Rosa Balshaw, born 1866


Birth registered 1st quarter 1866, in Barton registration district.  Daughter of Pass Balshaw and Hester Ann.


Peter Harrop has a letter from Rosa to his great grandmother Lucy Balshaw (her sister), written in 1932.  In it she says :

"Dodie gave me very little detail of the Balshaw side.  Grandpa [Thomas] died at the age of 69 of heart disease and was the largest and handsomest man in Cheshire. Grandma was Lucy Riddiough, who had 2 brothers, one a Doctor and the other in the Army.  It is said that no (underlined in letter) Riddiough was ever in business."

Dodie's real name was Emily Bedford. She was the daughter of Frances Balshaw (b 1840) and John Bedford.

Peter's mother says that it wasn't the done thing to be 'in business' amongst our family in those days.  However, we have since found out that Lucy's father (John Alanson Riddiough) was a saddler and John's father  (John Riddiough) was a whipmaker, so I am sure this qualifies as being 'in business'. There may have been some competitiveness in the fact that Pass's wife's family (the Olliers) were all Surgeons and Lawyers.


Godfrey R Wreford, an Anglican vicar, in the June quarter of 1916 in Pancras registration district (1b 148).  They had no children but brought up her niece, Margaret Riddiough Balshaw after the death of Margaret's father, Thomas Ridiough Balshaw.

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