John Pearson born c. 1825.


Not known when or where.  Possibly son of  John Pearson and Mary Ann Blackshaw who were married at St Mary's Bowden on 18th December, 1822.


Gardener, living in New Street, Altrincham in 1854 (from Susannah's birth certificate).

Probably Market Gardener of 18 Lloyd St, Altrincham, in 1859/60, from Charles Balshaw's Stranger's Guide.  (However, there are also references to two (or perhaps one?) other John Pearsons, both farmers, one of Seamon's Moss Sinderland, the other of Sinderland, Dunham Massey.)


Hannah Gibbon whose parents were possibly Thomas and Sarah Gibbon.

Children :  Susannah, 1854, Ann, Jane?, Mary E, William (whose daughter Jessie Pearson is Ginny Funnell's grandmother), Edward.

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