A Royal and Ancient History
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"A Royal and Ancient History" covers Golf from its origins to the First World War in the United Kingdom and North America. The video includes the development of Golf equipment, the formation of the earliest golf club and societies, the earliest Rules of Golf, the leading golf Professionals and Caddies that dominated the early years of the Open and the US Open Championships and major golfing patent applications.

Video Content Tour the British Golf Museum with its earliest golf clubs and balls. Find out about the first Golf Professional in North America. Learn about the earliest golf courses on both sides of the Atlantic and the influence of the Scots on the modern game.

Learn about the early years at "the home of golf", just follow the simple procedures to order your copy of "A Royal and Ancient History" using our On-line secure credit card facility and impress your friends with your knowledge of the 'history of golf'.

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Fore Tee Video presents a great videotape "A Royal and Ancient History". I have to admit I was not expecting what I found on this tape. An amazing and detailed history of not just the game of golf, but also the history of clubs, balls and other golf trivia. This is real pre World War I history. A fascinating tape for any golf lover with some great video shots of "The old course" and some wonderful historic sites.
The Producers wish to thank The British Golf Museum, James McLeod and Peter Anderson for their assistance in the production of this Video.
E Exempt from Classification Approximate Running Time 59 minutes
As advertised on 'The Golf Channel' and 'Fox Sports'
St. Andrews
First golfer
The first Golfer?
Tommy Morris
Tommy Morris Junior
Club development
Clubhead development
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