For me there are two things I remember from POW07.

Firstly, I think of Iris. Poor Iris. She, like us all,  needs a certain amount of looking after. Somehow, unfortunately, her care was neglected. Nobody knows by whom, and we don't really need to concern ourselves with that, but she was allowed  freedom that she she was ill equipped to deal with. (much like us all really).

Then one morning, she was not where she was supposed to be. This caused much consternation for us all, and lost of marks for one boat's crew.

We had to make a plan, and the plan was to go and search for her, till she was found. Missions were planned and executed with dedication and eventually having been located, her freedom had to be justified, only then was she reunited with all of  her POW family.

All of which is much like the rescue plan God has set in motion for all of us wayward, freewill loving, men & women, and boys & girls.  Like us with Iris, He comes sending his envoys to seek and save those who are lost. Many do not acknowledge they are lost. (Maybe Iris as she was swept along by the tide didn't!) 

The other occasion was that time on the beach when sea and sky spoke to us all so clearly of God that we could be very sure He was there.

A time of worship to Him who our Creator, Preserver and Redeemer.

Somehow the darkness and the vision of the Stars, together with the sound of the Waves made it easy to appreciate Him.

Special times are always important, and God wants us to know in the special times, and also everyday, for He, by the power of His Spirit dwells within us to empower all we do for Him

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