Charles Balshaw, 1771-1830.


Born 1771, son of  John Balshaw and Ann of Ormskirk.

Baptised at Ormskirk parish church 25th August 1771.


Jane Travise (1759-1831) of Ormskirk, 26th June 1791.

Children: John  1791; Nancy, 1794; Betty, 1797-1805; Charles, died 1799; Ralph,1801.  He was referred to as John Balshaw or Burscough on the baptism register for several of the children.


Joiner and Cabinet Maker of Church St, Ormskirk, from the Holden's Directory of 1811.

Also in the same directory, there is a Charles Balshaw of the Plough, Ormskirk.  Although it is not obvious that this is the same person there is evidence to confirm my suspicions as follows.  In later directories (up to 1828 at least) the Plough in Church St is run by a Charles Balshaw, but in 1834 it is run by Ann (presumably Nancy, her parents having died in 1830 and 1831) and again in 1848 by Nancy.  In the 1841 and 1851 census this establishment was being run by Nancy Balshaw with her nephew and niece living with her .  We know were they children of her brother Ralph  so we can be confident that the Charles Balshaw running it in earlier years was her father.


Died 3rd July and buried 6th July 1830 at Ormskirk. See details of monumental inscription.

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