The virtual railwayana museum

Collecting railwayana, or railway relics, was a hobby of mine from the early 1970's (when the term railwayana was unknown, and items could be had at little or no cost from the scrapmen busy with dismantling our railways) until the early 1990's (by which time railwayana was big business, with prices to match).

Like most other sites on the web, this site is not finished yet - however, I think there is enough of it be of interest.

A lot of the pictures will be replaced with better ones soon! Some of the links will not work just yet, due to lack of pictures for one reason or another.

This site is not for you if you are looking for comment on auction prices, or discussions about recent developments in the railwayana scene, or pithy/witty/obscure comments about other collectors. All you get here is pictures of railwayana, overwhelmingly that of English cast iron signs. All the pictures are by myself (so nobody else is to blame!), of items that are in, or have been in my personal collection. I have not been active in this field for some years now, so I do not consider myself an authority on railwayana - but I have got a lot of pictures! In fact, the main reason for the existence of this page is that my ISP (claranet) keeps giving me extra web space to play with. You will find no flash HTML in this site - no frames, pop-ups, javascript etc. - but it does seem to work ok on all the browsers I have tested it on. If your browser doesn't support pictures, or you've got them turned off, this site is no good - it is 99% pictures!

When you have had enough, you may be entertained by another site, about English weights & measures.

Feel free to e-mail me with any comments.

The virtual museum opened in Feb 1999; you are visitor number

Site last updated: 17/Feb/2005 (Some more pictures added)

BR Bridge plate
BR Enamel sign: Goods office (LMR)
BR Right of way sign
BR Totem: Hornsey (ER)
BR Totem: Blackrod (LMR)
BR Totem: Newton Heath (LMR)
BR Totem: Pendleton Broad Street (LMR)
BR Totem: Saddleworth (LMR)
BR Totem: Stockport Tiviot Dale (LMR)
BR Totem: Wakefield Kirkgate (NER)
BR Totem: Slade Green (SR)
BR Totem: West Malling (SR)
BR Totem: Nitshill (ScR)
BR Totem: Ealing Broadway (WR)

BTC trespass

Cambrian Railways bridge restriction

CLC trespass
CLC Stop valve
CLR Bridge plate

FR trespass

GCR beware of trains
GCR hydrant
GCR trespass

GER bridge restriction

GN & GE Jt trespass

GNR arch plate
GNR bridge plate
GNR bridge restriction
GNR bridge restriction (diamond)
GNR trespass

GNR(I) trespass

GS&WR gate notice

GWR box
GWR gate notice
GWR (full) trespass
GWR (short) trespass

GW & LNWR Jt gate notice

HBR trespass

LHL arch plate

LMS arch plate
LMS bridge plate
LMS tender plate
LMS trespass

LNER beware of trains
LNER bridge plate
LNER footpath
LNER gate notice
LNER maintenace ends
LNER right of way 010
LNER trespass
LNER weighbridge

LNW & GW Jt bridge plate

LNWR arch plate (curved)
LNWR beware of trains
LNWR bridge plate
LNWR bridge plate (different type)
LNWR bridge restriction
LNWR capstan
LNWR crane number
LNWR gate notice
LNWR trespass
LNWR (welsh) trespass

LSWR beware of trains
LSWR trespass

LYR beware of trains
LYR bridge restriction
LYR  bridge restriction (diamond)
LYR gate notice
LYR private
LYR trespass (unrestored)
LYR trespass (restored)

MJC  bridge restriction (diamond)
MJC  bridge restriction (diamond) (close-up)

MR trespass
MR beware of trains
MR bridge restriction
MR milepost

MSJ&AR bridge plate

MSLR Hydrant

NER 3/4 mile post
NER bridge restriction

SECR bridge restriction
SECR trespass

SMJR beware of trains/trespass

SR trespass

SURCC bridge restriction

WR & GR Arch plate