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Names on Weights - E to J: A list of 'named' weights, from Eastern Counties to Juggins.

Eastern Counties [b]
Eastern Counties Scale Co, 15 Crown St, Ipswich 
Name seen on weights with verification marks c1930. R.W.Darby, proprieter of the Eastern Counties Scale Company in Yarmouth [1925 Kelly], in Ipswich at 17 Crown Street [1929 Kelly] and 25 Berners Street [1933 Kelly]. The firm also had a branch in Norwich in 1925.

Edwards [i]
Edwards & Co.
Seen on an iron weight with GR 147 (Liverpool) verification mark. The firm was an old-established Liverpool firm, with premises in the Old Haymarket in 1889. Bought by Berry and Warmington in 1927.

Ely [b]
N.Ely, St. Leonards
Newport Ely was apprentice scale maker in London [1881 census]. An apprentice piece by him dated c1885 is illustrated in Brian Jewell's book Veteran Scales and Balances. In the 1890s he moved to St Leonards-on-Sea, near Hastings, and set up in business at 25 Western Road. The firm closed c1935.
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EVW [b]
EVW (with pictorial mark)
Edward Villers Wilkes, 12 Lower Priory, Birmingham, from pre-1829 [Slater's Directory 1852]. I am indebted to Vin Callcut's Old Copper pages (see www.oldcopper.org/e_v_wilkes.htm) for this information.

Ezard [i]
Ezzard (with trademark in a heart-shaped frame)
Seen on iron weights.

F&P [i]
Seen on a 1lb iron bar weight with a pre-uniform Norfolk verification mark. 

Fairburn [b]
Fairburn Bros, Maidstone
Seen on a weight with ER342 (Kent) verification mark.
Fairburn Bros [1913 Kelly] at 56 High St. Maidstone.
Branches at [1913 Kelly]:
  34 Station road, Sittingbourne.
 136 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells.
 184 High Street, Tonbridge.
 42 Station Road, Lewes.

Falkirk [i]
Falkirk Iron Co.
Based at Grahamstown, near Falkirk. Founded 1910. Part of Allied Ironfounders, 1927.
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Fenn [i]
Edward Fenn, Wolverhampton
Seen on an 8oz iron weight, c1890. The name could possibly be Penn, not Fenn. Edward Fenn (b.1818), blacksmith at Ashes Road, Bobbington [1881 census].

Fereday [i]
See Weylux

Ford [b]
Ford, Trowbridge
Isaac Ford (b.1865) apprentice scalemaker in Bristol [1881 census]. Recorded at 44 Roundstone Road [1895 Kelly].

Fox [i]
R.E. Fox, Leicester
Seen with GR110 (Leicester) verification mark dated (19)28.
Robert E Fox, appr. to ironmonger [1881 census].
Scalemaker at 114 Belgrave Gate [1900 Kelly].
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Franklin [b,i]
Franklin Bros, Scale Makers, Liverpool
Franklin Bros, L'pool
Franklin & Co., Wrexham
Seen on mid-20th century brass and iron weights.
Henry Franklin, scalemaker, 32 Irvine Street [1894 Kelly]
Franklin Bros [1912 Hbk], 37-39 Cazneau Street & 38 Byrom Street.
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Franks [b]
J.M. Franks
Seen on a 4oz brass weight with ER327 (Luton) marks. The 1901 census records John Franks (b.1873), scale maker, in Watford. John Franks, scale maker, is listed in Kelly's 1903 directory at 19 Castle Street, Luton. The 1910 Kelly's records Avery at this address.

Gandy [b]
Gandy, Maker
George Harley Gandy (b.1825) of Brentford was in business from 1855 until about 1913. Shown as a scalemaker at 158 Kingsland Road, London [1852 PO]. At the time of the 1881 census he was at 145 High Street, New Brentford (to 1914). The name is seen on brass weights with verification marks from this period.

Garood [i]
Garood Eye
Garood & Sons, Iron, Brass and Agricultural Maker, Behind 18, Lowgate Street, Eye, Suffolk. In business circa 1844 - 1900 ish. Long tiled shed of Foundry and Chimney still survive. 

Gardner [b]
W.H. Gardner, London
Gardner, 464 Wandsworth Road
Gardner, 572 Wandsworth Road
Gardner, Wandsworth Road
Possibly the firm of Wal Gardner, a London scalemaker, recorded as working 1855-1910. The name is seen on weights with 20th century verification marks.
Other possibilities:
 James Gardner I, scalemaker at:
  7 Globe Road, Mile End (1852-1865)
  139 Commercial Street
  7 Hewlett Road, Roman Road [1886 PO]
 James Gardner II (b.1847), scalemaker at:
  2 Cottage Lane, St. Luke [1881 census]
 Thomas Gardner (b.1850), scalemaker at:
  154 St. Johns Road, Shoreditch [1881 census, 1901 census]

Garland [i]
J. Garland & Co.
James Garland, scalemaker, 37 Lionel Street [1852 Slater]. James Garland & Co., a firm of scalemakers working in Birmingham c1880 onwards. The firm was bought by Avery’s c1895, after which they continued to produce ‘second-quality’ items under this name. 

Garter [i]
Garter Foundry Co, West BromH
The Garter Foundry was in Haines Street, West Bromwich, c1882. The name has been seen on an iron weight with VR33 (Staffs) verification mark. 

Gatchell [c,b]
S Gatchell & Sons
Various addresses in Dublin [EQM 1798-1800].

Gillard [i]
H. Gillard
W. Gillard, Bath
Probably the same (family) firm.
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Greader [b]
Greader Maker Cardiff
T H Greader
Thomas Henry Greader (b. 1854 in Bristol). Addreses:
 18/19 Caroline Street, Cardiff [1881 Census] 1876-1914
 (Same address as Greader & Son) [Kelly's 1905 and 1913]
 22/24 Wyndham Arcade (1920-23).
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Great Eastern Railway [i]
Created on the 7th August 1862, it ran from Liverpool Street to Cambridge and East Anglia. It was absorbed into the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) on its formation at 1st Jan 1923.

Great Northern Railway [i]
Created 26th June 1846, the GNR ran from Kings Cross to Doncaster. It was absorbed into the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) on its formation at 1st Jan 1923.

Green [i]
I & D Green
Ino. & D. Green
John and David Green set up the Coseley Foundry around 1820. Their early weights bore the name I & D Green, but from about 1845 onwards the firm was known as D. Green & Co. On 1 August 1847 the firm registered a design for oval-shaped iron weights with a ‘pie-crust’ edge. Iron weights of the ‘normal’ pattern were also produced. Recorded as David Green & Co, iron founders, Cosley Foundry [1835 Pigot].

Grove [i]
A. Grove, Plymouth
A scalemaker, who probably had weights made and stamped with firm’s name. Eyre [1890] records Arthur Grove (b. 1860), scalemaker, 49½ Bath Street, and also a William Grove, scalemaker, who may be the father. Address was 23/35 Treville Street 1893-1919.

H&S [a]
This name occurs on apothecaries weights with a design very similar to one bearing the name of Avery, and dated to c1880-1910. It has been suggested that it refers to the firm of Hodgson and Stead, but this is unlikely because that firm specialised in heavy weighing machinery. The firm of Hale & Standing (see below) is a possibility. It may also refer to Herbert & Sons.

Hale & Standing [i]
Hale & Standing
At the Providence Works, Sam’s Lane, West Bromwich c1878. The name seen on iron weights with pre-1890 copper plug.

Hare [t]
J. Hare
The name J. Hare is stamped on a 5dwt brass weight. Joseph Hare was listed in the 1881 Census as a brass drawer living at 61 Kenion St, Birmingham. This may have been the scale maker of that name who attended meetings of the British Association of Inspectors of Weights and Measures in the late 1880s.

Hawkins [i]
Hawkins & Co., Tipton
Recorded at the Sheepwash Lane Foundry, Dudley Port, Tipton, c1879. Possibly makers of the bun-shaped weights with trade name Acme (Hawkins & Co registered a design for a bun-shaped weight with the trade name Acme in 1892).

Haydon [b]
W. Haydon, Bournemouth 
William Haydon (b.1853), an ironmonger employing 10 men and 2 boys, was living at 268 Old Christchurch Road, Christchurch 1881-1899 [Census].

Heath [b]
Heath, Edmonton
Seen on a brass weight with (19)24 date.
George Philip Heath (b.1867) in Devon, scalemaker in Edmonton [1901 census]. Show at these addresses:
 90 Town Road [1902 Kelly]
 77 Fore Street [1914 Kelly]

Headley and Edwards [i]
Headley and Edwards
Seen on a 56lb bar weight.

Herbert [b]
Herbert & Sons Ltd, 6&7 West Smithfield
Herbert & Sons, Kings Cross
Thomas Herbert was a scalemaker, working from 1842 onwards in St George’s Street, Tower Hamlets. In 1867 he acquired the business of Henry Wood (originally John Wood, who started trading in 1760), at 6&7 West Smithfield, and the firm became known as known as Thomas Herbert & Sons. In addition to the Smithfield address, and the original premises at 47 St. George Street, there was also a factory at 319 Grays Inn Road. The Kings Cross refers to this part of the business, and appears mainly on weights from the late Victorian period. In 1876, following the death of Thomas, the two sons (George and William) split the business, the former taking St. George St. and West Smithfield, the latter taking Grays Inn Rd. The two halves recombined in 1948. The West Smithfield address continued to be used until 1968, when Herbert's moved to Haverhill in Suffolk. From circa 1910 onwards the firm was known as Herbert and Sons Ltd. [MR 1960:112] [EQM 1191-1202].It should be noted that the firm did not make weights themselves, but put their name on weights that were sold with their scales. The firm is now called 'The Herbert Group', and is still involved in weighing. Their web site is www.herbertgroup.com.

Holcroft [i]
Holcroft, Wolverhampton
T.H. & Sons
T.H. & S
Thomas Holcroft & Sons, Ettingshall Foundry, Wolverhampton. A hollow-ware manufacturer. Thomas Holcroft (b.1824) engineer, brass and iron founder at:
 Bilston Foundry, Market St., Bilston [1865 Jones, 1870 Kelly, 1900 Kelly].
Thomas Holcroft & Sons at:
 Ettingshall Foundry (1893-1969).
The firm closed in 1969.
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Holder [i]
Seen on a weight of the ‘usual’ pre-1890 design.

Hope [i]
Hope Foundry Co.
The Hope Foundry and Engineering Co. is recorded as making sad irons at the Hope Works in West Bromwich, c1866. It is possible that there was also a Hope Foundry in Leeds.

Housden [b]
C. Housden, 148 Green St., Forest Gate
Charles Housden (b. 1851) scalemaker was living in 1881 at at 3 Devonport Terrace, West Ham. Other addresses recorded:
48 High Street [1874 P.O.]
187 High Street, Stratford [1890 Kelly]
148 Green Street, Forest Gate [1910]
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Howard [i]
AC Howard
Howard Southampton
Alvin C. Howard (1859-1932), the son of a blacksmith, was living at 35 Bugle Street, Southampton in 1881 [Census]. Later he is recorded as a scale maker at 114 East Street, Southampton [1898 Kelly], and with premises at 31A Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth.
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Hubbard [b]
Hubbard, Theobalds Rd
Hubbard, London
Hubbard Drury Lane
Seen on weights with a verification date (19)11, and Middlesex mark of 1880-1901 (this later with the Drury lane name). The original Hubbard business started in Feathers Court off Drury Lane in 1820. Hubbard and Walker (1883-1919) were trading in Theobalds Road when purchased by Herbert & Sons in 1919.
John William Walker, scalemaker at:
 94 Drury Lane [1852 PO]
 85 Drury Lane [1865 Trades]
William James Hubbard, scalemaker at:
 85 Drury Lane [1876 PO]

Hunt [i]
Hunt & Co.
Believed to refer to William Hunt & Co, London, in business c1871-1905. 

Izons [i]
Izons & Co.
John Izon was the pioneer of the cast-iron hollow-ware trade. He was in business before 1776 and moved from Birmingham to West Bromwich in 1780. [Church p35, Prosser p141]. The firm was at the Albion Works in West Bromwich, and also had an address in Duke Street, Birmingham. Recorded as Izons & Co. at Roway [1835 Pigot].

James [b,i]
G.H. James, Scale Maker, Bath.
George Henry James, scalemaker at 5 Kingsmead Square [Kelly 1914]. Also recorded at 91 Avon St, and 86 Walcot St, Bath.

Jamieson [b]
J Jamieson Dundee
Seen on a cased brass bell weight with a crown over TP verification mark.
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J.B.B. [a]
These initials are seen on a rare set of apothecaries weights that imitated the design registered by Averys in 1850 [AW 57]. 

Jenkins [b]
Jenkins Ltd, Aberystwyth
Seen on a 2oz weight with verification date (19)39.
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J.H. [i]
Seen on oval block weights. There were several firms with these initials who made or supplied weights. 

J.L.B. [a]
These initials occur on a very common set of apothecaries weights. The weights seem to date from c1900-50. However, the firm has not been identified, and it is possible that the weights were made abroad. 

J.P& Co [b]
J.P & Co S
Seen on a weight with ER verification mark and date (19)10. 

J.S&S (W) [b]
J.S & S, W. Ltd.
Seen on a 2oz brass weight with verification date 1920. The firm of John Shaw and Sons, Wolverhampton, is a possibility. They are recorded as makers of sad irons. 

Juggins [ceramic weights]
Juggins New Enamel Weight
William Juggins of 22 James Street, Covent Garden, London devised a method of making weights with a ceramic case and lead filling, c1840. The case was made by Copeland and Garrett of Stoke-on-Trent. [AW 60 and EQM 535]. 

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