John Riddiough, 1747- 1827


Born 1747. Son of  Thomas Riddiough and Elizabeth.


Lucia Pollard, 17th October 1774, at St Nicholas, Liverpool.

Children: Elizabeth, 1776 -1847, (who married Samuel Shearson in 1797); John Alanson Riddiough, 1780; William, 1782 (died 1785); Alice, 1784; Jane, 1787; Alice, 1789; Robert, 1791, (who married Mary Knowlden in 1811 at Liverpool); Mary, 1793; Lucy Ann, 1797; Frances Barton Riddiough, 1801.


Whipmaker and hairdresser.

Mentioned in the quarter sessions records 29th May1820.  Toxteth Park.  Copy of notice of conviction of Abraham Bellis, Overseer of the Poor, for binding David Sanderson, an apprentice to John Riddiough of Ormskirk, whipmaker and hairdresser, contary to statute.


January, 1827, buried at Ormskirk Parish Church, 13th January. Have copy of will.

Note that his son John Alanson Riddiough was specifically excluded from receiving anything from the will as he had publicly shamed his father. John Alanson's share went to his daughter Lucy.

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