Old Neath & District in Pictures - Vol 2

     0 West View of Briton Ferry House.  Painting by Thomas Horner

  1. Sir S.T.Evans M.P.
  2. Private Charles Palmer, Resolven, 33rd Foot, Duke of Wellington's Regiment.
  3. The 7th Earl of Jersey.
  4. Sgt Richie Jones and son Edward in Boer War uniforms
  5. Wife of Edward Herbert Evans of Eaglesbush
  6. Dorothy Tennant, Lady Stanley.
  7. "His First Offence" Painting by Dorothy Tennant
  8. Henry Morton Stanley of Cadoxton Lodge
  9. H.M.Stanley in America
  10. H.M.Stanley's gravestone, Pirbright, Surrey
  11. Richard Bartlett, Mayor of Neath.
  12. W.Nisbet, Steward of Gnoll Estate
  13. Mrs Beynon Morgan, licensee of the Talbot Arms. 1896
  14. Glynneath Square c1905
  15. Welcoming home the troops, Glynneath, 1918
  16. Wellfield Place, Glynneath, before The Great War
  17. Angel Place, Pontneathvaughan
  18. A view of Aberdulais in 1920
  19. Cyprus terrace, New Road, Skewen, 1912
  20. Skewen. Bowen's Arms Hotel before road widening
  21. The Town Hall [Neath] c1900
  22. Windsor Road, Neath
  23. Poster for Vint's Palace
  24. Green St. in late Victorian times
  25. Unveiling the War Memorial in Briton Ferry. 1919
  26. Mayoral election 1912
  27. London Rd. in 1900. incl. Queen's Hotel
  28. The Square, Crynant, 1910
  29. Opening of the public library, Neath 1905
  30. Corner of Cow Lane and Cattle St. [Neath]
  31. The Square and Orchard St. [Neath]
  32. Windsor Rd. [Neath], looking North
  33. Green St. [Neath] in 1910
  34. Windsor Rd. looking South
  35. Duck St, Neath
  36. Gnoll Park Rd. [Neath]
  37. An Edwardian photo of Green St.
  38. Woodside Avenue under construction
  39. Windsor Rd. in pre 1914 days
  40. In celebration of the Coronation of Edward VII
  41. Duck St. before its demolition
  42. Green St., Neath, in early Edwardian times
  43. Victoria Gardens before the Gorsedd Stones appeared in the National Eisteddfod in 1918
  44. Neath YMCA [derelict] in 1970
  45. Cow Lane [Neath]
  46. Cattle St. before demolition
  47. Gorphwysfa and Wesley Chapels, New Rd. Skewen
  48. Wesleyan Methodist Church
  49. Briton Ferry Rd.
  50. Ticket for Tea at Navvy's Well Field, Briton Ferry. Queen Victoria's jubilee, 1897
  51. Green St., 1898
  52. Looking from the Square to New St. [Neath]
  53. The Square, Neath 1904
  54. Neath Abbey Rd. [Neath Abbey]
  55. New Rd. Skewen, 1902
  56. Main Rd. Aberdulais, around 1930
  57. Festival of Britain celebrations, Ritson St., Briton Ferry, 1951
  58. The Square, Neath.
  59. Maesgwyn House, near Glynneath
  60. Another view of Maesgwyn House
  61. Neath Castle showing cock pit
  62. View of the Gnoll House
  63. The Gnoll House
  64. Gnoll House with Greenway House [drawing]
  65. Ancient pathway to the Gnoll House
  66. A Gnoll folly near Moss House
  67. Another folly in the Gnoll grounds
  68. Carreg Bica, Drymma Mountain
  69. Aberpergwm House
  70. Ynys Las, Aberpergwm
  71. Cwrt Herbert
  72. Tyn-y-Graig, Crynant
  73. The new reservoir of Moss House, Opening ceremony 1897
  74. Another view of the new reservoir
  75. Neath from the Gnoll
  76. [Memorial plaque to] Alfred Russell Wallace
  77. Mechanics Institute, Church Place, Neath
  78. Dyffryn House
  79. Dyffryn House
  80. Dan-y-Coed, Gnoll grounds,
  81. Gardens at Dyffryn House, 1900
  82. Vernon House, Briton Ferry
  83. Drymma Hall, Skewen
  84. Cadoxton Lodge, Cadoxton
  85. Wayne Gittus drawing of Cadoxton Lodge
  86. Jersey Marine seaside resort in 1860, showing the camera obscura tower
  87. The prestigious hotel at Jersey Marine
  88. The Melincourt Waterfall from an old etching
  89. Preswylfa farm
  90. [Painting of] Sgwd Gwladys by Samuel Jackson
  91. Copy of a painting by Samuel Jackson
  92. Brynglas (Gilbertson House), Tynyrheol, Bryncoch, 1957
  93. A Welsh longhouse - Coed-y-Glyn Farmhouse, Crynant
  94. Rheola House. 'Saturday Morning'. Painting by Samuel Horner
  95. Moonlight view of Briton Ferry by Horner c1819.
  96. A view of Neath in 1792. Photocopy of painting by J.W.Smith
  97. Eaglesbush House.
  98. Abbot's Stone, Cwrt Herbert
  99. Abbot's Grave, Cwrt Herbert
  100. Neath Castle and grounds, 1904
  101. Copy of an etching of a view in the upper reaches of the River Neath.  Late 18th century
  102. Old pigsty, Darren Farm
  103. Rheola House [undated]
  104. Wheeler's Lodge, Cimla Rd. Entrance to Gnoll Grounds
  105. Mediaeval [grinding] mortar discovered in Church Place, 1979
  106. Alfred Russell Wallace lodged here [unidentified farmhouse] during his stay in Neath.
  107. River in flood at Aberdulais. 1930
  108. Aberdulais Square. c1913
  109. Excavations at the Roman Fort of Nidum, 1959
  110. Cornelius Pearson painting - Neath Estuary and Crumlyn Bog. Late 18th C.
  111. Neath Borough Police. 1891
  112. The domestic Staff of the Gnoll House. 1909
  113. Market Stallholders celebrating the accession of Edward VIII
  114. C.A.Campion painting of Gnoll Volunteer troops under Col.Grenfell. 1860
  115. British Federation of Discharged Soldiers and Sailors, Neath Section.  A.Selward, W.P.Barry, J.S.Mill, J.E.Davies, G.A.Durford, P.W.Jones, R.T.Rees, K.Frazer, J.E.Cribb, J.Taylor, W.H.Trick, T.Noore, W.H.Beynon, J.O.Sullivan, C.O.Williams, W.Kingdon Owen, A.Pike, E.J.Morris.
  116. Bomb damage in Pendrill St., Neath. August 20th, 1940
  117. Another view of the Pendrill St. bombing
  118. Undetonated 650kg bomb at Beechwood Avenue, Neath. Sept 1940
  119. Beechwood Avenue bomb disposal squad.  Lt. Talbot, Chief Constable Keep, E.J.Rees. Sept 1940
  120. [Damage caused by] Bombing of Old Rd. Neath. Aug 1940
  121. Unexploded bomb in Beechwood avenue, 5th September 1940
  122. Bomb damage, New Henry St.
  123. Men of 1st Glamorgan Royal Garrison Artillery, incl. RSM David Watkins. c1900
  124. First World War tank displayed in Victoria Gardens, Neath
  125. Glamorgan Farm School, Cimla. [Undated]
  126. St.David's Private School, Victoria Gardens, Neath. [1930s?]
  127. Alderman Davies Infants School, Class 2. 1920
  128. Melin Girls' School class. 1915
  129. Gnoll Senior Boys' School, Form IIa. 1929 or 1939
  130. Gnoll Senior Boys. 1921
  131. Gnoll Junior Boys, Std 2b. 1929
  132. Neath Girls' Grammar School - Old Girl's Association. c1953
  133. Alderman. Davies School. Std II 1922
  134. Melin School. 1903
  135. Melincryddan School, Std V. 1911
  136. Alderman Davies Girls School. Stds VI and VII. 1922
  137. The Staff, County Secondary School for Boys, Neath  [Neath Boys' Grammar School] 1936
  138. [Workers of] The Soviet Level, Glynneath. 1926
  139. Old Cheadle, Dry Dock [undated]
  140. Viaduct of the Port Talbot Railway at Pontrhydyfen under construction [undated]
  141. Neath "Galv" Mill. [Neath Sheet Steel & Galvanizing Co.] Pit Excavation. 1920
  142. Mill workers at the Galv. works. [undated]
  143. Skewen Main Colliery No. 3 and 4 Pits [undated]
  144. Another view of Skewen Main Colliery No. 3 and No. 4 pits. [undated]
  145. Cwrt Herbert Colliery, Neath Abbey. [undated]
  146. The Eagle Tinplate Works, Melincryddan. [undated]
  147. Sand Boat at Neath Quay. [undated]
  148. Eagle Tinplate Works employees. [undated]
  149. Plaque on Ty Mawr, birthplace of Joseph Tregelles Price.
  150. Very early engraving of a colliery, probably at the Gnoll. 1790
  151. The Neath Swing Bridge in the course of construction. [undated]
  152. Entrance to the [gun]powder works, Pontneathvaughan. [undated]
  153. SS Main, cargo ship of the Main Colliery Co. [undated]
  154. The Mill, Efail Fach, Pontrhydyfen. [undated]
  155. A busy scene at Skewen wharves prior to closure in 1925
  156. Cwm Coryn Sandworks, Pontneddfechan. [undated]
  157. Aberdulais Tinplate Works [undated]
  158. Staff of the gunpowder works of Curtis's & Henry, Pontneddfechan [undated]
  159. The old tinplate works at the Melin [undated]
  160. Clyne Tinplate Works [undated]
  161. [Picture of Old Wooden bridge, but caption on William Weston Young and firebricks]
  162. Briton Ferry Docks early in the [20th] century
  163. Neath Abbey ruins Restorers. 1930   incl. Glen Taylor, Stanley Thomas
  164. A civic gathering. 1925 incl. Mayor D.G.Davies
  165. A church bazaar in the early 1920s
  166. YMCA group at Neath Abbey c1912
  167. Lloyd George at Seven Sisters. [c1910?]
  168. First town council of the extended borough at Gnoll, 14 July 1923.  R.A.Williams, W.C.Jackson, G.Davies, J.Branch, T.Flaherty, R.Jenkins, W.B.Davies, H.L.Roberts, H. Alex Clarke, Capt. H. Rawlings, W.J.Hill, T.Cole, P.Thomas, J.H.P.Waring, A.E.I.Curtis, E.J.Hopes, J.B.Williams, H.W.Rice Evans, W.K.Owen, E.J.Rollings, W.B.Williams, D.Davies, D.G.Davies, J.Cook Rees, Mrs. Evans, M.G.Roberts, Miss E.Roberts, J.Davies, F.W.Gibbins, G.Gethin, P.Stephens
  169. A group of soldiers from Briton Ferry photographed in Egypt in 1916
  170. Workers in Rheola Forest in the late 1930s
  171. Neath Harbour high water inspection, 27 Aug 1934
  172. Visit by the Arch. Camb. Society and Neath Antiquarian Society to Neath Abbey. c1930
  173. Taylor Struve & Co Works Outing 1881.  incl. Will Davies, Phil Meredith, Dai Harris, William Payne, Jack Morris, D.W.Prosser, Fred Michael, John Thomas, Richard Davies, Jack Williams, Hopkin Bowen, John Evans, Mrs. Phillips, John Howells, Charlie Gibbs, Jack Phillips, Richard Owen, Ned Hopkins, Tom Thornton, Elias John, William Davies, Alf Taylor, Mrs. Alf Taylor, George Taylor, Mrs. William Owen, William Owen, W. Peddie Struve, H.F.Taylor, Mrs. Thornton, Mrs. William Davies, Mrs. Richard Davies with baby Matthew, Jack Michael, David James, Miss Griffiths, Mrs. Richard Owen, Mrs. David Bevan, Miss Mary Bevan
  174. Officials and Executive Committee of the Independent Labour Party, Briton Ferry Branch, Jan 1 1925. Comrades James Jones, A.Armstrong, E.G.Wilkinson, Frank John, Henry Davies, John John, George Brown, Thomas Hughes, Fred Lambert, Thomas J. Ball, Dill thomas, Thomas Davies, Harry Field, D.L. Mort, Bert Tudor, William Davies, Mrs. H.Howells, Sid Southcott, George Gethin, Joseph Branch, E.C.Hutchingsons, James Lord, Dan Williams.
  175. Civic gathering 1917. incl. Mayor Hopkin Morgan
  176. Clerical Staff of Evans Bevan. 1902 incl. W.B.Morgan
  177. The opening of the Penrhiwtyn Infirmary, Christmas 1924 Ogley David, Morgan Morgan, Jack Jones, Mr. Watkins, Miss Jenkins, Mrs. E.L.Hare, Mrs. Meth Jones, Mrs Ivor Hare, Tom Lloyd, William Jones, Meth Jones, Rosser Jenkins, Miss Eldridge, Miss Evelyn James, Dr. Reason, Miss Roberts, George Davies, Walter Sully, Morgan R. Morgan, George Jones, Mrs. Gethin, Mr. Morris, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. John Davies, The Mayoress of Neath, Levi James, John Thomas, G.D.Trick, Mrs. George Davies, Mrs. W.T. Phillips, Mrs. Levi James, Mrs A. Forsdike, Mrs. Gwladys Jones, Mrs. Myfanwy Jones, E.L.Hare, Cook Rees, The Mayor of Neath, M.G.Roberts, William Jenkins, Miss Mills (The Matron), John Davies, Dan Watkins, Rev.Gwilym Francis, Charles Jenkins, David Davies, W.T.Phillips, Arthur Forsdike
  178. Cricket match between Neath Borough Police and Neath Amateur Operatic Society 1927. incl. D.H.Davies, Percy Keep, Mayor, Mayoress, A.Curtis
  179. Inaugural Meeting of the Glamorgan County Council, Gwyn Hall, Neath, Jan 31 1899
  180. A civic assembly 1936
  181. Hugh Dalton made Freeman of Neath, 1946
  182. Market Stallholders Assembly, 1936. incl. Mayor Tom Cole
  183. Maesffynon House, Glynneath served as a hospital during the First World War.
  184. Neath borough Police Force in the 1920s
  185. Neath Antiquarian Society 1952-3 incl. Mayor and Mayoress R. Francis.
  186. Opening of the British restaurant at the rear of the Wesleyan Church by Mayor J.W.Morgan. 1940
  187. A Neath Abbey loco in the mid 1850s. incl. H.Habberly Price
  188. A forced landing by an aeroplane causes excitement in Glynneath. 1921
  189. Neath Gas Tram conductors and drivers, before WW1.  incl. Jack Williams of Briton Ferry
  190. [Drawing of] Neath Abbey station at the opening of the Swansea and Neath Railway. 1850
  191. Archie Rees, chauffeur to Mrs.Moore-Gwyn. [undated]
  192. The last horse drawn refuse cart leaves on the last round.  incl. Mr.Lawrence
  193. A works outing [in a charabanc] in the 1920s
  194. Thomas Hornor painting of Neath from the West River Bank. c1819
  195. Briton Ferry firemen in former days [undated]
  196. A schooner and ketch at Neath Quay [undated]
  197. Resolven railway station c.1910
  198. Early car belonging to Mr. Wesley Evans. incl. Wesley Evans, brother, Samuel Evans, Mr.Poley, Sam Thomas, builder of Winifred Rd. [undated]
  199. Arrival of gas tram bodywork for rebuilding [undated]
  200. The last train of the Vale of Neath Railway coming into Neath. [undated]
  201. Aberdulais from the station. A canal barge is noticeable [undated]
  202. Neath Abbey Rd. [undated]
  203. Albion Steel workers leaving for a day trip to Porthcawl in a horse brake. [undated]
  204. Another view of the gas tram at the service terminus at Briton Ferry. [undated]
  205. Horse Tram near the Grandison, Briton Ferry. [undated]
  206. Skewen railway station. c1957
  207. Neath Gas Tram from opposite the Terminus Hotel about 1915. incl. Harry Birchall
  208. Granfields Wharf. [undated]
  209. A view of Neath River - The Main [Colliery Co?] wharf
  210. The old river bridge at Resolven. [undated]
  211. Cadoxton Rd. in the 1920s
  212. GWR delivery cart at the corner of Hunter St and Ritson St. incl. Mr. Lewis.
  213. Drawing by Rowlandson of Neath Bridge. c.1790s
  214. Neath Church Cricket Club at Cwrt Herbert. Early 1920s. C.Bartlett, Trevor Salter, Renfield Phillips, Ivor Morris, Vivian German, _ Capp, Glyn Morgan, Louie Cornwell, Lionel Phillips, _ Anthony, Teddy Steer, Arthur Lewis
  215. Neath Scout Troop in the 1920s
  216. Neath RFC. 1896
  217. Neath scouts with US newspaper magnate R.H. Randolph Hearst. 1928
  218. Neath RFC. Captain Dr. T.P.Whittington. 1871
  219. Neath prisoners of war at Schweidnitz.  incl. Jack Samuel (Ironmonger), Stanley Thomas.
  220. The Neath Orpheus Male Voice Society. with accompanist Winnie Richard-Thomas. 1915
  221. N.O.R. 1st cricket team 1928.  G.Hayward, W.David, F.Hayward, L.Roberts, J.Dovey, M.Harris, W.Williams, O.Saunders, W.Freeman, A.M.O'Brian, A.G.Holmes, J.Sharples, L.Venables
  222. Skewen Wesleyan Cricket club c1905.  H.Reason, Wesley Evans, Johnny Taylor, Peter Bendle, Albert Saunders, Isaac Reason, Hopkin Joseph, Ward Richards, Tom Reason, Llew Reason, W.H.Parry, Jan Trott, W.J.Saunders, Sid Perkins
  223. A Scouts contingent from St. David's church. 1924. incl. William Squires.
  224. Neath Rugby Football Club, 1908-9
  225. Cricket match featuring W.G.Grace between United S. of England's 11 players against combined Neath & Cadoxton teams 22 players.  1868
  226. Neath and District Schools RFC. 1927-8
  227. Neath Golf Club's new pavilion. 1935
  228. Neath Intermediate School Invincible RFA 1932-3.  S.Evans (Teacher), C.G.Evans, T.O.Jones, T.H.Heale, G.C.James, D.L.Hughes, W.V.Skinner (Secretary), W.L.Jones, W.E.Allin (Sportsmaster), W.G.Tonner, P.Lewis, L.Ll.Widlake, D.Maddocks, H.L.Miles, D.G.Jones, E.Phillips, Mr. Chegwidden, E.C.Roberts, G.D. Davies, Dr. D.G.John (Headmaster),  W.G.Friend (capt.) J.R.Rees, S.McNeil, W.E.Price, W.Davies, C.Thomas, F.Rees, E.P.Lewis.
  229. Briton Ferry Choral Society win the mixed choir competition at the National Eisteddfod. 1913.
  230. Cwrt Sart Central School, winners of the Country Dancing competition at the National Eisteddfod at Llanelli. 1930
  231. Briton Ferry Volunteer Band.  1901. incl. Ben Jones.
  232. Neath Intermediate School Girls Cricket Team. 1904
  233. Neath Rugby Football Club. 1897-8
  234. Neath United Rugby Team. early 1920s incl. Major Gardiner, Arthur Morgan.
  235. Briton Ferry Athletic Football Club. 1926-7
  236. Neath RFC 1892-3. Capt. G.D.Trick
  237. A party of revellers at the Lamb and Flag, Glynneath, 1926
  238. Queen Lily - operetta performed by St. Thomas Church c1920. Produced by Miss Samuel.
  239. St. David's church football team. 1919. incl. Sir Griffiths Thomas, Cwrt Herbert and Rev. Gwilym Francis.
  240. Resolven Carnival 1930. incl. Cllr. Mary Jenkins J.P.
  241. Glynneath Silver Band. 1923
  242. Mission Hall Bible Class at Ty Gwyn. c1900 incl. Mr. Fear Davies
  243. Mrs. Fear Davies with her Bile class at Ty Gwyn c1900
  244. Rehoboth Chapel Choir, Briton Ferry in 1901
  245. Harvest Festival at the Forward Mission Hall [undated] incl. Rev Seth Joshua
  246. Rev Frank Joshua [undated]
  247. The body of the Rev. Frank Joshua lying in the Forward Mission Hall.
  248. Evan Roberts, leading personality in the revival movement. c1905
  249. Godre Rhos Chapel near Crynant. [undated]
  250. Melyncourt Chapel, Resolven [undated]
  251. A Whitsun procession. pre 1914
  252. A Whitsun procession in 1910
  253. Whitsun procession by Zoar Independent Chapel c1910.
  254. Llantwit Church [undated, recent]
  255. Neath Churches - Three Quarters Class [undated]
  256. Group of workmen who prepared for the building of Resolven Mission Hall
  257. St.David's Choir. pre 1914
  258. Bethania Welsh Baptist Chapel, Resolven, Built 1875
  259. Sunday School Class, Bethesda, Briton Ferry [undated]
  260. St.David's cricket team c1936
  261. St.David's cricket team c1912.  George Forme, J.W.Jones, D.Jones, M.Reynolds, D.H.Davies, Nev.Moore, C.S.Thomas, William Frayne, W.E.M.Davies, F.E.Taylor, C.Gamble, J.B.Williams, W.Broskham (scorer), B.Steer, J.R.Nichols
  262. [Drawing of] Richard Allin's Family Grocer, Tea Dealer [undated]
  263. W.H.Mills, Watch & Clock Maker, Est. 1881
  264. [Poster for] Fredk. Hasquencort's Gent's Hairdresser's Shop at New St., Neath, c1910
  265. Melias.  A well known grocers established in the 1930s [undated]
  266. The Old Post Office. Corner of Church Place and Wind St. [undated]
  267. W.Hibbert & Son. One of the oldest shops in town [undated]
  268. [Poster for] A.E.Evans & Co. Cab Proprietors & Livery Stable keepers, Undertakers and Complete Funeral Furnishers. [undated]
  269. Harrett's Ironmonger's shop as it originally was. [undated]
  270. R.H.Taylor, Baker, Glynneath. Showing new delivery van. 1924
  271. Leicester House in Glynneath 1935. [Shopfront reads Blodwen M. Jones, Boot & Shoe Dealer, but windows show Ladies' & Girls' clothes]
  272. India & China Tea Store, Glynneath in the 1920s
  273. An Edwardian General Stores shop in Glynneath.  [Shopfront reads L.Edwards, Draper & Grocer]
  274. The Pelican Inn, Glamorgan St. [undated]
  275. The Ferry Boat Inn. Early 19th C.
  276. [Samuel's] An old established ironmongery business in Queen St. [undated]
  277. The Ancient Briton. [undated]
  278. Site of the Present Post Office [undated]
  279. Post Office in the Melin. 1912
  280. Shakespeare Inn on the corner of Water St. and Wind St.
  281. The Old Lamb and Flag, Wellfield Place, Glynneath [undated]
  282. Farmer's Arms [no situation, undated]
  283. Neath and Brecon [Inn] [undated]
  284. Miner's Arms, Bridge St.
  285. Phillips Garage in Angel St.
  286. Villiers St. around 1912 [ A.Crocker, Villiers Cafe]
  287. The Narrow Gauge Inn, Water St. [undated]
  288. Penydre Workingmen's Club, The Old Building. [undated]
  289. Bush Sports, and Allin's provision merchants.  [undated]
  290. The George and Dragon Inn
  291. Resolven Co-operative Stores, 1918
  292. Another view of Resolven Co-operative Stores, 1912.