Thomas Riddiough Balshaw, 1868-1911.


Sept qtr 1868, Barton 8a (or c?) 543. Son of Pass Balshaw and Hester Ann.


In the early 1900s he was a commercial traveller, living in Harrow.


He married Frances Annie Jackson (who died 1934 in St Albans aged 67).  They had four children.

Dorothy Ridiough Balshaw, born 17th February 1899 at 1 Delaval Road, Whitley, Northumberland.  She married Edward (Ted) Booth at St Marks, Colvey Heath, St Albans, in 1936.  They emigrated to Australia on 30th December 1948.

Eileen Frances Ridiough Balshaw, born February 1901 in Hailsham. She married Reg Culverhouse and lived at 42 Glendor Gardens, Mill Hill, London.  They had no children. She died in June 1977.

Margaret Ridiough Balshaw (Margo), born Hendon 1906.   She was brought up by her Auntie Rosa after the death of her father in 1911.  She married Gordon Robinson, and they had one son, John.  She died in 1934.

Harold Ridiough Balshaw ("Bobby") was born in Hendon in 1908.  In 1934 he was stationed on a ship in Weymouth.  He married Ann Crane in August 1937 and they had one daughter called Jane.  He died in a submarine accident on 4th August 1940.


Death registered in Hendon, age 42, in the June quarter of 1911.

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