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Spherical Tokamaks

The following incomplete and unreliable table gives details about 38 spherical tokamaks, their dimensions and special features, with links to appropriate web sites wherever possible.  See the key below the table to understand the colour coding. Use the data only for broad comparison purposes and remember to check more reliable sources if it is important.  The data in the table has not been thoroughly refereed but I am pleased to have received feeback from many helpful people and welcome more. Please contact me if you think there are significant errors or omissions, with evidence to support your claim.

'Conventional' tokamaks are not included in this table because the important parameters are slightly different. There is a separate page on this site for these machines.

Download a printable colour version of this table in pdf format - it may not be as up-to-date as the table below.


Key to colour codes and abbreviations

Currently operating


DNB: Diagnostic Neutral Beam.  ECH: Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating. FW: Fast Wave. IB: Ion Bernstein Wave.  ICH: Ion Cyclotron heating.  IP: Max plasma current.  LH: Lower Hybrid Current Drive.  NBI: Neutral Beam Injection. SC: Superconducting.  TF: Toroidal Field.
"y" means yes, but that no details have been obtained. 
Blank boxes - not known.
Copyright acknowledged  Photo of exterior, or other illustration.     Copyright acknowledged   Photo of interior.

Under construction
Proposed or planned
Currently not operating
Unknown status
Decommissioned (or not built)


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