The Newcastle upon Tyne Connection?

A few connections have been found to link the Altrincham Balshaws with Newcastle upon Tyne.

The death of Lucy Balshaw (nee Riddiough  born 1803) occurred on 26th Septer 1877 at 101 Park Road, Westgate, in the County of Newcastle-on-Tyne and Northumberland.  Exactly who lived in the house at the time is not yet known. An announcement about her death did appear in the Altrincham and Bowdon Guardian on 7th October, and she was buried in Altrincham.

Harry Balshaw lived at 156 Ellesmere Road, Newcastle Upon Type, married there in 1914 and died at the above address in 1958.

The death of Elizabeth D Balshaw (maiden name unknown, but born c.1839) was registered in Newcastle  in the December quarter 1923, aged 84.

Dorothy Ridiough Balshaw was born in Tynemouth, March quarter 1899, daughter of Thomas Riddiough Balshaw and Frances.

George Herbert Balshaw was married in Newcastle in 1888 and died there in 1932.  He was living in Whitley in 1901, appearing on the census as "Herbur".

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