What an Incredible voyage!

 It may be a little presumptuous to call POW2001 a voyage but that is was it felt like.

In our evening meetings (Squashes) we found out about the fantastic journey that is available to all who sign on and accept
 God's great plan. What a fantastic experience God has for the individual if only each of us has the understanding, trust &
 faith to believe it! And without accepting that plan we are all doomed to be adrift in the abyss of ordinariness for ever. 

  When we first arrived, we waited but a short while to get aboard our boats. The weather was kind, in that there was no rain during our loading period, and most were able to sail, at least a little, to their evening mooring place. 

  Sunday morning was a little different this year and morning service was held – in the sunshine on the foredecks on a few of
 the boats. Prior to this, Palace, America, Lapwing, Lively Lady, Larkspur, Tempest & Typhoon were cleaned and made
 safe for daily inspection. 

  And so to our first day of Sailing. Potter Heigham beckoned, and with a phone call to and a little help from the pilot all
 motored safely through the very low bridge having first lowered masts. The day's sail eastward and northward along Candle
 dyke, Heigham Sound and Meadow dyke to Horsey Mere, ensured that crew were fully appraised of all our boats
 capabilities. The lowering air temperature gradually added layer upon layer to everyone's clothing as we tried to stay warm. 

  Do you know how to get warm? Easy! All the crews squash into one boat, and really enjoy worshipping, praying, singing,
 and listening to God. What He said to each differed, but what we heard was about the need to opt in to the Great Voyage
 of Life, and without that, we by virtue of our very nature become casualties in the blackness of separation from God. We
 need rescue! 

  Monday morning was windy, but not wet, and the beach was two miles away. The route was  changed a little, because of
 footpath closures, and once there the northeasterly wind made inactivity impossible. It was then decided to spent time sailing on Horsey Mere and Hickling Broad before returning to our secluded mooring place just off the Mere for a second night. 

  God's great plan of salvation and our need to accept the Air-Sea rescue was explained in our evening squash. What a great
 time of teenage worship!! 

  So much happened on Tuesday. Fish & Chips for lunch, a broken engine (creating a POW first of towing through the
 bridge) and a dash to Upton boatyard, which was our intended destination, for repairs. All safely motored or sailed in the
 cold and extremely gusty winds that had now become the norm. All boats by this stage had reefed their sails. 

  We all have to make choices in life and taking on board a pilot in one of them. For Christians Jesus Christ is that Pilot who
 comes aboard by the Power of The Holy Spirit to be there in all our decision making, and to help us get to know The Great
 Planer and Voyage Creator. 

  Constantly low temperatures, together with showers, some of which were hail,  made life very difficult. Ever played
 rounders in a hail storm? But we all survived even the vicious squalls to reach the incredibly pretty Salhouse Broad. Some,
 even found warm showers and a swim on their  way. Having also sailed the expanse that is Wroxham Broad we heard in
 our squash of the infinite resource of power and information that has provided to help us on our journey through life. 

  More cold wind, more hail showers, some sunshine, between the showers, and another chance to sail Wroxham Broad
 before mooring once again on Salhouse Broad.  Faith and Goodness, Salvation and Truth, Word of God & Prayer, Witness & Testimony, all are tools to be used in our voyage. To know their use is essential as, surely we will, encounter rough seas in our Christian Voyage. 

  On Friday morning we put all the acquired skills in dinghies to the test in an inter-team Regatta, in which there was much
 shouting and friendly rivalry.  Our final day, included, for most a most satisfying sail all the way down The River Bure from
 Salhouse to our night mooring on Malthouse Broad. Again we were drenched from time to time by cold and very cold

  Last night is always Spaghetti Bolognaise and Plums and Custard. And in the squash a reprise of most of the silly song as
 well as how to include Jesus in all our stories as we live them out day by day. 

  May God be praised for all His goodness. The enduring memory is of the cold and showery weather and the confidence in
 The God who cares to change young lives to experience the Wonder of the Voyage that God has planned.