Joseph Pollard, born c. 1700.


Mary Clerk, 23rd December 1727, at Childwall, Lancashire.


All at St Nicholas, Liverpool.

Anne Pollerd, 1728, baptised 8th August 1728;

Thomas Pollard, born 26th June 1730, baptised 5th July 1730;

John Pollard, 17th October 1732, baptised 3rd November 1732;

Mary Pollard, 6th October 1734, baptised 2nd November 1734;

Elizabeth Pollard, 8th December 1736, baptised 22nd December 1736, died 1759;

Joseph Pollard and Jennet Pollard, twins, born 20th December 1737, baptised 17th January 1738;

Sarah Pollard born 18th June 1741, baptised 30th June 1741, died 1741;

Charles Pollard, 19th January 1743, baptised 2nd February 1743, died 1743.

William Pollard, (buried 10th August 1744).


"Servant to Revd. Mr Stanley", then from 1734 as "Innkeeper of Dale Street".


Peter Harrop searched the Christenings, Marriages and Burials of St Nicholas Church, Liverpool. He says "Our Pollards appear to be the only family with this name here around this time. I couldn't find any Disleys. Anne married William Harding (an Attorney) at St Nicholas, 12 November 1749. Mary married John Lomax at St Peter, Church St, 6th July 1750 and Joseph married a woman called Martha at St Peter Church St, 2nd December 1760."

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