Raymond Balshaw, 1895-1990s?


Youngest son of Henry Howard Balshaw and Susannah, born in the June quarter of 1895.


Printer at some time, then . . . ?


There were family stories that he had moved to Canada and married Lillian. Lillian still living in Verwood, nr Bournemouth 1995.

Other evidence (from Michael Wisehall) suggested that he first married Clarice. Their wedding is listed in civil registration in the June quarter of 1918 in Bucklow registration district, and her surname was Morgan.  However, they were divorced about 1937.  

Michael Wisehall's godmother was Cynthia Heather Freda (or Fredricka) Desirree Balshaw. She was the daughter of Raymond's first wife.  She was born in 1929. She sometimes titled herself Balshaw-Beswick, Frederick Beswick being her (natural) father. The family lived at 2 Green Bank, Barrington Road Altrincham till 1961.

He says "I don't think there is a shadow of doubt that 'Raymond' was your father's uncle. It fits with things Cynthia said over the years. She would have been fascinated to have had the information you have so far come up with.. As far as I can remember Raymond 'ran off' to Canada with a woman who was younger. This could have been Lilian. If he married prior to 1937 it appears he would have been a bigamist. When I can find it I will e-mail you a studio photo of Clarice taken on The Downs in Atrincham in the mid 30's. It might give some idea of his 'taste'. I remember talking to an old porter at at Morrisons sale room in Altrincham who knew her when she was young. He gave me the impression that she had a bit of a reputation.

"I enjoy research myself, and am always keen to deposit information where it will be safe. Its strange that the Solicitors bill should be found in a very rusty deed box in a house in Dublin !

"Cynthias (natural) great grandfather was the 1st superintendant of Manchester police who died in 1850. I managed to deposit his scrap books into the Manchester Police museum after Cynthia died. The curator couldn't believe that they still existed. Prior to this they had little information on him."


Apparently died in the early 1990s, although no evidence has yet been found.   Lillian may have died about 1997.

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