Family of John Gilbourne & Emma Naylor

No pictures of John and Emma themselves are known, nor indeed of their children. These are their grandchildren:

Sarah Charlesworth, married Ezra Gilbourne 1909

Three sons of Ezra and Sarah Gilbourne.
Sarah Elizabeth CHARLESWORTH married John and Emma's son Ezra GILBOURNE in 1909. After Ezra died in the flu epidemic at the end of World War 1, she married for a second time to John Eden in 1923.

Three of Ezra and Sarah's five boys, Ellis, Percy and Vincent. Youngest son John had died before his first birthday, killed by the same flu epidemic as his father.

Vincent Gilbourne, Coldstream Guards, 1943

John Joseph Gilbourne.
Dan Gilbourne
Vincent GILBOURNE as shown in the Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser 5 March 1943

Vincent Gilbourne's first cousin, John Joseph GILBOURNE, son of John and Emma's son, Dan, pictured in the Eastwood & Kimberley Advertise 9 April 1943.
John Joseph GILBOURNE's brother Dan, a stoker on H.M.S. Charybdis, was killed when his ship was torpedoed 23 October 1943.

Vincent Gilbourne with unknown group

The only person known for certain in this group is the youngest child - Vincent Gilbourne. However the third person from the left appears to be his older brother, Ellis, and the child on the right appears to be another brother, Percy. Who are the rest of the group? Are they Gilbournes too? If you can help us to identify them then we would love to hear from you.

Family of William GILBOURNE and Mary Elizabeth BALL

Once again, no pictures of William and Elizabeth are known, but thanks to his daughter Josie, we have this picture of their son Lyndon with his wife Gladys and three daughters.

Lyndon and Gladys GILBOURNE with their children

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