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Images of Wales  Around Neath   The Second Selection

The family of Jenny and Rees Broome.....King William IV public house, Neath......
William Richard Powis, Bryncoch Farm.....Brynglas Terrace....Royal Horse Artillery......Military Medal
Melyn Cwrt [Melincourt] Waterfall
The Square, Neath c.1900
The viaduct, seen during demolition, that carried the railway from Neath to Neath Junction.
Orchard Street, Neath 1970s,  Cream Line buses
Wind Street and The Square, Neath.  1950s floods. (2 pictures)
Morse's Dress Shop, 1950s floods.
N&C (Neath and Cardiff) coach and Jones General Grocers van in floods
Burton's , Phillip's, Mackworth billiard Hall.
Woolworth's in floods.
Gnoll Park Road, 1980s.
Gnoll Park Road, Prince of Wales Drive, Rosser Street, 1960s. Peter Denyer, Martin Davies
Gnoll Grounds 1920.  Charles Reginald Cottle.
Cimla Common c1952
Cefn Saeson Fawr Farm. Haymaking early 1950s.
The Cwm, Neath Abbey 1920s.  Woollen Mill, Taillwyd, Cwm Clydach Cottages
Frederick Place, Lonlas, 1908
School Road, Jersey Marine, c1900.  aka Gorvett's Row, Woodlands Terrace
Jersey Marine c.1920
Jersey Marine Hotel and camera obscura tower, 1930
Removal of the railway bridge, Jersey Marine, 1980s
Tonnau Farm, 1928.  Babs, Winston, William, Mona, Cyril, June Price.  Amy Morgan
Aberdulais 1930
Flooding, Aberdulais 1910.  Dan-y-Graig House.
Aberdulais c1930.  Canal Bank, Railway Station
Clyne Halt 1926.  Heol y Nant
Clyne Halt 1940s.  Bryn Golwg
Railway flooded at Resolven, 1911
Railway Terrace Resolven, c1910
Bus at Sardis Chapel, Resolven. 1980s
Ynys Fach housing site, Resolven, late 1960s
Collapse of the bridge at Abergarwed, 1965
Abergarwed in the 1930s.  Lewis Terrace, Stag Terrace, Neath Road.
Western Welsh bus staff c1964 incl. F.C.Hammond, Cliff Davies, Arthur Wiltshire, Eynon Evans, Terry Pullman, Mike Gurwen.
Tonnau Farm, 1928. Mona, Winston, William, June and Cyril Price. Kitty Morgan
Canal Bank, Aberdulais, 1920s
Pontwalby viaduct, Glynneath, c1870
View over Pontwalby, Glynneath c1910
Glynneath c.1920
Train approaching Penycadrain Tunnel, Glynneath, c1950
Pontwalby viaduct and Pandy Colliery, c1940
Crynant 1920s. incl. St. Margaret's churchyard, Salem chapel, railway station.
Crynant from Gelli Galed, 1920s.  Maes Mawr
Crowd at Crynant station going to Neath Fair. 1910
(Large group) waiting for the collier's train at Crynant station c1920
Aerial view of Crynant 1950.
Train at Ynysdaley Loop, Seven Sisters. c1960
Winter snow at Onllwyn Station c1960.
Last passenger train from Resolven, 1960.
Railway advertisement - cheap excursion to London
Railmotor at Jersey Marine, 1910. Percy King
Map of plan for GWR at Neath Harbour, 1912. (never built)
Railcar at Neath, 1930s. Zoar Chapel
Neath General Station, 1940s
Staff at Neath Railway station, c.1950
Neath Station, 1950s
Train leaving Neath for Swansea, 1950s.
Train at Neath General on the Vale of Neath line 1950s. Maes-yr-Haf Chapel.
Briton Ferry Station, 1950s
Train crash near Cwrt Sart bridge. 1950s
Truck derailed at Neath General. 1950s
Trains at Neath Low Level, 1955 and 1956. Bryan King.
Neath Riverside Station c1960.
Norman Jones, 1960s
Last passenger train on Neath & Brecon line, 1962.
Neath Corporation Tramways tram shed, 1920.
Cream Line bus near Tonmawr, late 1970s
GWR (later Western Welsh) bus garage, Cadoxton. (5 pics)
Horse drawn passenger barge at Jersey Marine c1910.
Briton Ferry Inn and walkway across the river Neath, c1910.
[Men from] Cilfrew tinplate works 1880s incl. John Evans.
Women workers at Melin tinplate works 1913.  incl. Nellie Broome, Martha Broome, May McCormack,
Clyne tinplate works, c1930
The old copper works office at Red Jacket, which was later turned into a dwelling house. c1910
Inside Briton Ferry Steel, Albion works.  Malcolm Powis.
Awards ceremony, Albion works, 1970
Cycle sheds, Albion works, 1960
Staff function at the Galve works c1945
[Men of] Venallt Colliery, Glynneath, 1940s.
[This picture is incorrect, being identical to that for the Improvement class outing below!!!]
Main Colliery, Dyffryn, Bryncoch c1920
A group of Cilfrew colliers, 1920s
Workers at Glyncastle colliery, Resolven, c1930
Glyncastle colliery, Resolven, 1950s
Garth Merthyr colliery, Melyn Court, c1940
Colliery engine crossing the river neath at Abergarwed, 1936.
Colliery screens at Abergarwed, 1940s
Onllwyn Colliery, c.1980
Neath and Brecon engine sheds, Vale of Neath Brewery, 1950s.
Neath Engine sheds Improvement Class Outing, August 29th, 1920
Shunters at Cwrt Sart, 1957.  G.Gibbs, H.Bishop, M.Smith.
Inside Cwrt Sart Engine sheds, 1965.
Steam engines at Cwrt Sart scrap yard, 1940s
Evans & Bevan railway trucks, Cadoxton, 1930s.
Staff at Onllwyn station, 1930s
Neath Riverside station and coffin box.
Staff at Glynneath station, 1950s.
Crew members of the shipping company Bullard & King, 1900. Thought to be at the wharf, Neath Abbey.
The [Briton Ferry] wharf seen from the first bridge [across the river] at Briton Ferry, c1956
A disused barge on the Tennant canal at Neath 1925.
Canal Bridge and Lock, Red Jacket, c1930
Building Apprentices at Treforgan, Crynant c1950. Ivor Thomas, Dennis Williams, Eddie Davies, Bill Davies, Trevor Davies.
Pipe laying, Neath Abbey, 1940s [2 pictures]
Staff of Pagoda shoe shop, Queen St., Neath. Michael Morgan, Elizabeth Morris, Thom Thomas, Wilf Mort. [2 pictures]
Ladies of Victoria LAundry, Cadoxton, in fancy dress c.1920. incl. Annie Lintern, May Derrick. [2 pictures]
The county school for girls, 1940. incl. Miss A.Decima Jones, headmistress.
Building the school, Jersey Marine, 1907
Jersey Marine infants class c1908
Children going to school by barge. Crymlyn Bridge, `1932
Jersey Marine school children with headmaster John Davies, late 1950s
Melin council girls' school c1920 incl. Ruth Humphries, Maisie Thomas, Glenys Lewis.
Melin Infants Class 2B, 1920
Melin infants class c1890
Unknown Melin school class 1903.
Herbert Rd. junior school class c1890

Coedffranc boys' school. class 5a 1931. incl. George Gardiner.

Boys from the Gnoll School, July 1949. Brian Collins, Leslie Rice, Gwyn Michael, Douglas Fraser, Dewi Thomas, Tom J. Davies (teacher), Donald Crocker, Tony Pearson, Brian Milford, Allan Clee, Wilfred Mort, David Jones, Sydney Tristram, Arthur Williams, Bernard Ward, Norman Reed, Malvern Harding.

Pupils of Gnoll Junior School, 1956.

Gnoll school [buildings] in winter, 1960s

Bryncoch Church in Wales primary school, class of 1957 incl. Mrs. Tremayne, teacher, and Mr. Davies, headmaster.
Skewen Lower girls' school, 1940s incl. Mary Fry, June Price, Barbara Maisey, Betty Brown, Lena Davies, Barbara Preece, Ailwyn Baker, Marjorie Oliver, Beryl Llewellyn, Jean Evans, Morveth Abel.

Girls class, Skewen Lower, 1940s.  Elsa Stephens, Mary Rowe, Lilian Morris, Morveth Abel, Athly Davies, Jean Evans, Joyce Oakley, _ Widlake, Marigold Bailey, Mair Jones, Betty Brown, Betty Jones, Margaret Sharcross, Rosela Beck, Barbara Preece, Audrey Smith, Barbara Gravell, Peggy Jeffreys, Peggy Sims, Mair Rees, Betty Thomas, Phyllis Hughes, KAthleen Todd, Leona Saunders, Vera Griffiths, Betty Dunnet, Lena Davies, Beryl Llewellyn, Ailwyn Baker, Marjare Oliver, June Price.

[Small group from] Skewen Lower Girls School 1949  incl. Myra John, Janice John, Sonia Picton, Gillian Perry, Joan Fulford.

Skewen Lower Girls School, 1949. incl. Rita Knight, Elaine Gaskins, Mary Buckley, Renvia Luke, Elaine Davies, Doreen Jones, Valerie Williams, Pamela Smith, Myra John, Pat Jeffries, Jean Grennow, Marlene Macann, Jean Jarret, Mair Davies.

Girls from Skewen Lower school 1948. incl. Marlene Davies, Bey Davies, Rita Knight, Doreen Jones, Mair Davies, Gaynor Smith, Leah Kriesher, Jean Smith, Beddug Evans, Gillian Perry, Grace Fields, Marlene Davies, Glorai Kare, Avril Lewis, Clara Ferber, Yvonne Saunders, Jean Greenow, Mair Thomas, Heather Griffiths, Eirwen Jenkins, Elaine Gaskins, Janice Johns, Marlene Hopkins.

Skewen Lower (Mynachlog Nedd) c1962.  incl. Steven Hughes, Terry Davies, Hugh Ballard, Alan [Jones], Ralph Reeves, Harry Saunders, Haydn Parry, Miss Elizabeth _ (teacher), Susan Burgess, Gillian Oakley, Susan Roberts, Ann Williams, Pauline Lloyd, Rosemary Reeves, Julie Elias, Mr. Griffiths (headmaster), Christopher Britton, David Rawlings, Philip Richards, Martin King.

[Unidentified] class at Crynallt School, Cimla, 1966.

Julie Davies, Elaine _, Susan Roberts, Keith _, Harry Saunders, Lyn Davies, Susan Willing, Carol Cox, Linda Bendle, Elaine David, Pauline Lloyd, Gwyneth _, Ann saint, Carol Williams, Denise Mellin, Marie Nichols, Steven Hughes, David Rawlings, Keri Noot, Vaughan Penny, Gary_, John Rewbridge, Robert Chapman.

Pre-nursing course at Rhydhir School, 1958. incl. teachers Nano Harris and Elizabeth George.

Staff of Rhydhir Secondary Modern, 1959.  Wyndyn Lawrence, Les Watts, Granville Davies, Idwal Owen, Harry Morris, Phil Roberts, Gill Gambold, Jill Hanford, Dillwyn Thomas, Reg Teale, Tom Lewis, Gwyn Davies, Swithin McNeil, Elizabeth Morgan, Mair Davies, Ann Williams, Margaret Stone, M.L.Davies, A. Tchavdarova, Clive Trott, A.Jones, Tudor Rees, Cynthia Donald, Jack Llewellyn.

Staff of Neath Girls Grammar School 1973.  Incl. Dennis Jones, Gareth Morgan, Stella Matthews, Vi Price, Cynthia Betts, Mair Williams, Doug Evans, Miss Whitehouse, Madam Winnie Richards, Pat Bryant, Glenys Oatway, Brian Winstone, Noel Evans, Iris Rosser-Davies, M.Jones, Lynn Thomas, Ursula Williams, Menna Morris, Mrs. Cape, Drusilla Thomas, Valmai Williams, Gwenda Jenkins, Marilyn Davies, Sheila Jones, Gren Edwards, Barbara Clayton, Jim Trusslo, Keith Wishart, Dora Roberts, Mair Edwards, Mariane Davies, Ken Owen, Betty Hughes, Eileen Simms, Margaret Austin.

St. David's Day, Neath Abbey Infants, 1969. incl. Alex Dymond, David Llewellyn, Robert Mort, Paul Mead, Philip Williams, Rees Evans, Paul Davies, Cheryl _,  Tracy Hancock, Tracy Williams, Delfryn Jenkins, Ann Fergason, Mary Polgeno, Susan Jackson, Maureen Howells.

Longford Memorial Hall Nursery Group, 1976 incl. Aunty Daphne (Maillon), Jonathan Garthwaite, Richard Doran, Kerry Michael, MArgaret King, Aunty Sandra (Michael)

Dinner at Cadoxton Junior School c1948. incl. Cellen Jones, David Ovard, Lynn Jeffries, Terry Evans, Alwyn Harries, David Lewis. Teacher (probably) Gertie Bowen.

Old Block staff at Llangatwg Comprehensive, 1985.  H.Davies, B.C.Davies, D.Thomas, R.Scilton, C.Terry, R.Owen, G.Jones, D.Evans, G.Jones, J.Lloyd, A.Williams, G.Herdman, H.Jones, M.Jones, G.Predie, J.Davies.

Staff of Llangatwg Comprehensive School, 1988.  B.Davies, K.Martin, G.Jones, C.Morris, D.Richardson, B.Morgan, H.Davies, G.Predie, M.Hughes, S.Hughes, R.Powell, D.Thomas, C.Manley, R.Owen, A.Williams, H.Davies, C.Davies, A.Davies, I.Hill, R.Windfield, P.Jones, N.Morgan, C.Parish, G.Jones, C.Heale, J.Davies, C.Fuge, C.Terry, P.Lewis, P.Evans, Menia Morris, P.Widlake, M.Williams, W.Gronow, A.Carter, N.Jones, Rose Evans, M.Phelps, M.Lewis, S.More, M.Ellis, J.Foulks, V.Piese, K.Thomas, G.Herdman, J.Pitts, M.Williams, B.L.Davies, A.Williams, R.Preece, David Williams (headmaster), M.Minchinton, R.Scilton, V.Hill, A.Morgan, M.Thomas, D.Evans.

St. Illtyd's Church, Neath 1930.

A Church in Wales Stewardship meal, Metal Box canteen, c1950.

Members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Skewen Mission, 1960s.

Nativity Play, St. Matthew's Church, Dyffryn, Bryncoch, 1961.

Sunday School class, Jersey Marine, 1938.

Capel, Melin Court, 1985

St. Matthew's Church Choir outing, Dyffryn. 1940s incl. Bill Adams (choirmaster), Alan Phillips, Martin Richards, Malcolm Lewis, Malcolm Powis, Harry Hire (Organist). Ieuan Jones, Martin Evans, Eric Bradley.

Onllwyn Football team 1949. incl. Will Stephens, Gwyn Roberts, John Stephens, Len Davies, Alwyn Lewis, Ray Howells, Benny Williams, Bernard Payne, Viv Howells, Talwyn Williams.

A Neath RFC Team, 1920s incl. George Smith from Penydre and Pep Melin.

A Neath RFC team 1946

Neath Boys Grammar Rugby Team, 1948

Neath schools PT display, Gnoll rugby ground 1936.  Alderman Davies', Brynhyfryd and  Cwrt Sart, Schools.

Metal Box Cricket Team 1950s

St. Thomas Church, Neath, cricket team, 1950s. incl. Billy Arnold, Cliff Bartlett, Ivor David, Morton Smith, Ernie Molland, George Hunkin, Billy Webb, George Thomas.

[Horse] Air Queen winning at Tondu with Resolven jockey Bill Carey. (Late 1940s or early 1950s)

Air Queen, Swansea 1953. with Vernon Place, Mr. & Mrs.  McGilvery, Arthur 'Bobby' Davies.

Horse racing at Pentreclwydau, May Day 1999.

Whippet racing programme for Neath, 1927.

Huntsmen, at Cwrt Herbert, 1947. incl. Martin Price, Dilwyn Thomas, William thomas, David Price, Dr. Armstrong of Crynant, Clifford Price, Ivor Griffiths, Idwal Price, Gwyn Mayberry and a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Huntsmen and hounds with Mrs. David Price.

BP Llandarcy Angling Club dinner, 1966 incl. Robert Woods, Stephen Absalom, Howard Evans, Bill Absalom, Geoffrey Evans, Stan Hill, Grif Evans, Louise Robson, Eric Woods, Pat Williams, Betty Williams, Ernie Burgess, Dudley Florence.

Neath Bird in Hand North Road Pigeon Club, 1964 incl. George Sokaliski, Jacky David Morgan, Reg Peters, Sid Veale, Howard Demery, John Oliver Davies, Brian Powis, Jim Isaac, Ben Jefford, Glyn Pritchard, Eddie 'Dogger' Matthews, George Harris, Philip Jones, Eiron Thomas, Mr. Coop, Dick Morgan, Wilf Mort, Will Carpenter, John Coleman, Phil Fishlock, Mr. Morgan, David Ovard.

Members of seven Sisters Bowling club, 1948.

Snow's Troupe of Dancers, 1940.  Jean Walker, Marjorie Richards, Barbara Williams, Beryl Joseph, Joan Powell, Sheila Godwin, Marjorie Thomas, Pat Williams, Glenys Thomas, Phyllis Bryce, Marjorie _, Vena Barnes, Marion Harris, Dorothy Tinknell, Marion Davies, Barbara Leigh.

Members of the Vale of Neath Railway Society, Aberdulais, 1988.  Dave Llewellyn, Bryan King, Kester Reason, Stephen Clifford.

Vale of Neath Railway Society engines at Abergarwed, 1990. Fred Leycock.

Vern Davies and his Band, Glynneath Social Club, 1960s.  Doug Gooding, Pat Davies, Maureen Davies, Mike Davies, Vern Davies.

The Vern Davies Band, Tramps' Dance, Castle Hotel, Neath. 1960s

St. David's Church Guild, Cast of a show in 1947.  David Walters, Cynthia Vaughan, Annette Pike, Dorothy Walker, Susan Salter, Shirley Dunn, Donald Thomas, Norma Love, Jean Russell, Kathleen Hutchins, Ryland Tippit, Sheila Rouse, Maria Hughes, Susan Jenkins, Jane Illingworth, Margaret Colwell, Roddy Walters, Peter Venables, John Williams, Carol Tate, Mrs. Roberts, Heather Trick, Gaynor Thomas, Shirley Owen, Clive Latty, Pat Wathan, Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Roberts, Monica Lammas.

The cast of Twelfth Night , St. David's Church Hall, Neath c.1940 incl. T.A.Roberts (Rector), Dudley Hopkins, Graham Hopkins, David Hancock, Walter Ryan, Peter Hughes, Barbara Griffiths, June Thomas, John Phillips, Sheila Rouse, Margaret Morgan, Jill Morris.

Cast of a pageant at St. Catherine's Parish Hall, Melyncrythan, 1957

Choirs from St. Thomas's, St. David's, St. Catherine's, St. Peter's and St. Paul's Churches, combined for 'A King for All seasons', 1973/74. incl. Arthur Salter, Jill thomas, Edna Salter, Sally Samuel, Lynne Richards, Margaret Morgan, Christine Brown, Mrs. Trenberth, Mrs. Richards, Marie Griffiths, Renee Davies, Julie Pearn, Terry Copp.

Pupils of Ynysfach School, Resolven in HMS Pinafore, 1957.

A Corpus Christi Procession, Green St., Neath, c.1930

Parade from Penydre to The Gnoll rugby Ground 1945.  incl. Mary Randall

The National Eisteddfod of Wales, Proclamation Ceremony, Neath, 1934.

Walter and Evelyn Price, Longford Farm, Neath Abbey, 1949.

Charity Prosser's 100th birthday, Bryncoch, November 1974. incl. Miss Gibbins of Glynfelin, Longford, and Vicar Rees, of St. Matthew's Church Dyffryn.

Rose Munckton of Neath, who cycled to London and back to visit her aunt in 1900.

Longford residents at Blackpool, 1950s.  Mainly Rhydhir residents incl. Larry Watkins, Robert Jenkins, John Jenkins, Jeffrey Thomas, Raymond Thomas, Billy Thomas, Janice Rees, Mrs. Foster, Glenys Rees, Barbara Foster, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Rawlings, Viv Davies, Esther Thomas, Freddie Jones, Millie Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, Norman Davies.

Neath Poor children at Port Eynon, Gower, 1920.  Harold Rosser.

[Audience at] the saturday matinee, Windsor Cinema, Neath, 1950.

Neath & Brecon railway Poster schedule for wedding of Madame Adelina Patti, 1899

[Train] Dryslwyn Castle at Neath, 1985.  John Roberts.

Handing over of the steam engine Pamela to the mayor, Cllr Iris Hobbs,  on behalf of Vale of Neath Railway Society.

St. John Ambulance presentation, Gnoll House, 1920s.

Members of Skewen Division of St. John's Ambulance, November 1928.

A St. John Ambulance Dance, Gwyn Hall, Neath, 1940s

Presentation of awards to members of St. John Ambulance at their Dynefor Rd., Skewen, Hall in the 1950s.

Members of Skewen St. John Ambulance at Dynefor Rd, Skewen in the 1950s.  L.C. Thomas, Beaty Thomas, Eleaza Rees.

Four members of the St John Ambulance pose at Resolven. incl. Eleaza Rees.

Outside the Cilfrew St. John Ambulance Hall, 1960s. incl. Eleaza Rees and Beaty Thomas.

Glamorgan County Police, Neath Division, Ambulance Team, 1948/9. PC Gwyn Thomas, PS William Matthews, PC George Davies, PC Gwynfryn Evans, Mr. Eleaza Rees (instructor), Chief Constable Joseph Jones CBE, Supt. William Doolan, Mr James Godsall (instructor).

The Home Guard at the Garnant colliery, Jersey Marine in the 1940s.

The Galve works WVS members, 1942.

Celebrating the Coronation of George VI, Alice St., Neath, 1937.  incl. Gladys Davies, Edward Davies, Gwyneth May Williams.

A pre-war royal visit to Neath.  incl. Queen Elizabeth and Princess Elizabeth.

Southgate St. Neath celebrates the Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953.

The home of Joe Thomas, 21b, Southgate St., decorated for the Coronation, June 1953.

Hay making in Cae Dafydd, Longford. 1967. incl. Boyd Foster, Morgan Price, William Morgan, Howell Price, Royston John.

Sgt Hugh Roberts, last mounted policeman in Neath Borough Police.

Mrs Evelyn Price, daughter June and Mr & Mrs George Morgan at Longford Farm, 1931.

[Group at] the back of the Wyndham Arms, Mackworth Lane, Neath, c1950.

The Moore family of Maes Mawr, Crynant c.1936. . Glan, Minnie, May, Annie, Morfydd, Olwen, Edwin (father), Royston, Maggie (mother), Jim.

The Isle of White Farm, Tonmawr, 1885.  Thomas Price, Moriah Parker, Margaret Price, Ann Magdalen Price, (the local midwife), Thomas Price jr.

Firemen at Cwrt Sart loco sheds, 1950. incl. Malcolm Powis and Gwyn Richards.

Gladys Hopkins (nee Price) aged 6 outside 10, Blaenavon Terrace, Tonmawr, 1901  (She died aged 103 in 1998)

Elizabeth Hopkins at Tonmawr Farm, 1920.

June, Elizabeth and Mona Price, Longford Farm, 1947,

Barbara Griffiths and Jean Walker look over Neath from Mynydd March Hywel, 1930.

David Morgan Price, Longford Farm, 1950s.

Horse drawn milk float, Longford, 1970s incl. Ian Hillman.

Harold Courts and Alan Smith, Cimla Common, 1945.