Arthur Ollier Balshaw, 1863-1936


Son of Pass Balshaw and Hester Ann.  Can't find details in civil registration, but apparently he was born in 1863.  According to the 1881 census he was born at Brooklands, Cheshire.


Medical student, living at his parents' home in Stretford, aged 17, at 1881 census.  He contracted encephalitis before his final exams and he to give up his studies.  He became a chemist.


In Prestwich in the June quarter of 1897.  Name of his wife not known.

They had one daughter Florence Ollier Balshaw, born in Manchester, 1898.   She married Mr Ingo and had one daughter, Audrey Ollier Ingo.


Arthur O Balshaw died in Manchester N in 1936, aged 72.

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