated]
  198. Canal Lock at Aberdulais
  199. Canal Lock at Red Jacket.
  200. South Wales Transport bus garage, Eastland Rd. Neath. [undated]
  201. General view of Glynneath with Pontwalby Viaduct in the foreground.
  202. Neath Canal.  Llyna Cottages, Glynneath
  203. Canal End, Glynneath
  204. Briton Ferry Bridge under construction. 1953
  205. Briton Ferry Bridge under construction. 1954
  206. Interior of Penrhiwtyn Engine sheds  [undated]
  207. Neath [railway] fitting Shop [undated]
  208. Melincryddan Tinplate Works taken from Rouse's pond. 1935
  209. Main Colliery Co. Wharves, Neath River. 1890s
  210. Seven Sisters Colliery officials. 1907
  211. Train at bottom of Skewen Incline. 1897. John Thomas, D.W.Thomas, J.Williams.
  212. Main Colliery Co. No. 1 pit, Bryncoch. 1900.
  213. Main Colliery Co. offices, White Gates, Skewen. 1910
  214. Main Colliery Co. No 3 pit, Skewen. 1912
  215. Cwrt Herbert Pit. New screening plant and cleaning belts. 1912
  216. Main Colliery Co. ambulance team and van. 1910. incl. A.Trott, J.H.Cole (Instructor), F.Walker, J.Cawker, T.Clark, D.J.Thomas, T.W.Thomas, T.Williams.
  217. Company Officials at Main Colliery Co. No. 1 pit, Bryncoch. 1920s
  218. Main Colliery Co.'s No 3 & 4 pits, Skewen. 1912
  219. Main Colliery Co.'s No 3 & 4 pits, Skewen, seen from Stanley Rd. [undated]
  220. Main Colliery Co.'s No 3 & 4 pits, Skewen, seen from Dynevor Rd. bridge. Early 1920s
  221. Miners Rescue Team, Crynant. 1912
  222. Miners at Crynant station. 1920
  223. Miners of Oaklands Colliery, Tonmawr.
  224. Cape Copper Works. 1920
  225. Cape Copper Works Site. 1940s
  226. Red Jacket Pill and Cape Copper Works Site c.1960
  227. Neath Abbey Ironworks, loading bridge to furnaces, Longford Rd. 1920s
  228. Neath Gasworks from the main gate. 1934
  229. Neath Gasworks, retort house. 1934
  230. Gasworks Road, Neath under demolition. 1970-1.
  231. Neath gasworks floods. 1963
  232. Neath gasworks floods. 1963
  233. Neath Steel Sheet & Galvanizing Co. ['The Galve'] workers. 1904
  234. Aberdulais Tin works employees. 1920s
  235. View of Melincryddan. incl. the Tinplate works [undated]
  236. [Inside the] Briton Ferry telephone exchange. 1915
  237. Four [unnamed] men of Tonna who worked at Aberdulais Tinplate Works.
  238. Bater's Quarry, Skewen.
  239. SS Port Campbell at Ward's breaking yard. 1953
  240. Clock Tower at N.O.R. Llandarcy
  241. E.M.Edwards Gas Works and Llandarcy Refinery. Late 1960s
  242. Vale of Neath Brewery, Cadoxton. [undated]
  243. Vale of Neath Brewery. 1930s
  244. Dynevor Foundry and Plas-y-felin. c1973.
  245. Rock Colliery, Glynneath.
  246. The sand Works, Glynneath
  247. Wheelwright with his work, Glynneath [undated]
  248. J.D.Llewellyn's Globe Tea Warehouse, Wind St, Neath [undated drawing]
  249. Interior of J.D.Llewellyn's shop, Wind St. [undated]
  250. Interior of J.D.Llewellyn's shop, Wind St. [undated]
  251. T.W.James Bakery, Windsor Rd., Neath [undated]
  252. M.H.Daniel's 'Gwalia' gents clothiers, 23, Green St., Neath. 1906
  253. Sarah Ann Stockham [nee Fry] outside Stockham's Bakery.
  254. Gregory Brothers, Stationers, 12, New St., Neath. 1906
  255. W.J.Gregory, Tobacconist, 6, New St., Neath. 1906
  256. Richard Mathias' Household Stores, Briton Ferry Rd., Neath [undated]
  257. Dan Davies Shop, Seven Sisters [undated]
  258. J.Pryce Williams, Bookseller, Angel St. [undated]
  259. Cooperative Society Shop, Glynneath [undated]
  260. Court's Confectionery & Tobacconist, Windsor Rd., 1930
  261. Unnamed Butchers, Wind St. Neath [undated]
  262. Lipton's Grocers shop. Queen St., Neath.  [undated]
  263. T,Sims' shop (The Old Post Office), Glynneath 1920s
  264. T,Sims' shop (The Old Post Office), Glynneath c1936
  265. Hutchins' Medical Hall, Queen St., Neath, Oct. 1954
  266. The Square, Neath, showing decorations for the coronation of King George V. 1911
  267. Triumph Arch at the junction of Bridge St. and Cadoxton Rd. to celebrate Coronation of Edward VII
  268. [Victoria gardens ?] George V Silver Jubilee Celebrations 1935
  269. Celebrations for George V Coronation. June 1911
  270. [Elizabeth II] Coronation Tea, Duck St., Neath. 1953
  271. Neath Town Hall decorated for Coronation of George V. June 1911
  272. Victory Parade, Glynneath, 1918
  273. Festival of Britain street party, Alexander St., 1951
  274. V.E. day celebrations, Hawthorne Avenue, Neath,. 1945
  275. V.E. day celebrations, Hawthorne Avenue, Neath,. Ladies race. 1945 Mr A.Mills, Miss Muriel Phillips, Mrs. Dora Jenkins, Mrs Les Smith, Mrs A.Ellis, Mrs Oak.
  276. V.E. day celebrations, Hawthorne Avenue, Neath,. 1945
  277. Festival of Britain celebrations, New Henry St.,. 1951
  278. The original Smith's Arms, Neath Abbey.  incl. Mr and Mrs Rees. c 1860
  279. The original Smith's Arms and adjoining cottages, Neath Abbey. Pre 1898
  280. The Plough, Inn and Farm, Bryncoch. 1900.  incl. the wedding of a Miss Bowen.
  281. The Kings Head, New St., Neath c1906
  282. The Crown Hotel, Neath [undated]
  283. London Inn, Briton Ferry Rd., Melin. Steam lorry & draymen. [undated]
  284. Wind St, incl. The Ancient Briton. 1935
  285. Villiers St., Briton Ferry, incl. The Royal Dock Hotel. c.1900
  286. Traveller's Rest, Baglan.   [undated]
  287. The Angel Hotel, Pont Nedd Fechan
  288. The hunt at The Angel Hotel, Pont nedd fechan
  289. Richard Burton at Neath fair.
  290. Pram Wheel Sportsters, 1900
  291. Neath Abbey RFC 1904-5
  292. Melyn Harlequins [RFC] 1912-13
  293. Neath Thursday junior rugby team 1912-13
  294. Tommy (Boney) Phillips [Boxer] and Tom Bates, landlord of The White Hart. pre-1914
  295. Tommy 'Boney' Phillips wearing the Greyfriars Belt, with George Rees, landlord of The Bird in Hand
  296. Neath Lawn Tennis Club, 1914
  297. Tonmawr Rugby Club [undated]
  298. Church pageant c1910 incl. Fred Palmer and E.J.R.Llewellyn
  299. Neath United Demobilised Servicemen's RFC. 1918-19
  300. Seven Sisters RFC. 1920
  301. Cilfrew Cricket Team. 1920s incl. _ Harris, Glyn Evans, Llewellyn John Thomas, Jim Jones, Meredith Thomas, Sammy Morris, Idris Gowman, Llew Davies, Idris Williams, Tommy Jones, David Thomas.
  302. Cast of Cwrt Sart School operetta 1923 with Haydn Gwyn, (Producer), Mr. Morris (Conductor), Mr.Davies (Pianist)
  303. Cimla Sunday School Cricket Team. 1926 incl. Alderman John Davies, Ernie Molland, Matthew Davies.
  304. Cwrt Sart School Soccer Team. 1927-8
  305. Neath Forward Movement Sunday School Cricket Team. 1932
  306. Neath RFC [undated]  W.H.Davies, Albert Freethy, Cyril Challinor, Alan McCarley, T.H.(Tonna) Morgan), Cecil Roberts, C.Lewis, Will Davies, B.Gorman, P.Howells, T.J.Evans, Jonah George, D.H.Davies, Ben Jones, Harold Thomas, Vernon Phillips, Les James, Eddie Morgan, W.H.Waring, J.B.Williams, George Callard, J.Sargeant, Arthur Griffiths, Gwyn Moore, Theo Davies, D.Leyson Thomas, W.Kingdom Owen, HArold Powell, Bert Sutcliffe, E.Walters, Jack Gratton, Sid Harris, Dai Parker, W.Lewis, Iorrie Owen
  307. Neath Intermediate School Rugby Team 1941-2
  308. Youngsters fishing in Tennant Canal, showing the 'Leather House' tannery.  [undated]
  309. Cricket Match at Llandarcy with Cape Copper works in the background. 1947
  310. Llandarcy - NOR Bowling Club. 1947
  311. Nativity Play, Village Institute, Llandarcy. 1954
  312. Briton Ferry Royales Jazz band outside the Lodge Cinema/Bingo Hall.  [undated]
  313. [Doors of] The Gnoll cinema., Neath. 1959
  314. Howell Gwyn (1806-88)
  315. D.Rhys Phillips (1868-1952)
  316. D.M.Davies  retd.1933
  317. W.Clark Jackson d.1970
  318. J.D.Llewellyn, 1891.
  319. Capt. Walter Enoch Rees.
  320. Caricatures of [locally!] Well known Neath celebrities from the Sunday Graphic, Dec 8 1935.
  321. Rev Lewis Jones, Vicar of Cadoxton j Neath
  322. Rev John Matthews, Zoar Chapel
  323. Jane Jones (1766-1863)  1850s
  324. William Squire
  325. TOC-H Neath Group. early 1920s. incl. Mrs Theodore Gibbins.
  326. Dyffryn Church members. 1915
  327. Wesley Chapel Group, Skewen. 1910
  328. Group of Penydre residents. 1910
  329. Wesley Chapel, Skewen, Outing. late 1920s
  330. [Onlookers?] at ceremony laying the foundation stone for Gnoll School extension. Oct. 1913
  331. Bethania Whitsun procession. c1910
  332. Eaglesbush Tinplate Works - soldiers and wounded. [undated]
  333. Staff of NRDC [Neath Rural District Council] Accounts Dept. 1931
  334. Lt. Ernest Rollings receiving the Freedom of The Borough of Neath. 20 Jan 1932.
  335. Green Mission Church Group on visit to Scotland. 1930s
  336. Bethlem Green Sunday School c1930
  337. Evans Bevan Staff. 1939
  338. Ladies of Skewen Red Cross during Second World War
  339. Councillors and Officials of NRDC at N.O.R., Llandarcy. incl. R.B.Southall
  340. Resolven School cookery class. late 1940s
  341. Gnoll Rugby Ground. Gathering for the Whitsun march of witness [undated]
  342. St John's Ambulance Group late 1950s
  343. Neath and District Grocers & Provision Dealers Association. 1951
  344. Review of the Vale of Neath Volunteer Rifle Corps. 1860  Drawing from the Illustrated London News.
  345. First World war Tank on Display in Victoria Gardens. 1930
  346. Neath Borough Police Library Committee 1932-3 Cllr. Theo Gibbins, Ald. J.Cook Rees, Sgt. E.J.Rollings, P.D.Keep, Lt.ColW.D.Allen, Ald. J.Branch, Insp. W.H.Jones, Cllr. Geo Davies, Cllr C.R.Hedge, Sgt. A.Burns, P.C.s T.H.Phillips, T.Davies, T.E.I.Moody, E.Grey, Sgt. Jenkin Hopkins, A.E.I.Curtis.
  347. Neath Scouts c.1920
  348. National Fire Service - Neath Unit. 1942: Chas Gibbons, J.Phillips, Station Officer J.Betts, L.B.Gunter, Kitty Thomas, W.Davies, J.Ellis, G.Davies, T.Phillips, W.Draper, J.Lawrence, L.Frn[sic], Len Dennis.
  349. Dedication of Cadoxton War Memorial, 11 November 1922
  350. Dedication of Cadoxton War Memorial, 11 November 1922
  351. Cadoxton War Memorial.
  352. NOR Llandarcy Chauffeurs. early 1950s
  353. Firemen practice on the derelict Dyffryn Mansion before final demolition. 1932
  354. Fire engines at Dyffryn Mansion 1932
  355. Presentation of medals to the senior air raid wardens of the Neath area [undated] incl. Inspector Evans, Haydn Morgan and Cliff Morgan of Glynneath; Richard Stockden, William Morgan, Cllr. Richard Geary of Resolven; W.E.Allen and Supt. Doolan`