Catherine Brierly, 1832-1907.


1832 (Prestwich Lancs, from 1881 census).


Occupation/relation Widow of Robert Belshaw. In 1881, Seamstress living at 50 Oxford Road, Altrincham, age 49. 1881 census ref. 3502 75 6.


Living at the same address in 1881 Alice Belshaw; Bertha Balshaw,; Catherine L Belshaw, Sarah J Belshaw.

Home Altrincham 1881, Hale, 1907.


September quarter 1907, Bucklow registration district. Note that her surname was Belshaw, (not Balshaw) on the registers.

Buried Age 75. 30/07/1907 at Bowdon Parish Church, grave number 3155. No stone could be found on this grave July 1995.

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