South East Community Music

48 Larner Road




Health and Safety Policy

This policy statement indicates the organisation, system and procedures by which South East Community Music will implement safety policy.


Separate Risk Assessments will be formulated per project as required.


1. Fire


All staff will familiarise themselves with the fire alarm locations, emergency exit and evacuation procedures of any premises where SECM work is carried out.


Staff will ensure that all participants in workshop sessions are made aware of the procedures.


SECM staff are responsible for evacuating all participants of workshops in the event of fire and contacting either the premises own staff or the emergency services.


Staff must ensure that equipment is not set up blocking fire exit routes.


2. Electrical


All equipment is regularly inspected for damage and wear which may lead to overheating, shock or burns.


Staff will ensure correct connection of equipment and guard against misuse of fires, kettles, electronic studio and general studio equipment, computers and overhead projectors.


3. Noise Levels


Staff must ensure that amplified sound and drumming is kept to reasonable level as defined in the Government Health and Safety policy ‘Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005’, using the guidelines in the  HSE leaflet 'Noise at Work'(INDG362).


Staff should be aware of the dangers of premature deafness from regular subjection to excessive sound levels.


Staff should ascertain whether any participants in workshops have special sensitivity to noise levels.



4. Other

Staff should make themselves aware of the host premises First Aid representative and the location of first aid supplies.


Staff should be aware of the health and safety dangers of handling heavy equipment incorrectly



4. Reporting

Any accidents or injuries should be reported both to staff from the premises being used and to the SECM secretary, Chris Leeds.


Policy Adopted by  SECMFP 28/9/2005