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The family bible

The family bible was rebound before WW2, but for some reason the pages containing the family tree information were not bound in. They were kept by auntie Annie and now seem to have disappeared.

History of a Ship from her cradle to her grave (c.1855)

I have a fascinating book about life at sea in the early 1800s. Unfortunately it has no date on it, but from the contents I infer that it was written about 1855. In it there is an inscription: "To dear Reginald on his birthday, February 16th 1868". Who was Reginald? And how old was he at the time?

Balshaw High School or Grammar School, Leyland.

Church Road, Leyland, Lancs, founded by Thomas Balshaw.

Pevsner: In the churchyard is the old grammar school with mullioned windows.


According to Sheila Tufnell (13 Moss Lane, Timperley, Cheshire, M15 5PQ) Elizabeth Arden was searching for ancestors in Altrincham called Balshaw. They may have had a market stall.

Lillian Balshaw, wife of Raymond is still living in Verwood, near Bournemouth in 1995. There is an address in the World Book of Balshaws.

Balshaw and Warmisham

MHB remembers going to a diamond wedding celebration when he was about five. The Warmisham family were related in some way to his father. They must have been married in about 1870, so it would be interesting to look for a Warmisham/Balshaw marriage.

Searched marriage certificate indexes around this time for Balshaws. Lucy Anne Balshaw was married in the March quarter of 1873, but not to someone called Warmisham. I didn't search the whole of the relevant period for Warmishams, but there would be no way of telling who they married without ordering copies of the certificates.

There are many Warmishams in the IGI living in Chester and Bebbington but relatively few of them near Altrincham.

To be sorted out

Dearham, Cumbria is a coal mining area. In the middle of last century there was a colliery disaster in which many men were killed. The mine went under the sea and the sea broke in. Is this how James Penn's wife's former husband died?

Was there any connection with the John Balshaw who was listed as a Draper from Gt. Crosby but who had his daughter christened in Bowdon parish church?