Misc. early references to the name "Balshaw".

Where is the village of Balshaw?

From a Dictionary of English Surnames

by Reaney and Wilson, ISBN 0 415 05737 X

In "Assize Rolls"

Lancs and Cheshire Record Society, 47, 49, 1904, 1905.

Robert de Balsagh, 1246.

Robert Balsagh, 1401.

In "Register of the Freemen of the City of York"

Surtees Soc. 96, 102, 1897,1899.

Thomas Balshay, 1512.

William Baldshaw, 1522.

History of the Pilkington Family

In the book "History of the Pilkington Family (1066-1600)" Adam de BALSHAGH was a witness of a Grant from Richard de Billington, to James his son, and Agnes the daughter of John de Thorpe; land in Walton, on the occasion of their marriage - 28th May, 1 Edward III (1327). The author records that in a transcript of the Rivington muniments, de PILKINGTON was written in error, thus the inclusion of this document in the book.

Adam de Balshagh, 1332

The Dictionary of English Place Names notes an early reference to Adam de Balshagh, 1332, Lay Subsidy, Rylands, Lancashire.