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Udu Festival

Udus are essentially clay-pot drums which produce a great range of resonant bass sounds, slaps and bell-like tones.

They are of African and Indian origin, developed in the Middle East Click here for more pictures and here for sound recordings.

The festival featured a good collection of different Udus double-ended, long and short spouted, some with drum heads built in, some highly fininshed ceramics, some rough clay, one fibre glass! Click here Udufest.mp3 to hear an extract.

Chris has been running drum circles for Upbeat at their regular open mic sessions since xmas 2011.

Gong and Metal Project

We assembled a mighty array of gongs, tuned and untuned metallophones, bells, waterphone and found metal objects - including some viciously sharp sawblades and spikes - all of which enabled us to produce a truly unique soundscape - at once eerie, powerful, relaxing and melodic.

Click here to see live video and a movie created from our performance at Joy of Sound.

Summer Events and Festivals

2012's summer events have been affected by incessant rain - but click here for pictures from previous years, including a workshop for the local Beaver Scouts, Dartford and Danson Festivals, Erith Riverside Festival, Downham Health and Leisure Centre, and the HemiHelp Fun Day. . .

Drum Club Sessions

Erith Drum Club is based in South East London
- North Kent.

Regular sessions take place on Saturdays 2 - 4 pm at Belvedere Community Centre.

Please email us or phone 07866 139 692 for more information.

The first series of workshop sessions 'Drumming from Around the World' took place during February 2008, featuring instruments and styles of playing drums from four traditions - Peruvian, Punjabi, Indonesian and Balkan.
Click here for more...)

There was a mix of activities including presentations from experts in the various traditions, hands on experience with authentic instruments, visits to groups working in the traditions and creative workshops and recording

Erith Drum Club was started as part of a Scarman Trust 'Can Do' program when SECM's lead tutor Chris Leeds, gained a Community Champion Award.
Chris Leeds

A selection of our drums...

To register your interest or for more information please phone Chris on 07866 139 692 or email us.

Member's Area - session extracts and pics

My music Tracks
some tracks are new - trying out new instruments, others feature 'mesh drums' - sort of semi-acoustic drums, or Alsesis D4 drum module played via MIDI pads (see

Sketch1 Udu Cahon Gtr

Sketch2 Udu Cahon Bell

Rif Raf - Mesh Kit

Goldsmith - D4 / TG55

Itskeri - Mesh Kit

Some different types of drumming in groups - not us!
Peruvian BandGamelanBalkan BandTaiko Group