Neath and District. A Symposium
  0 View of Aberdulais Falls. Nantgarw Porcelain Plate painted by Thomas Pardoe
  0 Sir Herbert Mackworth (1737 - 1791)
  1.1 Craig-y-Dinas, famous limestone outcrop near Pontneddfechan
  1.1  The Clungwyn Uchaf (Upper Clungwyn) falls.
  1.2 Sgwd Gladys, on the Pyrddin
  1.3 View from Aberdulais towards the Ivy Tower, showing the terraced houses on the north-east side of the valley.
  1.4 Sgwd Einon Gam [waterfall]
  2.1 - 2.11 Archaeological finds
  2.12 The gateway at Neath Castle
  2.13 The footings of [the Roman Fort of] Nidum by the 1958 excavation on the playing fields of the Grammar School for Boys [where the author of this books was English master].
  3.0 The Ferry, Briton Ferry painted by Thomas Hornor, 1816.
  4.0 Neath Town, by Thomas Campion. 1870
  4.1 Briton Ferry dock at the end of the 19th Century
  4.2 Neath Rd., Briton Ferry
  4.3 Vernon House, Briton Ferry
  4.4 Neath Gas Tram
  4.5 The old jail, James St.
  4.6  The Abbot's Grave, Cwrt Herbert, 1890
  4.7 Sunday School outing on [a horse drawn barge] on the Tennant Canal.
  4.8 Chapel of St.Giles, Neath. 1859
  4.9 Gwyn Hall, Neath
 4.10 Howell Gwyn's birthplace. Later Woolworth's store.
 4.11 Windsor Rd., Early 20th C.
 4.12 Green St. looking towards the square
 4.13 The Latt, with Friends' Meeting House.
 4.14 The last of the town's rag-and-bone handcarts. Jul 1971
 4.15 Whit Monday Sunday Schools Procession c.1904
 4.16 The old Elephant and Castle Inn, on the corner of Market St. and Castle St.
 4.17 Llety Nedd Union Workhouse
 4.18 Soup kitchen in Gnoll Hall during the first of the post-war depressions. c1920
 4.19 Gnoll House (formerly Gnoll Castle) [ early 19thC ??]
 4.20 The Ivy Tower, 1890
 4.21 Neath Abbey Village - bottom of Taillwyd Rd.
 4.22 Cottages opposite the Hope & Anchor Hotel, Neath Abbey, [ early 19th C ??]
 4.23 Part of Neath Abbey village c1910
 4.24 Aberpergwm House.
 4.25 Neath Abbey with Neath town in the distance. Painting from School of Richard Wilson c1770
  5.1 Reconstruction of the Abbey Church of St. Mary, Neath.
  5.2 Aerial view of Neath Abbey [ruins]
  5.3 Neath Abbey: South transept and west end.
  5.4 Drumau with abbey ruins. watercolour by Anthony Devis c1780
  5.5 Roof Bosses, Neath Abbey
  5.6 Neath Abbey from a sketch by Egbert Moxham. c1850
  5.7 Pattern of encaustic tiles, N.transept, Neath Abbey.
  5.8 Dorter sub-vault, Neath Abbey.
  5.9 'The Crypt, Neath Abbey' engraving by Barber c1830
 5.10 The N. East view of Neath Abbey. engraving by Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, 1741
 5.11 Neath Abbey. Watercolour by J.M.W.Turner c1795.
 5.12 View of Neath from the Riverside. Thomas Hornor 1816
  6.1 Aberdulais Mill by Thomas Hornor. 1816
  8.1 Ironworks at Melin-y-cwrt c1810
  8.2 Sepia water colour drawing by James Bourne showing Town of Neath and Neath Abbey Ironworks. early 19thC
  8.3 Remains of one of the furnaces of Neath Abbey Ironworks. 1970
  8.4 Passageway behind No.2 blast furnace, Neath Abbey Ironworks, 1973
  8.5 Tuyere House, No. 2 furnace. 1973
  8.6 Working aperture, No. 2 furnace, 1973
  8.7 Venallt Ironworks, End of pair of Tuyeres in mass of slag and iron. 1971
  8.8 Venallt Ironworks engine house and stack. 1971
  8.9 Falls on the Clydach, Neath Abbey, by J.B.Smith
  9.0 Aberdulais Falls, by J.B.Smith. 1874
  9.1 Coal Works near Neath. 1798
  9.2 Sketch showing boy pulling sledge in coal mine. 1842
  9.3 Wenallt Merthyr Colliery, plaque dated 1833
  9.4 Parson's tramroad, Cefn Morfudd East Incline
  9.5 Neath Abbey. lithograph.  1805
  9.6 Cwrt Herbert Colliery, Neath Abbey. 1909
  9.7 No. 1 Main Colliery, Bryncoch. 1902
  9.8 Group of Cwrt Herbert Colliery workmen. 1898
  9.9 Bottom of Skewen Incline.
 9.10 The Main Colliery Co.'s Shipping wharves. 1909
 9.11 No.3 & 4 Main Collieries, Skewen. 1908
 9.12 No.7 Main Colliery, Skewen
 9.13 Map of the Collieries of Neath and District. [undated]
 9.14 Aberpergwm Colliery screens.
 9.15 Self acting incline from Llyn Fach Colliery
 9.16 Cwmgwrach Level with show horse Turpin at work
 9.17 Glyncastle Colliery, Resolven.
 9.18 Entrance to Cilfrew level seen in 1970
 9.19 Cilfrew Colliery showing incline to level.
 9.20 Onllwyn No. 1 colliery c1910
 9.21 Cutting the first sod. Seven Sisters Colliery. 1872
 9.22 Seven Sisters colliery Jan 1967
 9.23 Cefn Coed colliery, Crynant.
 9.24 M.O'Conner's plan of Neath. 1720
 10.1 Clyne Tinplate Works c1890
 10.2 Dynevor Foundry and Plas-y-Felin. 1973
 10.3 No.3 Mill crew, Neath Sheet Steel and Galvanizing Co. 1929
 10.4 The Vale of Neath Brewery
 10.5 British Aluminium Co.'s Rheola Works
 10.6 Aerial view of Metal Box Co.'s Neath Works
 10.7 Construction of E.M.Edwards gas works on the site of the Cape Copper Works
 10.8 The Baglan Foundry and Engineering Co. Ltd., Melincryddan
 10.9 Across-the-valley view of Messrs. Cam Gears Ltd. Works, Resolven
10.10 Interior of the Ford Motor Co. works at Crumlym Burrows.
10.11 Charging 120 Tonnes open-hearth furnace at Briton Ferry Steelworks.
10.12 No.3 Hand Mill in the Neath Sheet Steel and Galvanizing Works. 1956
10.13 Aerial view of part of the BP Refinery Llandarcy.
10.14 BP Llandarcy by night.
10.15 The district's oldest industry - farming. Sheep shearing 1963
10.16 Letterhead of the old 'Japan' works, still part of Baglan Engineering's works at Melincryddan.
10.17 Melin-y-cwrt (Melincourt) Falls and Old furnace by Thomas Hornor. 1816.
 11.0 Vale of Neath near Ynysygerwn by Thomas Hornor. 1816
 11.1 Felling Gang on the Aberpergwm estate. c1936
 11.2 Boat-building larch being loaded for Scotland at Glynneath sidings. 1936-7.
 11.3 Portable saw bench driven by traction engine.
 11.4 Loading with an A-frame and pulleys.
 11.5 Wynn's of Newport extracting timber from Aberpergwm. Early 1930s
 11.6 Early use of lorries for timber haulage.
 11.7 Extracting logs in the Creigiau beat of Rheola forest.
 11.8 Unloading pitprops from Margam at a pit. Early 1970s
 12.0 Rheola, Vale of Neath by Thomas Hornor 1816.
 12.1 Opening of the Swansea & Neath Railway: The first train passes Neath Abbey Station. From the Illustrated London News. 1863.
 12.2 The Main Colliery Co.'s steamer Main leaving the river c1906
 12.3 Motor Vessel Ceulborg at Albion Wharf, Briton Ferry, opening day, 10 Apr 1973
 12.4 Up and down coal trains pass at Crynant. 1962
 12.5 The 'South Wales Pullman' leaving Neath 31 Oct 1956.
 12.6 Neath Horse Drawn Tram near the Grandison Hotel.
 12.7 A Creamline bus at Victoria Gardens, Neath. 1971
 13.0 Head of the Vale of Neath. by Samuel Jackson 1830.
 13.1 A £1 note of Messrs Haynes' Neath Bank. 24 Nov 1820
 13.2 Cheque of the Neath Bank of Williams, Hawkins, Llewellyn, Gronow and Hawkins. 9 Aug 1910.
 13.3 The London & Provincial Bank, Neath. Early 20thC
 13.4 A specimen cheque of the Glamorganshire Banking Co., Neath. 1860s
 13.5 Architects drawing of the Metropolitan Bank, Neath. Early 20thC
 13.6 The National Provincial Bank, Neath. Built late 1920s
 13.7 Letter from J.H.Rowland, Glamorganshire Banking Co., Neath to Rev T.Williams. 16 Feb 1860
 13.8 A specimen note of the Neath Bank of Williams & Rowland. pre 1836
 15.0 Sgwd Gladys. Attrib. Gainsborough
 15.1 Crymlyn Bog looking north east.
 15.2 Upper reaches of the Nedd Fechan, above Blaen-nedd-uchaf.
 15.3 - 15.6 Birds
 15.7 Craig clwyd, Rheola Forest
 15.8 Foothills of March Hywel
 16.0 The upper Clungwyn Falls by J.B.Smith
 16.1 The north facing cliffs of Craig-y-llyn
 16.2 Llyn-fach, above Glynneath.
 16.3- 17.4 Wild flowers
 16.5 Melin-y-cwrt waterfall
 17.0 Briton Ferry Church by Thomas Hornor. 1819
 17.1 Aberdulais Falls by J.M.W.Turner. 1795
 17.2 St.Thomas Church, Neath by Thomas Dineley. 1684
 17.3 Neath Castle by John Warwick Smith. c1797
 17.4 Neath Castle by or after Richard Wilson c1765
 17.5 Limekilns at Briton Ferry near the mouth of the river Neath. by William Payne. c1806
 17.6 St.Mary's Church, Briton Ferry by Thomas Baxter. 1818
 17.7 Briton Ferry from Lord Jersey's seat by Thomas Baxter. 1818
18.0 The Vale of Neath from Bwa Maen bt Thomas Hornor. 1816