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phone: chris 07866 139 192

Some of the instruments we use - 5 string litungu, harmonium, santoor, waterphone, omnichord and 6 string litungu.

Hang, celtic lever harp and 10 string litungu

from the new album

from our first album

a time lapse video instrumental piece

live performances recorded at various venues...

Voss Malone formed in London in 2013 out of previous collaborations between Chris and Alryck in Ourobouros doing an ambient / chill out Gong and Gongdrums set.

The discovery by Alryck of an ancient lyre in Morocco started us off doing more song based stuff. Chris restored some damage, and we got hooked on the sound. We believe it's a Litungu, a relative of the Kora from Kenya, though they are used all over Africa , like Mali where we think it's called a 'Gau'.

We put it together with the Santour - a traditional Persian style of hammered dulcimer, and the combination. along with sundry guitars, waterphone, celtic harp, hang drum, mandolin and harmonium, gives us a pretty unique sound.

"Hypnotic acoustic rhythms"

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