Basilique Nationale du Sacré Coeur de Koekelberg Bruxelles
Comet Line stained glass window and RAFES Plaque.

The Comete badge in the bottom right-hand represents a falling plane, the star represents those who aided in the Comete line.


The window unveiled in Oct 1953 by Prince Albert later King Albert II. It was paid for by money received by Belgian government in exile from the British Government, some funds went to create university scholarships, some towards the window. The window was designed by Belgian artist Anto Carte (1886-1954).

Beneath the window is the R.A.F.E.S. plaque.

On the 21st June, 1981, this plaque was dedicated to the countless brave men and women of enemy occupied countries who, during WWII (1939-1945), without thought of danger to themselves, helped 2803 aircrew of the Royal Air Force and Commonwealth air forces to escape and return to their country and so continue the struggle for freedom. Many paid with their lives, many more endured the degradation of concentration camps. Their names are remembered in equal honor with those who were spared to fight a longer battle. To mark its debt of gratitude, the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society erected this memorial as a lasting tribute and also to serve as an inspiration to future generations.
The plaque was designed and created by Elizabeth Harrison.

Also in the cathedral is this window dedicated to the RAF.

Photograph by Walter Verstraeten. Information From Nadine Dumont, Frank Haslam, Ramona Kelly, Diana Morgan and Elizabeth Harrison
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