John Kingsley Balshaw, 1880-1960.


Altrincham 1880, son of John Riddiough Balshaw and Mary .  Possibly named after the Rev. John Kingsley, vicar of Dunham.

Educated at King William's College, Isle of Man.


Railway Clerk in 1903 (from John's admon), and remained working for the LMS railway.

Present at the death of John Riddiough Balshaw in 1903.

Married (1)

Hattie (or Cattie?) Frith, Sept. qtr 1906 in Bucklow registration district.  She died of cancer before (?) World War 2 (perhaps Harriet, died Bucklow, June qtr 1940 age 62), and he moved to Bristol with his daughter.

A child named John Kingsley Balshaw died in 1909, age 0, in Bucklow registration district. Presumably this was his son.  They also had a daughter named Hilda (date of birth not certain, but probably Hilda M, born Bucklow, Sept qtr 1910).  She died about 1955 of cancer leaving no children.

Married (2)

Florence (a bridesmaid at his first marriage?).  No Children.


Bristol, Dec quarter 1960, (7b 273), age 80.


Lost his leg in an air raid in Bristol during World War 2.

No living descendents at all.

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