Neath Abbey and the Industrial Revolution
 11 Diagram of the principal coal seams of the Neath Abbey area
 13 Medallion showing Thomas Neale (d.1699). Master of the Mint and a partner in the first Neath Abbey copper works.
 27 Sketch map of the Neath Abbey area c1770 showing the industrial sites.
 36 The Neath Abbey blast furnaces c.1970
 37 No.2 blast furnace and the charging bank.
 38 The rear of the engine manufactory.
 39 The engine manufactory, early 1970s.
 40 The main entrance to the forge and rolling mill of the Neath Abbey Ironworks.
 42 The water powered forge and rolling mill beside the River Clydach
 43 Ty Mawr, the ironmaster's house.
 47 Plan of beam engine made at Neath Abbey for Anglo-Mexican Mining Co. early 1820s
 48 Remains of engine built for John Calvert's mines in Rhondda.
 50 A small Neath Abbey table engine built for the Vale of Neath Brewery.
 52 Plan of a beam engine built in 1847 for a Spanish customer.
 53 Plan of a large table engine built for Margam Tin Mill.
 57 A 15in beam engine built for Francis Dare of Porthcawl.
 58 Plan of 24in horizontal engine built for Knight, Bevan & Sturge of Northfleet, Kent.
 60 Plan of the last beam engine built at Neath Abbey in 1882 for the Shakemantle Iron Ore Mine in the Forest of Dean.
 62 The Neath Abbey-built iron screw steamer 'John'.
 63 Oil painting showing the Neath Abbey-built sailing ship La Serena.
 64 The Neath Abbey-built tug 'Defiance' at Hull Docks.  Originally built in 1862 as 'Charley'.
 66 'Caesar' saddle tank locomotive built for the Morfa Colliery of Vivian & Sons
 67 The side tank loco 'Abercrave' at the Neath Abbey Ironworks. 1870
 68 A side tank loco at work on the Skewen incline. Early 20th C.
 71 Painting of Henry Habberley Price (1794 - 1839). undated
 72 Painting of Julia Struve Price
 73 Deborah Waring nee Price (1785 - 1867)
 74 Lydia Redwood nee Price (1788 - 1863)
 76 Joseph Tregelles Price (1784 - 1854)
 77 Elijah Waring (1788 - 1857)
 78 Christina Abberley Price (1792 - 1879)
 79 Maria Louise Price (d.1854)
 80 Edwin Price (1828 - 1856)
 81 Charles (1831 - 1915)  and Anna Struve Price
 81 Charles Struve Price with sons Joseph and Charles
 83 Charles Struve Price pictured with his domestic staff and daughters Amy Isabella, Christina and Evelyn.
 84 Charles Waring (d.1887)
 85 Edwin Price Waring (d.1824)
 86 Robert Were Fox (1789 - 1877)
 87 Robert Barclay Fox (1817 - 1855)
 90 Map showing the mines of Dynevor, Dyffryn & Neath Abbey United Collieries Co Ltd. 1874
106 Advert describing the products of the Main Colliery Co. 1914
107 Pumping house at Main No. 6. 1910
111 The winding engines at No. 1 Main Colliery. D.Evans the winding man. [undated]
115 No. 3 and 4. pits, Main Colliery Co. 1912
118 Main Colliery Co.'s shipping wharves. 1909
121 The Skewen Incline, showing the Main Comany's railway line descending from Bryncoch to the river. [undated]
124 No. 1 pit, Main Colliery Co. 1913
125 Main Colliery Co.'s offices at Skewen
126 The Main colliery Co.'s power station at No.1 pit.
128 Rice Vaughan Price, manager of the Main Colliery Co.'s pits.
133 Cwrt Herbert Colliery workers, 1910.
135 Sir George White (1854 - 1916), Chairman of the Main Colliery Co.
140 One of the last letters sent by the Main Colliery Co. 30 Dec 1932