Henry Balshaw 1836 - 1914.


Altrincham (age 5 in 1841, age 14 in 1851, age 43 in 1881) Son of Thomas Balshaw and Lucy. Baptised 13th November 1836, at St George, Altrincham.


Printer's Apprentice on 1851 census.

Altrincham and Bowdon Guardian, Saturday January 2 1875. Advertisement for the services of Mr Henry Balshaw, Auctioneer . . . his offices, Springfield Road, Altrincham and Aldine Chambers, 61 Princess St, Manchester.

Auctioneer, Head of household 1881. No children given on census return.


Elizabeth D.  Possibly in the second quarter of 1860, in Altrincham.


June quarter, 1914, Bucklow district, age 78.


Additional hearsay about his relationship with his brother Pass Balshaw.

Present at the funeral of his brother, John Riddiough Balshaw, Dec. 7th 1903. Was there any connection with Morrisons the auctioneers? Edward Pearson Balshaw "was thick with them" in the 1930s at least, and David Morrison was at Henry Howard Balshaw's funeral. 1881 census Piece 3504 Folio 14 Page 25.

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