An accident, involving the death of three men and serious injuries to two others, occurred last evening [20 September 1906] on the private railway of the Main Colliery Company, by means of which coals are conveyed from Bryncoch to the wharves on Neath River. A party of line repairers, ten in number, was proceeding towards the top of the Skewen, on a repairerís trolly [sic], and was rounding a curve when a locomotive travelling on the same rails in the opposite direction dashed into the trolly. The effect of the impact was such that three of the men were shockingly mutilated, and died before they could be conveyed home.

The names of the killed are:- John Nicholls, 47, New-road, Skewen, aged 43 (married, with two children); John Dunn, single, Castle-street, Neath; and Thomas Brown (married), Moortown, Neath.

The injured are James green, Castle-street, Neath; John Sullivan, Castle-street, Neath. Green is severely injured.

April 9, 1919

Abel Jones, 64, and his son, Ben Jones, 30, married, were killed yesterday by a fall of roof at Bryncoch Colliery, near Swansea.

June 6, 1919

William Roberts, engine attendant, was badly burned by an outbreak of fire which occurred at the power house of the Main Colliery, Bryncoch, Neath, yesterday. Work at the pit was suspended for the day.