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Stepping Stones Gateway Project - facilitating a series of drama and music workshops for adults with learning difficulties, using 'Soundbeam' technology as well as a range of instruments specially adapted for ease of use and access.

A performance in July 2008 featured a piece based around a theme of a visit to the cinema. The Soundbeam is being used to trigger a selection of sound effects, some of which have been recorded by the participants themselves.

New pieces based on a Pub scen (with a touch of Eastenders) adn an Art Gallery visit were added, and a public performance was made at the Joy of Sound Launch event in May.

The sessions are run in partnership with Elevation CM at St. Faith Community Centre in Dulwich, and are funded by the Scarman Trust and Southwark Borough and NHS services

The Soundbeam is a system of triggers which enable physical movements in space, or the operation of switches to control sound and music.

You can see the sensors on stands and pressure pads on the floor in the pictures above.

The new project explores music and sound improvisation using a variety of World Music styles and instruments

Action for Refugees in Lewisham - providing music sessions for refugee children (ages 7 - 9) at AFRIL's Saturday Morning 'Rainbow Club'. We work very closely with the Drama and Citizenship strands, developing the children's sense of social relationships and responsibility.

We use instruments from all around the world, to connect with their ideas of different origins and traditions. We use large world maps to stimulate discussion of the countries and regions they come from, and then use maps of London to generate musical ideas based on things like tube stations or local street names to connect with their current circumstances.

Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers and Refugees - music making sessions for adults and children - the accent here is on primarily fun and relaxation, and the exchange of ideas.

One of the main motivations is the idea that although displaced professional musicans and arts practitoners are reasonably well catered for in the UK - via such organisations as Southwark Refugee Arts Network, for instance - others, who maybe did music as a hobby, will completely lose their access to music making opportunities. In particular they are unlikely to have been able to bring any instruments they may have owned.

Eventually we hope to fundraise to gather instruments from all over the world as a sort of 'instrument lending library'.

Chris Leeds and Catherine Pestano with the group at the Copplestone Centre