Elizabeth Rowbotham 1812-1885.


1812 from age at death.  In Cheshire in 1816 from 1841 census, Age 39 on 1851 census and age 48 on 1861 census (so 1812), 1819 in Altrincham from 1881 census.

c.f. Cheshire IGI gives an Elizabeth, christened 19/4/1812 in Macclesfield St Michael, daughter of John and Alice.  There are also less likely entries for 1806 and 1825, plus an entry with the same parents as above in 1811.  


Wife of Charles Balshaw. Married 16th July 1835 at St Mary's, Bowdon.

Charles and Elizabeth were living at King St, Altrincham in 1841, both aged 25.

Age 62, "Income from H+", living in Dunham Road, Altrincham, head of household, with a son called Henry, aged 42 (in 1881 census).

Children as Charles Balshaw.


August 23rd, 1885 aged 73, from the incription on the gravestone at St Mary's, Bowdon.  (See transcription on Charles Balshaw's page.)


Another Elizabeth Balshaw was buried 16/11/1899 at Bowdon Parish Church. Age 78 (from Bowdon Parish Church) or up to 83 from census returns. Apparently grave number 3664 (but note that there is no reference to Elizabeth Balshaw on this stone. See James David Balshaw (or Belsham?), 1818-1896.

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