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Links to a few general tokamak sites

See the tables of tokamaks for links to sites for specific machines. The sites listed here will not all be found as links from the official fusion sites, but should give some insight into the technology.

Fusion movies

These links won't work if your network administrators don't allow streaming video, and some of them are REALLY LARGE files.

ITER - The Way to Fusion Power - part 1. A 6 minute European Commission video. (Via
Featuring shots of the outside of JET and inside of another tokamak (probably ASDEX-U?). Rather less technical. Contains good demonstrations of analogies to fusion concepts.

ITER - The Way to Fusion Power - part 2. The second part of the EC video. (Via
Showing plasma videos and movies of the inside of JET.

Fusion: Nature's Fundamental Energy Source 3/3 (Via
1996 General fusion video from General Atomics, with views of DIII-D tokamak.

START plasma (Via
Much slowed down video of the plasma in the START spherical tokamak

Los Alamos Fast Camera System on TFTR showing some slow motion videos of disruptions on TFTR.


Other links

Constructing ITER in Lego.

Eurofusion (formerly EFDA)- a large page of links to photos and videos.

Wikipedia's artiticle on Tokamaks for a good introduction to the technology and history. 

Wikipedia's artiticle on Spherical Tokamaks

FIRE Place, where you can find an archive of historical information and news about fusion, along with a wealth of technical literature on the subject.

See also, the fusion glossary from PPPL, Princeton.

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