Cold, Cold and oh SO COLD. Really nice to have the sun shining though. A few showers and a couple of squalls with hail and then towards the end good weather with some wind and lots of sunshine.

On Sunday morning we held a thrilling Sunday Service on the decks of the boats. An Open Air Church in the peace of South Walsham Broad.

Following a call to the Potter Bridge Pilot, we decided against our plan to  lower masts and go through Potter Heigham Bridge. Instead it was to the River Ant we went, lowering masts for Ludham Bridge, where lunch was taken. North then to Barton Broad, where we were hit-literally-by the first of those icy squalls, before drying out nestled in the trees off Barton Broad. Did we know Nelson learnt to sail here?

After a much more pleasant sail on Barton before we left for a mooring at How Hill for Games and Lunch. Then after that back down the Ant and under Ludham bridge, where some chose to test the water temperature! and thence to Upton Dyke, where more tested the water temperature- It was COLD.

 Attention to Tropical Wind's gearbox, and games ashore were the morning activities, followed by excitment of shooting under Potter Heigham bridge. Not going to tell how much clearance!!

A Hairy sail for some on Horsey Mere and a night mooring in our secret place. Can't tell you where obviously. And what a nice day to walk to the beach, apart from the northerly wind. Another sail on Horsey before we go, then turn left  for West Somerton for the night.

Up again with the wildlife. After a brief stop to see a very nice man at Martham, it was back under Potter bridge for lunch and pick up stores for the rest of the week. Head for night mooring on the staithe at Ranworth, after a stop on the broad for a spell of dinghy practice.

Friday's winds were light, so best speed to South Walsham for more fun in the dinghies, or should I say in and out of the dinghies! 

Our theme for the week was Lessons in Love, with subject titles remarkably like those to which we are used at school. The reality was different. We looked each night at a parable of Jesus.

Sat. Geography  - The Lost Son

However far we take ourselves away from God He will always welcome us back. All who get lost should know that God is an ever loving welcoming Father.

Sun. Biology - The sower and the Soil

Tonight a talk from an expert. How to be good soil; how to maintain, feed and improve the soil of ourselves to enable the seed of God's word to keep producing.

Mon. Economics - The Talents

How to use all the gifts and talents that God has given us

Tue.- Maths - How many times must I forgive? - The King & the Servant

How to respond to all God has forgiven us for, by forgiving those that hurt us.

Wed. - Sociology - Rich man & Lazarus

The correct use of money. helping those with great needs.

Thurs. HIStory - 5 Wise & 5 Foolish virgins

Jesus CAME, was born as a humble child, grew to a man, lived as an example, was falsely accused, cruelly killed, and rose to life.

Jesus COMES, because He dwells within the believer, to help become more like Him, and to empower us to live the victorious life of his resurrection.

Jesus WIlLL COME again, and all will know and be forced to submit. He will be King and Judge and those who have chosen to follow Him will go to be with Him for ever. 

Be READY, don't run out of Oil!

Fri. - Home Economics - New Trousers/New Wine in old Bottles

Look for new ways of serving God.

And we all had an experience of God that we shall not forget. To be aware of what God is doing in peoples lives and to pray for them encourages us all.

Now to the real World - Keep trusting God, because if you believe in Him, He lives in you to empower you to do His will, which will be best for you. Mean what you say; Trust Him, and watch out for the devil.

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