William Balshaw, 1801 - 1868.


1801 in Bolton Lancs (from 1861 census).


Retired (?) Gentleman, from 1858 History of Altrincham, (inferred connection). Owner of Houses from 1861 census.

Home 5 Wellington Place, (The Down), Altrincham in 1858 and 1861.


(1) Margaret Buckley (date unknown) . No known children.

(2) Mary (age 28 in 1861) from 1861 census return.

Children Mary M Balshaw born in Salford Lancs c 1859. Gertrude Elizabeth Balshaw born in Bowdon c 1860 from 1861 census.


Dec. qtr 1868, Altrincham 8a 169, age 67. Buried 9/12/1868 at St Mary's, Bowdon. No will or probate documents found in a search from Jan 1868 to end of 1871.

Buried at Bowdon Parish Church. Grave number 1869. Unable to find a grave stone at Bowdon, July 1995. Ran out of time. See map.


No known connection.

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