Illustrations of Neath and district

There are now a number of books available which contain photographs of Neath and its surrounding district.  These few pages provide a listing of the pictures in some of those books.   I hope these pages will be of use to family historians to help them identify possible pictures of their ancestors.  All names that are given in the books have been included here.  Having completed the listings, I realised that an index would have been better than a listing, and in future I will try to index by street, by name etc.  In the meantime, I hope the current listing is better than nothing!  In some places I have added text where the picture title may not be meaningful.  Any such text is shown in square brackets [......].  Use your browsers 'Find' feature to search for particular names, and the 'Back' button to return to this page.  The numbers in the listings are Page Numbers or Picture numbers, depending on what is used in the book.

The Books covered are:

Around Neath Vol2, Authors  Robert & Brian King, published by Tempus, ISBN 0 7524 1817 3 1999
A History of Neath from Earliest Times, Author  George Eaton, Christopher Davies, 0 7154 0691 4 1987
Neath Abbey and The Industrial Revolution,  Laurence Ince Ince, Tempus,  0 7524 2145 X 2001
Old Neath & District In Pictures. Vol 2 Neath Antiquarian Society, 1985
Old Neath & District In Pictures. Vol 3 Neath Antiquarian Society,  1993
Skewen & District.  A History,  John Bailey & Emyr Gough, John Bailey,  0 9534494 0 8 1998
Neath and District - a Symposium, Elis Jenkins, Elis Jenkins 0 900807 06 7 1974

I do not possess the following books.  If anyone is prepared to supply me  with a listing of the pictures they contain, I would be happy to add them here.

Old Neath and District in Pictures Vol.1, by Neath Antiquarian Society
Old Neath and District in Pictures Vol.4, by Neath Antiquarian Society
Around Neath Vol 1.