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PAYP Celebration showSo called 'grime' has been the predominant urban style in the UK since around 2003 with the emergence of So Solid Crew, Roll Deep and the Mo Fire Crew. Several artists have achieved crossover into the mainstream, notably acts such as Dizzie Rascal and Miss Dynamite.

There has been controversy over the music with critics blaming the lyrical content for irresponsibly fuelling the rise in urban violence and crime. However SECM believes that this crtitcism is ill thought out - firstly because the practitioners of grime, like any artists, are assimilating and reflecting all the influences and events that impinge on their lives - they would not write about guns unless there are guns around, or at least featuring in the media they are exposed to, even if the origin was in the US. Secondly, many of the songs and stories are firmly anti-gun crime, anti violence and stand for responsibility, respect and healthy values.

'Young Touch' represent exactly those positive attitudes. They are two young women from the Catford area of South East London whose lyrics show a concern with the sexual mores of young adults today, and - having been innocent victims of gun crime themselves - about what drives young men to aspire to violence as a solution.

Festival of Youth Arts AuditionSECM has been working with the group since 2006, recording and producing CDs and providing information and help with the business side - copyrights, publishing, promotion and so on.

In 2007 SECM presented some work to the Festival of Youth Arts. It was well received, and after an audition they performed during the festival at the Carling Academy. Since then they have been doing more live shows and have added a group of dancers to the act.

Music Tracks

Please note that the lyrics in these tunes have strong language and content not suitable for under 16s.

We're Back

- this is the true-life story of how innocent bystanders can get literally get caught up crossfire in todays urban Lonodon.

Man Dem

Ho Tune

- both deal with issues around responsible sexual attitudes