Recent changes and additions to this site


2nd February.  After a long break, some more changes to the site!  New contact details for Faye Ross.  Linda Hodgson interested in the Penns of Dearham.  New info. from Paul Whiteley.  Tony Haley has a Bolshaw mystery.  Angus Buchanan is also researching Bolshaw connections.  New contact details added for Ginny Funnell .   New address for Leonie Copeland.  Plus lots of stuff that really should have been put on the web site a year ago.  Update on Ralph Balshaw born 1877.  New information about his son, Kenneth Balshaw born 1906 and daughter Kathleen, born 1903.  Update on Leonard Bunn Balshaw.  I still have over 70 e-mails to sort through and there are bound to be more useful snippets for this site.


12th December.  New information from John and Janet Balshaw.

1st December.  Added photos of  Harry Balshaw and Leonard Bunn Balshaw.

29th November.  More details about the family of Revd Robert Balshaw, including Thomas Procter Balshaw, George Herbert Balshaw and George Bowdon Balshaw. Also more details about Harry Balshaw and his sons, Leonard Bunn Balshaw and John Howard Balshaw.  Also more details about Ralph John Balshaw and his son Kenneth Howard Balshaw.

20th November.  Major update of the indexes to Balshaws in civil registration.  Many small points clarified and the periods covered by these indexes have been greatly expanded.

8th November.  Some extra details about John Kingsley Balshaw and Tom Riddiough Balshaw.  Updates about Leonard Bunn Balshaw from Peter Harrop and about his father Harry Balshaw.

6th November.  Mike Lillie's interests in Preston Balshaws.  Balshaw related indentures from Richard Balshaw and connections to the Goore Balshaws established.  New e-mail address for Joan Kuroptwa.  Information about Jack Balshaw Wentworth from Beryl Stockton.  Amanda Balshaw/Greer looking for information about Edwin Balshaw.  Request for information about Bolton Balshaws from Ethel Edwards.  Information about Peter Balshaw sought by Val Roberts.

4th November.  Catching up with some long overdue updates.  Cassie Thornley's interest in Thomas Balshaw of Bolton, 1801-1875.  Frank Shiers has contributed some information about Balshaw-Willacy marriages in Altrincham.  Belshaw family connections from Michelle Nichols.  Carol Weston descended from Robert Belshaw of Altrincham (1831-1876) and his wife Catherine.  Florence Balshaw - artist of Little Lever.  Information about Tunstall House from Nick Hewitt.  Joan and David Tyson's interests in the Altcar Balshaws.  Balshaws at Goosnargh.

30th October.  More information about Raymond's marriage to Clarice Morgan and Rosa's to Godfrey Wreford.  New information from Kenneth Howard Balshaw (almost certainly my second cousin), and his father Leonard Bunn Balshaw.  Good evidence links from him to his grandfather Harry Balshaw and our shared great-grandfather Henry Howard Balshaw.  Also, Kenneth's son, Paul Howard Balshaw.

1st October.  Domain name now working.

21st September.  Mike Head is interested in the surname "Bolshaw".

13th September.  Added information from Ian Balshaw  and Richard Balshaw in the Fellow Researchers section.  Updated the page about my father who sadly died in June.

28th June.  Removed my work e-mail address from the home page due to redundancy! Anyone got a good job?

22nd April.  I haven't lost interest - just been busy on other things.  Added some information about the marriages of two of the daughters of Charles Balshaw 1812-1869.


22nd November.  Made the links work in the pages added recently!  (I think.) 

11th November.  Photos of Balshaw graves in Ormskirk, links added from the pages about all the people whose graves are now shown, photos of The Plough and Church Street, Ormskirk.  Several tens of other minor changes to files, mainly navigational aids (links) between pages to make it easier to navigate from person to person.

4th October.  No changes made except this comment and the date on the home page, but I haven't lost interest and want to make sure that I can still update the web site on my new PC!

5th August.  Sad news about Mavis Catherine Balshaw.

4th June.  New address for Leonie Copeland.  New contact with Belshaw connections, Fraser Stewart.  New address for Kevin Balshaw.

31st May. The Barrow in Furness Balshaws, an update.

14th May.  Not much new information in recent months.  However, new contact details added for Ginny Funnell today.  Also a new Balshaw contact, Geoff Balshaw, advertised recently in the Ormskirk and District Family Historian.

26th February.  Some family details for Roderick John Balshaw.

23rd February.  Motto for Balshaw's School.  Changes to the e-group, now a YahooGroup.

24th January.  Updates to the list of other Balshaw researchers.  Small addition to the page (see below) about Barrow in Furness.  A wry view on "Onanism".

21st January. The Barrow in Furness Balshaws (some facts and some speculation).

8th January.  UK map showing location of Balshaw Farm, Ormskirk and Altrincham.  A mention for the famous rugby player Iain Balshaw.   Changes to the pages about Arthur Ollier Balshaw, Thomas Ridiough Balshaw, Rosa Balshaw, Lucy Riddiough, and Thomas Balshaw.


22nd December.  New e-mail address for Sandra Zerbst.  Some changes on the pages about Tunstall House, (Lower Balshaw), and Upper Balshaw.  Additions to the pages for George Herbert Balshaw (1865-1932), Pass Balshaw, 1834 - 1910, Elizabeth D Balshaw, 1839-1923, me, Robert Balshaw, Lucy Riddiough, Raymond Balshaw, Frances Balshaw.  

22nd November.  Index of Balshaw deaths now supplemented to cover the period from 1837 to 1950.

19th November.  New details about Robert and Margaret Balshaw of Altcar, in the Goore Balshaws.  Ralph John Balshaw, date of death and birth of his children updated.  Pass Balshaw's daughter Doris.  Children of Thomas Riddiough Balshaw 1868-1911.  Death of Mary Balshaw (nee Collins) in 1926.  Link to site containing 6 inch to the mile OS Maps from the mid 1800s.  More MIs for Ormskirk.

28th September.  New evidence from memorial inscriptions confirming death and burial of the first wife, Nancy (Ann), of John Balshaw  (1774-1849) and his second wife Mary Leech.  Also, his grand-daughter Jane Balshaw was buried with him.

4th September.  Slight changes to the contacts page still trying to clarify the details for Melissa and Marty Balshaw and adding Moya who has a connection to James Penn.  Also, slight changes to the pages about Thomas Balshaw b 1801,  Lucy Riddiough b1803, Frances Balshaw b 1840, and addition of  a page for Rosa Balshaw b 1866, with reference to information taken from a letter from Rosa to her sister Lucy.

27th July.  Added another sister for Marty Balshaw.

29th June.  Changed e-mail address for Sherra Balshaw.

11th June.  Tidying of the format of a number of pages, correction of spelling errors etc.  Additions to the pages for Tom Riddiough Balshaw and John Kingsley Balshaw.

10th June.  Marriages index extended to 1914.    Deaths index extended, to 1920.  Church register information on christenings, marriages and burials pre-1837 converted from Acrobat format to HTML for ease of use.  Slight additions for Lucy Mary Balshaw, Tom Riddiough Balshaw, John Kingsley Balshaw, Pass Balshaw.

1st June.  Marriages index added.  Slight changes for Ralph John Balshaw.  Slight re-arrangement of the Demography and Registers and wills pages.

14th May.  Small correction on the page about Ralph Balshaw 1801-39.

7th May.  The Ormrod Balshaws.

2nd May.  Changes to details for Kevin Balshaw in the page of fellow researchers.

15th April.  New information from some early maps of Lancashire, showing features with the Balshaw name.  Conclusions drawn from this evidence relate to Balshaw Farm and Tunstall House.

12th April.  New details from commercial directories about Pass Balshaw and Edward Pass Balshaw.

8th April.  New photo of Bank St Methodist Church, Altrincham.  A few lost links repaired in the Other FH links page.

6th April.  New photos (with descriptions) of the area of Balshaw Bridge, Balshaw Road and the remains of the farm known as "Balshaw" in the parish of Tatham, Lancashire.  You can also see a map of the area, or a map showing where the photos were taken from with links to the photos.

20th March.  New picture of me.  Greater Altrincham - its local government, Commune Bonum 1884 - some notes.  Additional details about the Goore Balshaws from the 1881 census.  Newspaper cutting about the funeral of Charles Balshaw 1812-69.

18th March.  I have spent a few hours in the last two months sorting out Balshaw census data from 1881.  You can now download the Balshaw census data as a CSV file.  It is sorted into familes. If this doesn't make sense to you please send me an e-mail and tell me who you are trying to find.

17th February.  Added indexes of births and deaths, in alphabetical order, for 19th (and early 20th) century civil registration.  Most popular Balshaw christian names.

2nd February.  New photos of Christopher, Ruth and John.

25th January.  Corrected a few links and spelling mistakes.

9th January.  Added meta tags to the framset page in an attempt to get the home page noticed by the search engines - which I have singularly failed to do since adopting frames for this site!


15th December.  Added details to various people's files, as sent to the Balshaw e-group last week after my trip to the National Newspaper Library.

29th November.  Added details about George Mossop.  Supplemented my odd notes.

22nd November.  Apparently it is actually Sandra's friend Faye Ross who is descended from Frances.  Details updated.  Use the links from 14th November.

14th November.  Peter Harrop has noticed a connection between Sandra Zerbst's interest in Frances Barton Riddiough and a daughter of John Riddiough born in in Ormskirk in 1801. Sorry for missing this connection Sandra!  Welcome to the extended family.

8th November.  Minor changes to the 'getting started' page, and added link in the left frame.

7th November.  Added some more genealogy links.

6th November.  Changes to pages for Thomas Balshaw, Robert Balshaw, Edward Pass Balshaw, Edward Ernest Balshaw, Pass Balshaw, Thomas Riddiough Balshaw, Arthur Ollier Balshaw, and the Goore Balshaws.

30th October.  1998 distribution of Balshaw households in GB.

29th October.  Added e-mail address for Brian Balshaw.  Australian goldrush reference to Richard Goore Balshaw.

16th October.  Added instructions about the Balshaw e-group set up by Peter Harrop.

11th October.  Added obituary for the above Robert Balshaw.

9th October.  Changes to pages about Robert Balshaw, John Riddiough Balshaw, Thomas Balshaw and Lucy Riddiough.  Added a transcript of a sermon about the Revd. Robert Balshaw's life, character and death.  (Added this page too.)

3rd October.  Changed  whole site to new format with finding aids in the left hand frame.