British Association of Radio Control Soarers

was founded in 1972 to organise and represent the interests of everybody involved in radio controlled soaring.

The Association has been in existence for over 40 years and has as members enthusiasts representing all the soaring disciplines, including thermal, slope, scale and electric.

www. BARCS.co.uk

From 1997 until 2008 Claranet hosted the BARCS website on the space they provided as part of my ISP package. During the last couple of years Richard Swindells also provided server space. His was not a commercial service and he provided this space free of charge to BARCS. Richard also set up and initially ran FlyQuiet the excellent bulletin board that now has an International reputation - so thanks from all of us to Richard.

Austin Guerrier now maintains www.barcs.co.uk

www.F3K.uk is still available, acting as an archive of F3K in the UK from 2003 until the beginning of 2008.

Tony Beckett - e-mail
Winter 2012


Becketts Assorted Radio Control Scoring

My ISP web space - www.barcs.clara.net - is no longer used by logo
Instead I can offer the scoring programs I have produced for flat field soaring competitions.
They are all in the form of Excel workbooks, produced with enthusiasm rather than with any formal programming skills..........

F3K  July 2010
Since F3K started there have been a number of scoring schemes produced, either using Excel or as stand alone programs. The one that has now risen to the top is a result of transatlantic co-operation between Peter Jubel in 2007-2009 and Oleg Golovidov from 2010 onwards, it is Java based and will run on Windows as well as other platforms.
I have always been a little wary of stand alone scoring programs as it is often difficult to get names into the programs and then data out again afterwards. Not so with the Jubel/Golovidov version:- "The new version of F3KScore fully supports pasting data from the system clipboard. This means you can manipulate and sort your data in Excel or any other program, then copy and paste it into F3KScore".

GliderScore   November 2010
Gerry Carter, from Australia, has put in an immense amount of work to produce an application that will score not only F3K but F3J, F3B, F3F, F5B, as well as general thermal and e-soaring classes. However what really impresses me is his handling of the matrix. A clear indication of the quality of the matrix is given, as well as chance to re-matrix easily part way through a contest. You really can now leave matrixing an event until the very last minute. (I have a particular interest in matrix producing, see below.)

Since 2010, when I first mentioned F3KScore and GliderScore both programs have been further refined and developed. Well worth having a look at their respective web sites for full information.

To download the Excel files below, which are stored in the .zip format, right click over the link and then choose "Save Target As...", which will enable you to choose where the file will be stored on your PC. You can then un-zip the file and load it into Excel.
Contact Tony - e-mail if there are any queries, or if you have a particular interest in scoring these types of event.       

My Excel workbook is also called F3KScore .xls
It will handle up to 20 rounds plus a fly-off. In use from 2004. Updated Aug 2009, with the new task designations, now only scores the 10 official tasks.
Last updated March 2012.

Prints score cards for F3K tasks, four to an A4 sheet. Will also "mail merge" competitors names if needed. In use from 2004. Last updated March 2012.

Provides lots of information about the F3K Tasks. In use from 2004.

Converted from F3KScore.xls to suit the
eSoaring 200W/Kg class that uses height limiters.
Now includes a fly-off facility & 100 point penalty.
For 2010 season. Last updated 30 June 2010

Converted from F3KScore.xls to suit the
eSoaring 200W/Kg class that uses height limiters.
In use from 2008, last updated December 2009.

Provides both Open and 2M League scores.
Best 6 results to count.
For 2010 season, last updated 27th April 2010

Provides both Open and 2M League scores.
Using the 2011 season rules.

Provides both Open and 2M League scores.
Using the 2012 season rules.
Updated August 2012

Converted from eScoring.XLS to suit the different overfly rules. - 2 points taken off for every second overflown.
May 2009.

The variation on F3K designed to suit the World Air Games. In use from 2008.

F6D Score Cards.xls
Score cards for above. In use from 2008.

For BARCS Open and 100S (will handle F3J but poor at re-flies.) Includes facility for 2 or 3 man teams. In use from 1997, last update 2005. Used at the 1st F3J World Championship; held in the UK in 1998.

Used with XLSCORE.xls to produce slot picking lists and time recording sheets as well as the transmitter labels that were popular when transmitters were impounded between rounds. In use from 1997.

At BARCS Radioglide the pilot with the best 3 results wins the trophy. This workbook does the calculation. In use from 1997.

Used to record scores for the BARCS postal "best 10 from 20" flights competition.

Used to combine events flown during the year into the League Totals and then find the best 4 results. In use since 2004.

Miniglider14 DayDurationChallenge.zip
2010 - An improvement By Jef Ott, on the challenge below, which was devised by Jef initially. This time you are "the winner" if no one ups your time within 14 days. This way a new competition starts if an improved time is not submitted within two weeks. Intended to keep the interest going the whole year.

2009 - An informal competition that has been held for several years.
F3K pilots register their longest flight, so far, for the year. The winner is the one who has held the longest flight position for the greatest number of days.
The Excel workbook keeps track of the days and makes it easy to check who is in the lead.
This keeps pilots busy in the early months of the year as the times are slowly pushed up, then someone puts in a really long flight and everyone else looses interest.

The Matrix

The problem of producing a good matrix for a soaring competitions has now been solved by both Oleg Golovidov from America and Gerry Carter, from Australia and their F3KScore and GliderScore programs.

Back in pre 35Mhz days when we just had 6 frequencies it was done from pre-prepared tables. These tables continued to be developed as more frequencies became available and it was Alan Moore from Norfolk who produced the comprehensive set of tables available here. - MOOREMAT.xls

The best computer generated matrix maker I have come across, prior to F3KScore and GliderScore, is the one I used at the F3J World Championships in 1998. It comes from the German set of Scoring files DAVE-F3J. I preferred my own Excel workbooks for the scoring but was impressed with STARTORD.EXE.. It is a touch arcane to use but gives good results, especially with big contests. Anyone with an interest in STARTORD.EXE please contact me. I have produced STARTORD.XLS which takes the initial matrix data and converts it to a form that I use in my scoring workbooks.

It turns out that producing an Excel matrix checker is a lot easier than producing a matrix maker itself and there is MatrixCheck.xls available. (Updated August 2010)

I would be pleased to hear from anyone with an interest in matrix makers, particularly if they use Excel.

Tony Beckett e-mail